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  1. I also remember when they used to trade stars for mediocre prospects, so I am feeling neutral.
  2. Dave Dombrowski acquired a couple of quality pitchers. There was no way he was going to be left out of this madness.
  3. No problem. He needed to take off the weight for a recent TV series. He was playing a 16-year old in a teen soap opera mini-series.
  4. I know it wasn't you, but it seemed like the general consensus was that he wouldn't get much.
  5. Jordan Zimmermann was a pretty big deal at the time.
  6. If two contract offers are close, then other factors come into play, but money is the #1 factor. If the Tigers make competitive offers to a few of the top shortstops, they should be able to get one of them.
  7. I was told there was no way Castellanos was going to get a good contract either.
  8. Minor league returns seem light to me every year. Selling teams tend to lose more deals than they win because they are working from a disadvantage.
  9. The Dodgers getting Turner pretty much guarantees that Seager will be a free agent. That increases the supply of available shortstops this winter making it more likely the Tigers get one of them. With so many available, it is bound to lower the cost a bit.
  10. I have mostly had a good experience on facebook. It helps me stay in touch with old friends and I found some groups where I can talk to more people about my hobbies. A couple of my friends spend too much time expressing crazy political views, but I mostly just ignore them when they get that way.
  11. How many home runs did Brennan Boesch have through 54 games?
  12. Sacrifice bunts and IBBs are both excluded from wOBA.
  13. Another reason for an IBB is walking the 8th batter to pitch to the pitcher. I think IBB in general are less valuable than UBB because an IBB will almost never advance a runner whereas a UBB can. If these stats are going to be provided to the masses though, I think it's better just to bundle them into BB.
  14. Yes, It usually doesn't make much of a difference except for guys with really high OBP and low slugging. By the way, I just saw your name on a fangraphs comments section from 7 years ago.
  15. wOBA is based on run probability. How much does each event contribute the probability of runs scoring? The defensive team typically issues an intentional walk in situations where a walk does not increase the probability of run scoring very much. So, it is less valuable than an unintentional walk. I shouldn't have said that the batter does not receive credit. By leaving it out of the equation, It is considered a neutral event - better than making an out, but not as good as an unintentional walk. I think this makes sense in answering questions about strategy, but I am not sure about using that logic in player evaluation as good hitters tend the get more intentional walks than bad hitters.
  16. They are included in OBP and OPS. They are not included in wOBA because Tango believes that intentional walks are generally issued to benefit the pitcher and thus the batter should not receive credit.
  17. Trump knowing how to use social media and being willing to say stupid things every day helps. Bush wouldn't have done that even if it were available. Biden doesn't either. Now, that Trump as made that behavior acceptable, every crackpot does it and can get away with it.
  18. It's all about the culture wars. No other president or ex-president had been so divisive and his followers love it.
  19. I have given up on him ever hitting consistently again.
  20. Is he still an "inner circle" Hall of Famer? He is still a Hall of Famer, but I think he's gone from being Hank Aaron or Frank Robinson to Manny Ramirez without PEDs. That is still great but not inner circle.
  21. How long have we been hearing that? Five years?
  22. It should be that, but rankings are kind of silly anyway. Once you get past the top 50 or so prospects in baseball, it doesn't really matter. Tiers probably make more sense.
  23. That would depend on whether you're ranking based on upside or probability of success in MLB.
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