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  1. Titus Tiger Yea, let me try and answer your question. To me Rayburn is soon to be out of a job so far at the outfield goes. CF is Austin Jackson’s, If the Tigers get Carl Crawford- I'd give him LF. Which means the two positions open to Raburn would be RF or DH. (Yes, Raburn can play infield, but you've got Santiago, Rymes, Sizemore, Dlugach and Worth all looking for time in the infield NOT including the starters we have now) And if the Tigers get Dunn, or get Ordonez back, that takes a RF/DH spot or both if the Tigers have Dunn AND Ordonez. Also, as you probably already know, it's only a matter of time before Guillen has another injury that would require him to DH only and my hunch would be a young infielder would get the call to play 2B instead of Raburn. Also, in the outfield you have Bosch and Wells as possibilities and as longer shots like, Clete Thomas, Don Kelley, Jeff Frazier. (Don't even ask me if the Tigers keep Johnny Damon) On the catching front, of all the off season moves the Tigers will make, keeping Laird is probably not one of them. That leaves the Tigers with only one catcher Avile who bats left handed. Behind Avile and in the minors, the Tigers look pretty thin. If Raburn could prove a capable catcher to the Tigers (again, send him the the Arizona Fall League, let him learn to catch, see what happens), Raburn could slot nicely as the back up catcher. And honestly, I feel that Raburn is a better hitter than Avila (time will tell though) and would be entirely possible that Raburn could become the Tigers starting catcher (assuming his catching skills were at least passable). Or, if the Tigers don't have an outfield spot for Raburn (and he can't fill another position with the Tigers) they would simply "non-tender" him (not offer him a contract for 2011) and Raburn would be free to sign with any other team. The Tigers could also try and trade Raburn but most teams that sense a player is about to be non-tendered would just forget the trade route and just pick up the player when they get cut. I'll bet Atlanta already has Raburn's agent's phone number on speed dial. So your right, if Raburn wants to play OF, he is likely going to be playing outfield for some other team in 2011. My thought is that the catching crop is a bit thin for free agents (and the Tigers will not be the only team looking for a new catcher) and if the Tigers could fix the problem "in house" it might be a better option for the Tigers AND for Raburn's baseball career. BUT! Your right, Raburn has to want to play catch and he's free to say thanks but no thanks!
  2. Sabretooth I'll take a crack at your question. I agree with you in a blow out game it would be good to give your regular catchers a rest. The thing I'd be concerned about is if they have enough experience to do catching duty. If there not experienced you can lose a good utility player by having a batter hit him with the tip of a bat because your inexperienced new catcher was in the wrong position. Same thing with a play at the plate or a bunt up the line, things like that. Another thing is they have separate meeting with the pitchers and catchers to go over opposing hitters and would you make your 3rd string catcher/utility player attend those meetings too? And one last thing, if the utility back up guy puts on the catching gear and doesn't know the signs, doesn't know the scouting report, muffs a sacrifice bunt play AND the middle reliever is already getting torched, it's not going to make the dugout any more friendly of a place to be once the inning is over. So my answer would be if he's has previously been a catcher or one of those catcher, 1B and OF kind of player, and is at least some-what familiar with the pitching staff, it might be ok. If your going to look out around the dugout and say "Hey Ramon Santiago, your the utility guy, we're losing 10-1 go put the catching gear on" - I'm not so sure good things will happen. So Sabretooth, your hearts in the right place, my preference would be to replace a starting catcher with someone who's caught a couple games at least (lol, recently, not like 1995) and has had some proper instruction in the finer points of catching. Just my 2 cents...
  3. sportz4life There are stupid answers too.. (just having some fun with ya!)
  4. Thanks Cats for the welcome! It's been fun, I think I need better reading glasses and a slightly better grade of flame-retardant suit, but it's all good! I enjoy reading the responses and it's great to hear from other Tiger fans who know there sport. Thanks all of you for you input and I look forward to hearing more!
