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  1. LOL, it'd take a semi load of pills to cheer that dude up. ; ) I was already planning on moving back to Michigan this year, this just makes me want to expedite that process.
  2. last night i arrive home from work to find that someone (possibly me) had previously consumed every last drop of whiskey in the likker cabinet (middle row of the North wall bookshelf, 3rd shelf from the floor, as well as the 2nd shelf, 1st shelf, 4th shelf etc etc) and so I bounce back downstairs to the 7-11 to rectify the situation. In the robot-festooned lobby various pricey suits half-in-garment bags are strewn about the floor. Course, I surreptitiously check the sizes to see if they might fit me and am disappointed to find that they are all tailored for a midget. After securing an overpriced pint of Crown from the 7-11, I anticipatory-jollily(?) whistle-walk back into the building to find various opies wearing far cheaper suits and narrow ties scurrying about like ants servicing their queen (a Yoko Ono looking lady in a red leather suit) and gathering up arm-loads of half-garment-bagged midget suits and other various and sundry midget detrius. They overfill the East elevator and promptly have it take off without them the wrong way (down) soze I punch the button and grab the West elevator. Once inside and alone with my whiskey I unscrew the cap from the bottle of Crown--Bam!--the queen reaches in and stops the door and commands the ill-suited drones to quickly fill my elevator. I'm like, "yo, Yoko, there'll be another chopper after this one, aight?" She shoots me and my whiskey the stink-eye and takes up the far corner of the elevator. I proffer the Crown and she says, "maybe if we get stuck in here together". And I'm like "su-weeeeet!" and then the ill-suited drones haphazardly toss midget-sized suits etc into a pile in the middle of the elevator. Then 3 of them + nother dude in a better suit slides in, sees my crown and wonders if it's legal to be drinking in the elevator. As I'm pressed up against the button-bank I guess that they are going to the top floor, as "the 2nd-to-top floor is for the Pink Monkey strippers, sure you guys don't want any whiskey? What are you guys, the Reservoir Dogs moving service? Which one's pink?" Nada. Jeesh, tough crowd. Queen Yoko ups the intensity of her stink-eye, I wink and take a pull off the Crown and then promptly have a choking/coughing fit. Damn, thought I had a shot til then. We all sorta spill out of the elevator on my floor and I point out that they aren't very good at this whole moving thing and walk off to be alone with my whiskey and leave them to wrangle midget-menswear back into the elevator. Smash-cut to this AM and me returning from the 7-11 with a 'nother bottle of Crown, couple of six-packs and a bag of Munchos. One hand in the bag of Munchos and a fresh beer in the other and plastic bags dangling from both arms I stop dead in my tracks: http://reason.com/assets/mc/jtaylor/rahm.jpg Mouth agape with half-chewed Munchos, I take a swig off the beer and mumble "moving in?" "yeah, boss" "uh, congratulations! whiskey?"
  3. I'm of Irish extraction somewhere along the way, "want to meet up at a bar" is all it takes and I'm there (seriously, I'm already at the bar). If you're talking about the March 31st day-game opener, well, color me impressed and interested. Which place round Hyde Park has the best TV set up? Jimmy's, last I knew, was still pumping out games through cathode ray tubes. Ditto for the crazies at the Cove. Falcon? Polk Street? But don't tell the wimmen-folk if it's Polk. Also, plenty of sports bar action along Madison in the West Loop and could always trespass on White Sox territory down in Pilsen. Intrigued by the selection of brews at the on campus UofC pub, but don't know what their sports viewing situation is these days. In short: you make the call.
  4. Who knew: to get props on the motownsports Tigers board, just post a personal recollection of almost being hospitalized by drunk-n-horny amazonian lesbians.
  5. Could be Morneau being snitty, didn't he say that he'd never speak to Joe Mauer again if Mauer didn't re-up with the Twins? Or maybe it was the other way around.
  6. Dunno what to make of this but maybe Morneau could be forgiven forgetfulness this off-season:
  7. lol followed by confessing the transgression to an iphone app. Like the one about Hellen Keller falling down a well and breaking 3 fingers screaming for help.
  8. 12 hours to some sort of actual game, woot. Also, the prognosis for Morneau (unfortunately fortunate) doesn't look good and the Twins seem to have more than a whiff of disarray around them right now. Would love to see a division race between the Tigers and White Sox. Tho I don't like Jimmy Leyland's chances in that scenario, after 2009 when Ozzie rolled into town and somehow got his football watching, out-of-it team to beat up on the Tigers. The Twins, as successful as they are, are like your brother-in-law who pulls down six figures as an actuary. Well done, dude, but no one wants to hear about it.
