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  1. As long as Al Avila is the GM Comerica will never be at capacity.
  2. Dorsey had top 10 picks to get his QB though both in KC and Cleveland with Mahomes and Mayfield. Stafford, Suh, and Johnson being top 10 picks weren't the reason this team failed under Martin Mayhew. Martin Mayhew's terrible drafting rounds 2-7, other bad 1st round picks, poor free agent roster moves, and bad coaching hires failed this team. I think the case can certainly be made that Stafford's cap % that he took up relative to the play he produced at times failed this team as well. But in the case of John Dorsey drafting QBs, both of his franchise changing QB picks were inside the top 10 and one of them, Baker, was a top 3 pick. This team is going to likely stink up the joint next year. If going 4-13 versus 7-10 is the difference between drafting #5 or #12, what's wrong with wanting an extra loss or two so we can get the best talent possible?
  3. I was excited to see that we drew the tough AFC North with the Browns, Ravens, and Steelers on the schedule. Add in the Broncos and we have a tough series of games against our AFC opponents. Further add in the NFC West to the AFC North mix for non-conference games instead of a weaker division like the NFC East and we could potentially go 1-7 or 2-6 against those teams. I could see the Bengals as the only sure fire win. Maybe the Steelers are in a true slump now that Big Ben is aging out and the 49'ers won't be anything special, but I still feel good about those games being loses. We are setup nicely for a top 3-5 pick in next years draft and the chance to get any playmaker we want.
  4. Just watched another fantastic A24 Studios movie over the weekend called The Florida Project. William DaFoe is really the only notable actor in it and what a great job he does. A really fantastic insight into the lives of the truly poor in our country and how some people live day to day.
  5. I look at the biggest needs on this team as DE/Edge Rusher, WR, S, LB, and possibly QB if Goff doesn't pan out. We need a playmaking DE/Edge guy who can consistently get us double digit sack totals and be a disrupter in both the passing and run games. We need a #1 WR because right now we have a collection of #3 and #4 receivers at the position. And if Goff doesn't turn it around or looks worse, we may need a brand new starting QB. This next season I think we will get our answer on Goff being the long term option or not while still having the remaining needs I listed going into the next offseason. As I said earlier, I expect them to be between a 4-7 win team. I'd rather root, for one specific season, for the low end of that win total, so we have a shot at the best player and playmaker possible. If that player is a QB like Sam Howell or Spencer Rattler or a pass rusher like Thibedeaux, I'd rather be able to get them without having to trade away our extra 1st and maximize our draft capital or having to worry about 4-5-6-7 teams picking before us being married to a particular player we really want. I just don't see anything wrong with rooting for a loss in the short term if it can help you get a player who will maximize your win totals in the long term.
  6. The Bills were 6-10 and that's what I expect from the Lions next season, between 4-7 wins. I see nothing wrong with rooting for them to have a poor season, that gets them into the top 7 of the draft like the Bills. If that makes me a bad fan then so be it.
  7. I have zero expectations for this team next season and don't believe they will be competitive in the standings. I expect them to be somewhere between a 4-7 win team. Not as bad as the Texans will be or teams like the Jags and Jets have been the past couple of seasons because they have Jared Goff, Swift, Hockenson and a good OL. As well, the coaching upgrade should be worth a net win I would think because it's hard to imagine having a worst staff than Patricia and Co. Given the complete lack of high end talent on this team I want them to be in the best position possible to get the best talent possible to build for the future and be competitive for the coming decade. Next years draft, at least by very early estimates, offers a nice mix of high end QB talent (Sam Howell, Spencer Rattler, Malik Willis) and pass rushers like Kayvon Thibodeaux. If they are picking top 3-5, which I want, that gives them the best chance to move on from Goff if they see fit or add a dynamic pass rusher like Thibodeaux. So the more games they lose, the better it sets them up in the future I think given the type of talent they could get drafting in the top 5 with smart people like Brad Holmes and John Dorsey making the decision instead of Bob Quinn or Martin Mayhew. When Troy Weaver took over the Pistons and implemented a full-scale rebuild Pistons fans were excited because it meant they would lose and have a shot at drafting a superstar player like Cade Cunningham or Evan Mobley. Watching the threads here, reading Detroit Bad Boys and Reddit, and gauging the general pulse of the fanbase through 97.1 callers, it seems Piston fans unanimously wanted this team to stink this season and tank away for a good pick. No one calls them lousy fans for wanting the best opportunity possible to go after Cunningham and wanting a full scale rebuild. Why is it different for a football fan like myself or anyone else to want the same opportunity to get a QB like Sam Howell or Spencer Rattler or a dynamic pass rusher like Thibodeaux? I get that an NBA lineup is 5 guys and an NFL lineup is 33 with offense, defense and special teams. So obviously, the difference one player makes in basketball is significantly greater. But at its premise, is there anything wrong with rooting for the long term gain of this team? Is there anything wrong with rooting for the team to be in the best position possible to draft Howell or Rattler or Thibodeaux or any player in particular? To me, one thing is universal in sports, and that is the type of team you are fielding. No matter the sport, there should only be three types of teams worth fielding if you want to avoid the purgatory of mediocrity. Either you're fielding a team that's completely taring it all down and rebuilding (that's the Lions I think and hope), a young team that is on a dramatic upswing and is a few pieces away from being really competitive (Browns, Chargers good examples), or a team ready to win now (Bucs, Chiefs). If you aren't in one of those three categories you are likely floundering in purgatory, in the playoffs one year and 7-9/6-10 the next. We did that for 8 years under Martin Mayhew and I wouldn't think any fan would want to go back to it. So now, with what we believe to be smarter, more qualified decision makers in place with Holmes and Dorsey and potentially a better coaching staff, we have the chance to bottom out for a year or two, draft high end playmakers, and come roaring out of the gate in 2022 or 2023 and beyond. If we all agree this is a 2-3 rebuild at minimum than why not be allowed to cheer for the bottom. I want to bottom out (last season and this next) to get good for the coming decade, from 2022 and beyond.
