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  1. Also, prior to the ALDS read an article stating that the tigers were hopeful that Guillen would be back for the ALCS.... what's the latest on Guillen? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if this was the only change made to the ALCS roster? I haven't seen the new one published...
  3. I'm in town and going to stop by today... no idea where to go were to park or how to get access to the place. If anyone has that information it would be helpful. I have to catch a flight out of Tampa late afternoon.
  4. I'll be down in the Orlando/Tampa/Lakeland area up until the 24th with the family and was thinking of stopping by the facility. I know the first game isn't until the 25th but are fans allowed to just go watch practice this week? Is there a particular spot anyone would recommend for autographs or just getting near the action? I've been down to Lakeland for a game a few years ago, but I just wasn't sure if there is something we can do when there isn't a game scheduled. Thanks
  5. This is my first opening day I'm going with my wife and my 5 year old son. Can anyone recommend a place that might be more appropriate for a 5 year old downtown? He's been to bar-type places for lunch or dinner with us before but I'm not sure how crazy opening day will be.... I'm thinking get down there around 10am or so...
  6. If your credit card refund says "PROVISIONAL", that means temporary. I have a refund that says PROVISIONAL for the full amount, then another refund for the full amount minus $8.20. I suspect the provisional refund is going back on the credit card as soon as this clears, and I'm out $8.20 in fees. I'm keeping the complaint open until a full refund is processed for this debacle. The refund policy on my receipts clearly mentions I'm supposed to receive a full refund except for shipping and handling fees (which were $0 in this case). It also does not mention anything about 4-6 weeks.
  7. I have officially opened a credit card dispute with VISA for the 4 tickets I purchased.
  8. If I don't get a full refund, I am filing a complaint with the credit card.
  9. I am finding it nearly impossible to be positive about the Tigers right now. Even if they win tomorrow, how they have handled the Cabrera issues has left me a little numb.
  10. I don't think the bold part is speculation. .28 at 7-8am on game day whenever they tested him. At .35 you are automatically taken to the emergency room.
  11. Now that it's sunk in with Cabrera.... I think you have to bench the guy in the most important game of the year. You can't let anyone get away with that kind of behavior. As much as it hurts, it is what it is and I think the guy needs to sit a game! It is not ok to have him do this and there not be any repercussion for it. Some kind of discipline needs to happen here.... Maybe they can just fine him... I dunno.
  12. After the news on Cabrera getting sh*tfaced the night before the biggest game .... combined with the team going 20 some innings without scoring .... combined with Leyland blockhead starting a minor leaguer that hasn't pitched in 3 months in the biggest game of the year up to that point.... I might have to change my tune a little. I'm still giving credit to the Twins for going 16-4 while the Tigers went 10-10..... but ..... the tigers are definitely partially responsible for blowing it. They have had countless opportunities and the reasons outlined above are inexcusable.
  13. The thought has crossed my mind that the players were paid off. It is possible.
  14. Extremely well said and you are completely correct. If they lose tomorrow, this is the story of the season. Of course you could make the argument that they wouldn't be there without Cabrerra (and they wouldn't), but still it is unacceptable. Win tomorrow and all will be forgotten.
  15. Realistcally I think the Tigers are going 4-3 the last 7 games.... consistent with the rest of the season. The twins will stay hot and go 5-2. We'll win it by 1 game. No room for error. We cannot afford to go 3-4 (or worse) to finish the season out.
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