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  1. What is Kenny Rodgers, Bill Gullickson or Walt Terrell doing these days anyway? Can Brandon Inge still play some outfield?
  2. Rod usually calls a good game. Sometimes that game Rod is talking about might actually be the same exact game you and Rod Allen are watching live,...sometimes not. I chalk it up to carbon monoxide poisoning in the booth....
  3. I have to say that last nights game sort of restored my faith that perhaps one day, the Tigers will have both a good team and an awesome- shut down- closer again too. The type of closer that says to the league "You are down by a run to the Tigers after 8 innings so, yea, your going to lose this game too". I realize it is only one game so far, but it was magical what Justin Wilson did. Tiger fans know the script, with a 1 run lead, Tiger closers like Jones, Valverde, Benoit, K-Rod, against the first batter MUST miss with the first two pitches so far out of the strikezone that no hitter would swing at it, then try and throw a batting practice get me over fastball for strike one, then follow up that up with some garbage pitch that would make the count 3-1. And for me, after I changed the tv channels in frustration and came back to the Tiger game after a commercial break, the Tiger closer would somehow now have two runners on and one out and falling behind the next hitter too. I never got used to those kinds of games,....no matter how they ended. To me it always felt like the Tigers ended up winning those kinds of games because the other teams hitters didn't deliver instead of the Tigers closer was that dominating. Last night, Wilson threw just 13 pitches to end the 9th by striking out the side. And of those 13 pitches, only 3 of those 13 pitches were balls. None of the hitters got a wiff of anything down the heart of the plate. All of those hitters looked like turkeys counting the days until Thanksgiving dinner. I know it's way too soon to put Wilson in the hall of fame or give him and MVP trophy for the year. I know anybody could have good game and Wilson will remind us that he is human again too someday. But for one moment in one game, I got to see a glimpse of what the tiger's bullpen might be some day,....and I liked it.
  4. I sort of wonder if a DFA'ed Sanchez would accept a minor league assignment. Let him pitch every 5 days at AAA and see if his "mechanics" get better. Could be helpful during the late summer to have another decent starter available if Sanchez has anything left in the tank this year and just needs to throw a ball dependably every 5 days to get back to that. Or, maybe the Padres can turn their season around with Sanchez to help finish out their 2017 season instead....lol..
  5. I try not to dwell on the fact that Pelfrey is a good guy, rather that the Tigers...
  6. Look, there was a "major difference" in Justin Verlander when you separate the 2013 and 2014 seasons with the rest of his career. 2014 Verlander pitched 206 inning and had a ERA of 4.54 trending up from his 2013 ERA of 3.46 in with 218 inning pitched. I mean Verlander had a ERA for the 2015 spring training of 5.63 (probably against Buffalo level players too)- clearly the Tigers should have done something to stop Verlander from throwing a 3.38 ERA for the 2015 season and a 3.04 ERA for 2016 too... Maybe stick Verlander in the pen or given him away to another team and paid a large amount of his contract for another team to take him,....etc... I don't mean to be snarky about this (sorry by the way), but I think Zimmerman just wasn't healthy last year and he's working it out now. He's got a good track record of success and knows how to pitch. Will Zimmerman be a top 10 pitcher for 2017- don't know. But I am pretty sure the Tigers will give Zimmerman a lot of time and room to start the season to see what form he can return too.
  7. Casimir, we are free to disagree and I think we just will when it comes to Zimmerman for this season. I'm sure in 2013 Zimmerman was only blown up in spring training games by teams that started their top players and yet those same teams decided in 2014 Zimmerman needed a break and only started their rookie league players instead for spring training that year. Regardless of who put what against Zimmerman, when the season started, he was still pretty good. Like it or not, Zimmerman is very likely to start for the Tigers and I don't think a ERA of 3.50 to just under 4.00 is unrealistic for the 2017 season. There are a lot more things to worry about for the Tigers, Zimmerman to me is just not one of those things to worry about right now. I think he will be fine....
  8. Yea, it's too bad we don't have like 1,199 innings of major league pitching to determine how good Zimmerman can be. Or you know, look at Zimmerman's previous spring training's and regular season results....: Spring training Regular season 2015 3.80 ERA 23.2 innings, / 3.66 ERA 201.2 innings 2014 .050 ERA 18 innings / 2.66 ERA 199.2 innings 2013 5.38 ERA 28 innings / 3.15 ERA 213 innings 2012 3.38 ERA 26.2 innings / 2.94 ERA 195.2 innings 2011 3.91 ERA 23 innings / 3.18 ERA 161.1 innings I'm sure every Washington fan thought Zimmerman would be garbage for 2013 after watching spring training too....
  9. Zimmerman's line today; 5.1 innings, 2 hits, 1 ER, 1BB, 4 K.
  10. I know the Tigers will not do it, but I was curious to think about the Tigers starting the season with a 6 man rotation. Let Boyd and Sanchez be the 5th and 6th starter and see who's wheels fall off first during the season. This way you don't burn Boyd's last option to send him to the minors to wait it out and see if Sanchez will turn back into a pumpkin through 4-5 starts as the 5th starter in a 5 man rotation to start the season. In theory, a 6 man rotation will save younger players like Boyd, Fulmer and Norris some innings for the 2017 season too. But my hunch is that the Tigers will have a few nagging injuries to a pitcher or two so it might just be a 6 man rotation for a month or two before injuries make it a 5 man rotation again anyway.
  11. I found a picture of him if it helps....
  12. Dean Green now knows Al Avila is serious about making changes. I hope the Tokyo Swallows paid $30 million for Green too.....
  13. +1 Casimir, I agree, work Greene as a starter in spring training. I think the way you make the Tigers more comfortable in trying to trade Sanchez AND Pelfrey is to see that the Tigers have more secure starting depth in the 6th starter roll. If Greene cannot hack it in ST as a starter- fine back to the pen with him and then the Tigers will likely rely on one of Sanchez or Pelfrey for the 6th starter roll if disaster happens in 2017. Shane Greene isn't making anything close to big money right now and he certainly could help the Tigers if don't have to cover the 6th starter slot by spending a lot of Greene in 2017 or 2018 (sorry, I couldn't resist...).
  14. On Sanchez (and Pelfrey), I think the Tigers might be best going into spring training and see how both Sanchez and Pelfrey do as "starters". I know this sounds goofy but if Boyd/Norris don't have a very good spring (and need a little time at AAA to work it out) or if one of Fulmer, Verlander or Zimmerman are injured in spring training, Sanchez/Pelfrey having a good spring training would give the Tigers another in house option just in case disaster struck. If no Tiger front 5 starters get hurt in spring (and they look fine) that would make Sanchez or Pelfrey expendable and especially if Sanchez or Pelfrey had a good spring too, that would not hurt their trade value either. It seems to me that there is always one ballclub that features a key injury and is looking to replace a player just a week or two before the season starts and that might be a better time to unload Sanchez or Pelfrey than this off season...
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