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  1. He has taken up a roster spot of a legitimate major league player for what???? Three or four years now?
  2. Brad Ausmus says hello..............
  3. That is one scary lineup.........................Look at those averages.
  4. Well, he wanted bold and from the gut.........So, there it was.
  5. Miguel Cabrera will lead the team in HRs, RBIs, and batting average.
  6. So........are any of these new guys "Mikie Matook" reincarnated? Boy, I can't wait.
  7. That LeFlore guy was pretty exciting to watch. He would at least sell a few tickets. That is of course, if they could sell tickets.
  8. Rowan & Martin reruns at least have Goldie Hawn .......
  9. Not sure who this "someone else" guy is, but I think he's the one that I think fits best with this team....................
  10. The Tigers team success of the near future relies solely on hiring any manager not named Lloyd McClendon.
  11. Fill me in here. What do the Tigers see in Victor Reyes? He seems to have very little upside to me. Thoughts?
  12. Getting back to the next Tiger game......................what's the over/under on the Tigers striking out 12 times tonight? They are averaging 15.3 K's per game so far......easy call......I'll say over. They sure aren't putting much pressure on the opposition's defense.
  13. That's 5 innings per game that they are giving away by putting their tails between their legs and walking back to the dugout. They led the league in strikeouts last year averaging almost 10 Ks per game.
  14. Next to last. They hit three more than the Marlins. Which means........they have contact hitting type players using a homerun hitting approach. Put the D*** ball in play!
  15. Several different hitters in the Tiger lineup this year...........but Legendary Lloyd is still teaching his strikeout philosophy.........even without the title of hitting coach. The Tigers led the league in strikeouts and were second to last in bases on balls last year. It appears that as long as Lloyd is with this team this is not going to change. The Tiger hitters recognition of the the strike zone is horrible. Put the d*** ball in play.
  16. The fact that McClendon told him anything at all was his downfall.
  17. Cecil Fielder's home run that hit the roof and went over back in 1993 (I think) I remember at the time feeling sorry for those fans that had left their seats either to go home or use the rest room or to get a snack. I myself, never left my seat if Cecil was coming to the plate soon. BTW, I believe that game ended in extra innings on a Mickey Tettleton home run. That was a special night to be at the ball park.
  18. Looks like the draft yielded some really good hitters for the Tigers. Now, to keep them that way, please do not let Legendary Lloyd anywhere near them.
  19. The school where I help coach baseball had 41 kids out for baseball. We had a varsity and 2 JV teams and had a combined 60 some games scheduled for these kids. It was a shame we didn't get to play the season. BTW, there were only 4 seniors on the team and the incoming 8th grade class currently has around 30 kids playing baseball. Baseball is not dead.
  20. So.......the Tigers swung and missed with Suarez. The Astros also swung and missed with J.D. Martinez. Which one was worse? There have been stories like this through out baseball history. It really makes no difference now does it? You also have to remember that the Tigers at that time, had a "ready to make the playoffs" team and seemed to not need any extra middle infielders. But everyone can always use more pitching. Suarez turned out to be a diamond in the rough. Simon turned out to be just one of those things that float in the toilet. Some trades you win.......some trades you lose.
  21. Certainly my favorite all time Tiger. Rest In Peace number 6.
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