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  1. I read a comment today on Facebook that at first glance seems stupid and overly simplistic, but with further thought, it's probably true. Someone on my timeline posted a picture of Polio patients in iron lungs and simply said "If Fox News was around in the 1950's and 60's we'd still have Polio today." The more I think about that, the more it is probably true. Fox News, OAN, News Max, Brietbart, Rush Limbaugh, etc. would have probably extended the life of Polio in this country just as they have Covid-19 and all its variants.
  2. Who Darko or Cade? 😄 I think there is almost zero chance Cade isn't going to be the pick. Troy isn't Joe and he'll do the right thing so we can all go home happy and start the rebuild off right.
  3. Look, Joe took Darko over Wade, so anything is possible in the NBA Draft. That said, Cade Cunningham seems like a damn near generational talent and Troy Weaver seems like a smart human being and General Manager, so he will be the pick. The question becomes, how do you build around him now and where do you go from there?
  4. I can't stop laughing at the Duncan Keith trade. Kenny has essentially traded Adam Larsson, a 3rd round pick, and Caleb Jones for 37 year old Duncan Keith. LOL! 😆 Kenny will probably look to sign another veteran so he can send McDavid to the press box or down to the AHL. After all, this is a men's league and kids aren't the answer.
  5. What a fleecing. Yzerman pulling off another great deal to get our goalie for the future.
  6. And while we can be sure that a person like Pfife has nothing but good intentions for his daughter and wants her to get the best education possible, Betsy DeVos and others do not share those intentions. The DeVos Family and "non profit" entities like Edison Learning and the like want to turn schooling and test taking into an even bigger industry. They want public dollars flowing through "non profit" and private entities so they can skim money off the top and get rich regardless of results. Charter Schools don't have to bother competing on the same playing field as public schools because they can pick and choose students. Trouble makers and students with bad grades can be kicked out, thus inflating the actual success they are having as an entity. The DeVos side of the charter industry wants dollar for dollar taxpayer vouchers, with no regulations or education requirements attached, to be able to be transferred from a public entity to their charter systems.
  7. I don't think Defund the Schools Betsy DeVos could beat Hollywood James Craig in a primary. I think a big portion of the Trumpian base is going to rally behind Hollywood because his rhetoric will match theirs and they will want to be eager to showcase their black friend and how much they aren't racist. If Trump himself gets involved on Defund the Schools Devos's behalf then she has a shot. But if she's going head-to-head with Hollywood without an endorsement from Trump himself, she'll probably lose. Money won't save her alone I don't think. And even if she were leading, Hollywood would just have her arrested like he does everyone else. So he'd win anyways. Running against Betsy DeVos would be a dream though for the Michigan Democrats and the Whitmer campaign. You say we want to "defund the police", how about when you were Education Secretary and did defund the schools? That's a great tagline to use against her, especially when you consider the historic K-12 funding that was just passed by the Michigan House and Senate and will be signed by Governor Whitmer.
  8. The new Flatlanders album Treasure of Love is some real good, twangy, country ****!
  9. So according to McKenzie, Luke Hughes should be within reach. I think if Hughes is there at #6 he's going to be our guy. Now if only we can swing a deal for Jack. Maybe in some kind of Sedin Brothers thing the Hughes all insist on playing for the same team.
  10. A "communist" decrying his own system of government haha.
  11. I hope we get lots of quotable content from Uncle Jun! Really, if the movie was just a bunch of memorable Junior quotes I'd be satisfied. Now take it easy, we're not making a western here! In all seriousness, Livia does look so much like Carmela. I think that is a dynamic we will see played up in this movie, that in some way, Tony married his mother. Ohhhhhh, poor you!
  12. I think this is the guy they had on the radio . . . https://deanondraft.com/2021/07/12/four-factors-of-cade-cunninghams-offense/comment-page-1/
  13. Remember when Harbaugh was the Quarterback Whisperer? If Cade McNamara isn't the starter Week 1 and for most/all of the season (barring injury) and Alan Bowman is, that is a serious indictment on Harbaugh and his staff's ability to develop someone into a good prospect. I don't think the fanbase will sit through another year of a failed and/or mediocre transfer prospect starting, nor should they. It's Cade or bust!
  14. They should remake All in the Family next and updated to take place in today's world. Cast Alec Baldwin as Archie Bunker. Archie watching Fox News, OAN, Newsmax and listening to Dan Bongino on the radio. Let me tell you there meathead, that Costarican Caravan coming up from Puerto Rico is gonna take over dis entire country and ru-win things for everybody.
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