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  1. I have given up on him ever hitting consistently again.
  2. Is he still an "inner circle" Hall of Famer? He is still a Hall of Famer, but I think he's gone from being Hank Aaron or Frank Robinson to Manny Ramirez without PEDs. That is still great but not inner circle.
  3. It should be that, but rankings are kind of silly anyway. Once you get past the top 50 or so prospects in baseball, it doesn't really matter. Tiers probably make more sense.
  4. That would depend on whether you're ranking based on upside or probability of success in MLB.
  5. He does seem to have an obsession with eating dick.
  6. As a fan, I don't expect them to come close to the division title. However, teams have come from further behind than 12 games out in the last two months. I bet Hinch would not be happy if a player said his goal was to finish over .500 in second place.
  7. The goal is to win the division. It remains the goal until they are mathematically eliminated. .500 would be a good result though.
  8. Torkelson got an 8 million signing bonus. Buy a snow blower and hire someone to do your parent's gutters! I would say that moving the tarp on a windy day is more risky though. There is a chance of jerking movements that could pull a muscle or they would twist an ankle slipping on the wet grass. It's not a huge deal, but I would let the professionals do it.
  9. I generally think that managers don't make a big difference, but Hinch seems like he might be an exception. He seems to be very influential in key personnel moves that have made the team better.
  10. My only point was that pitching prospects are more risky than hitting prospects. I was disputing KL's comment that they were equally risky. You could make an argument that you need to draft more pitchers than hitters because they are more risky.
  11. Here is a link regarding pitching prospects versus hitting prospects: https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2019/2/15/18225741/pitching-prospect-list-fangraphs-baseball-america-prospectus
  12. Where's your link that shows that pitchers are the same risk as hitters?
  13. Ideally, I would like to see them perpetually trying to win and build at the same time to some degree. Some years, they are going to lose, but I don't like the "tanking" strategy (I know it's not really tanking). During the Dombrowski era they were all in to win and that hurt their ability to develop prospects. in recent years, they have been all in to draft and keep players and they have a group of excellent prospects which could win a lot of games in the future, but the process has been too long and painful. I'd like to see more balance. I don't agree with the philosophy that you have to alternate between the two extremes in order to produce winning teams.
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