  5. Tiger fans! Here's a $15 million dollar question. If your the Tigers GM, what do you do with Magglio Ordonez for 2011 with his $15 million dollar team option? a) Keep him, here's your $15 million Mr. Ordonez, welcome back for 2011. b) Say goodbye, (put $15 million back into the Tigers free agent getting fund) c) Decline the $15 million dollar option but offer him arbitration for one year only. (if Mags accepts arbitration, he's a Tiger for 1 more year and an arbitrator decides how much Mags will make) If Mag's declines the arbitration, he's free to sign with another team but the other team will owe the Tigers a draft pick. C) Decline the $15 million dollar option, offer arbitration but try and negotiate another contract (1 or 2 years). If Mags is offered arbitration and does not resign with the Tigers but signs as a free agent to another team, that other team will surrender a high draft pick to the Tigers for 2011's draft). Just curious, what do you all think?!?
  6. catswithbats That was of interest to me also. It seems that MLB teams typically draft outfielders and First basemen with the understanding that if the young kids can't make it in there drafted positions, they can be "reworked" into catchers. Good point with Inge!
  7. Mr. Bigglesworth and other readers; Honesty is the best policy and Mr. Biggleworth is correct, Ted Simmons was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1st round with the 10th pick in the draft. Also for what it is worth, it certainly appears that I misread the chart and that it should say, for Munson, he was the 3rd player picked with the third pick of the first round. Basically, to be fair, your explanation is better of the list than mine and I apologize for that mistake and I'm very sorry about the confusion. Also my point is that not a lot of good catchers have come from blowing your first round pick on a catcher. Yes, you could end up with a Joe Mauer or Ted Simmons or more likely an Eric Munson. That being said, I'm very sorry about misinterpreting information on the chart. I'll try to be better about it in my posts in the future and thanks Mr. Bigglesworth for point it out.
  8. 1999 Eric Munson, Detroit Tigers, C, University of Southern California Also it's really funny to see the other "catcher"s drafted like 1974 Dale Murphy or 1994 Paul Konerko too...
  9. Draft a catcher! Why didn't I think of that, here's a partial list of the "top" catchers drafted by teams in the first couple of rounds since 1966. Year Ovall Round TEAM/NAME pick picked 2010 1 1 Nationals Bryce Harper 2001 1 1 Twins Joe Mauer 1975 1 1 Angels Danny Goodwin 1971 1 1 White Sox Danny Goodwin 1970 1 1 Padres Mike Ivie 1966 1 1 Mets Steve Chilcott (minors) 1995 2 2 Padres Ben Davis 1989 2 2 Braves Tyler Houston 1973 2 2 Phillies John Stearns 2005 3 3 Mariners Jeff Clement 1999 3 3 Tigers Eric Munson 1990 3 3 Phillies Mike Lieberthal 1979 3 3 Blue Jays Jay Schroeder (minors) 1970 3 3 Expos Barry Foote 1968 3 3 Astros Martin Cott (minors) So, the Tigers top drafted pick of a catcher was 1999 of Eric Munson (isn't he in the hall of fame yet?). So, in 24 YEARS of drafting catchers for all teams, there have only been 6 catchers taken in the first round.....
  10. Jackson- I agree, send Raburn the the Arizona Fall League with catchers gear and see. If he can't do it fine he's back to part time fill in outfield/infielder. But you'd agree that if he could do it (and do it for $3-5 million dollars cheaper than having to get a free agent replacement) it would help!
  11. I wonder if the Tigers ever thought to ask Ryan Raburn to become a catcher? Raburn's got a solid arm and if Avila and Raburn would platoon, subtract Laird, problem solved. And no, Raburn is not Joe Mauer but he'd be in statistically decent offensive company around, A.J. Pierzynski, Brian McCann and Ivan Rodriguez. Also you could still use Raburn in other positions too but the Tigers should probably carry a 3rd catcher if the Tigers wanted to put Avila and Raburn in the field at the same time. Also I'm surprised that other fringe players like Clete Thomas (I understand he was injured so it's a bit of a mute point) don't also strap on the catching gear. If your a career .260-.270 hitter, your probably not hitting your way into a major league outfield spot full time. If you hit .260-.270 as a catcher, heck, you could make some money doing that in a MLB career! (for 2010- Ivan Rodreguez makes $3 million, Brian McCann makes $5.7 million, A.J. Pierzynski at $6.75, Ryan Raburn- $438,000....) Just a thought, curious about what other fans think!
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