  9. edit for relevance: we went back to Spyner's Monday to retrieve my car I left parked around the corner off of Western as I was way too drunk to drive home that Saturday night. yay me. And, yes, we took a cab home Monday night again. sigh. Recall standing around the 7-11 or whatever convenience store parking lot by Spyners trying to figure out which cab the bar called for us (among several cabs parked near there) as this seemed important at the time.
  10. Couple Octobers back on a Saturday evening I'm visiting a friend up at Swedish Covenant and my gf asks me to pick up something to eat on the way home. I stop by one of the Thai places along Western by the Brown Line stop and since it's dinner hour or so on a Saturday they tell me my takeout order will take a bit longer. So I bounce across the street to what appears to be a typical Chicago corner pub (Old Style sign etc) and am pleased as punch to find multiple ginormous HD flat screens arrayed behind the bar as well as cheap drinks and a friendly lady-tender. Well, the Cubs are playing and losing to the Dodgers in the NLDS (Maddux closed out one of those games, iirc) that night and so I get to drinking, doing shots of something called Yukon something (100 proof) and next thing you know the Cubs have lost, the bar is packed with chicks and I'm drunk. There's a gaggle of ladies to my right the entire night and they seem inordinately dejected by the Cubs loss and so I pick up a round of their drinks and tell the bartender not to tell them who bought their round. Well, she does and these ladies (for reasons I'd quickly, painfully discover) get po'd at me. Couple of the taller women sort of walk by and elbow me in the back and I'm like "hey, wtf!". Mind, I've done nothing w/r/t them except acknowledge their pain, buy their round and then resume talking with the folks to my left. After the game, karaoke fires up and it's amazingly good karaoke. Around the time the 6th female karaoke singer in a row does a 90's song no one has heard since the 90's by 4 non-blondes called 'What's Going On', I have a sudden realization and start looking around at the patrons and perspiring profusely: I'm in a (1) gay bar, what's more (2) it's female gay (lesbian). and I'm giving off the straight vibe and so the butch(er) lesbians are throwing elbows and the stink eye my way as they think I'm trying to move in on their territory. I get a good laugh out of it and tell my gf about it after she calms down about her dinner being 3 hours late. And she wants to visit this place and see for herself. So 2 days later we return to Spyners. It's a Monday night and it's dead, but it's the same friendly lady bartender with a fresh bottle of 100 proof Yukon whatever and so it's a good time. After we're there a bit, the bartender delivers a round to us and says that girl over there wants to buy you guys a round. Course, I'm thinking, shite, she's trying to move in on my girl but, no! She comes over and explains that she was there Saturday night, witnessed what her friends did and felt bad about how her friends treated me now that she realizes I have a gf and was only buying their round to be nice about the Cubs 2nd straight 1st round playoff loss. So, yeah, Spyners, great place to watch sports, great karaoke, just don't go alone. What I don't understand is the pricing rules for 4/5 am places. Carol's Pub up on Clark charges like 6 or 7 dollars for a pitcher of swill during the week but then bumps that up to 12 or 13 dollars on weekend nights when the band plays. Whereas Marie's Riptide always charges way too much (6 bucks for a Bud or Miller) but they don't change prices based on time of day or day of week. Grab some Lagunitas 'Hairy Eyeball' (or their other brews) from Binny's. It's a California micro but the couple that started it is from Chicago originally.
  11. fwiw, I'm more sunshiney on the 2011 Tigers now than I was before, thanks to the entire Cabrera situation and how it relates back to 2009/backing out of the division lead/Game 163. I think it could be rallying point for the team and a source of something-or-other for older players like Inge and Maggs, who previously I'd discounted for 2011.
  12. that's what she said, but i'm pretty sure she was lying.
  13. Chicago peeps, half-price tickets to a fistful of White Sox games, including a late season game with post-season implications vs the Tigers: White Sox Grand Slam Groups | whitesox.com: Tickets
  14. I've no idea what he's up to, but he has taken it for "test drives" (sans wings) up and down the alley. He has to take it all the way out to the road, however, to turn around to get it back to his garage. So he co-opts random folks to wait for him to make it to the street and they stop traffic soze he can do a 3 point and cruise back down the alley. Strange thing (or maybe not, as I'm not an aviator) he does these test drives in full pilot gear: goggles and heavy flight jacket, maybe a headset, tho not sure about the headset. Might just be ear protection.
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