  8. Assuming they start Jimmy G and not Lance, we have a nice chance of starting the season 0-1. I want a Top 5 pick next year and don't expect this team to be very good, so I'm all aboard the tank train.
  9. ESPN Report: Michigan missed signs of abusive doctor I think it is time to end the cult like, hero worship of Bo Schembechler and his era at Michigan. After all of the complaints are heard and an investigation is done I suspect, based on what we know now, that Bo did indeed know what was going on with Dr. Anderson and was apart of or at least a party to the cover up by the university. Schembechler Hall ought be renamed once we get more victims that come forward and (likely) confirm that Schembechler knew. He's little to no better than Joe Pa at this point.
  10. The question is already answered. Kamala Harris will be the nominee in 2024. There is almost zero percent change that doesn't happen. In today's Democratic Party built around identity politics, she checks all the boxes. First woman President, first black President, first African-American President, first Indian-American President, first South Asian President, first President whose family comes from a non-Christian religion. Biden won because he was seen as the safest choice to beat Trump by older Democrats, north of 50, who have fond memories of Obama and came out and voted for him in droves versus Warren, Sanders, Mayor Pete, and others. Biden will enjoy a similar "fond memories" moment and will push for Harris, as the safe pick who can beat Trump or whoever, to be the nominee and so it shall be. Older Democrats north of 50 will come out in droves and vote for Harris because of the work she did with the Biden Administration to help fight covid, turn the country around, bring us back from the brink, etc. Add onto that she is likely to garner big support among Gen-X women ages 40-55 and African-Americans of all age demographics. No one is beating Harris in the primary. Not AOC, not Warren, not Mayor Pete, not Booker, not Sanders, no one. I suppose if Michelle Obama primaried Harris she could win, but that isn't happening. It will be Harris versus the Republican candidate (Trump, a family member, Lyin' Ted, Hawley, Haley) in 2024.
  11. Can you imagine the fanbase's reaction if they not only drafted Pitts but traded up to get him? Holy ******* **** this town would have exploded in anger!
  12. The CW is bringing back Legends of the Hidden Temple as an adult reality game show. I loved Legends as a kid!
  13. Will he? I thought it was a pre-req that the Head Coach had to be a Michigan Man or the boosters and Lloyd Carr would run them out of town. They tried running Rich Rod off from Day 1 because they (Lloyd) wanted Mike DeBord and a Michigan Man in the top spot as Carr's replacement. I'll pound the desk for Fickell, Campbell or Venables, but somehow I think Mike Hart or someone underqualified with Michigan connections will be the next Head Coach, not any of the powerhouse names many fans want and expect.
  14. If Scott Mitchell became a Head Coach. I agree with this though, Harbaugh doesn't give players, coaches, or schemes time to develop. He's always onto the next quick fix or doing whatever he feels is necessary to save himself. Meanwhile QBs transfer in and out and fail to develop when they are here, offensive schemes become interchangeable, the recruiting strategy lacks direction, and the program as a whole continues to suffer because of all of the above and more. I don't know what Warde Manuel, Mark Schlissel, or any booster down at Schembechler Hall is expecting to happen. Do they suddenly feel Michigan will go 10-2 next year and beat Ohio State (or at least look competitive in that game)? Bringing him back only delays and hampers their chances of getting Luke Fickell or Matt Campbell in here. It also gives someone else the opportunity to grab one of these hot coaching names up before they get the chance to. If last season were just an anomaly and we were otherwise trending up in the right direction, then fine. That's not the case though and Harbaugh has been trending down since 2017 really. Last year was the bottom falling out and him getting us into Brady Hoke territory. I'll continue to sound like a broken record, making the same posts with the same points until the guy gets fired, one Fickell, Campbell, Fleck, Venables, whoever is brought in, and the university finally realizes that academic standards need to matchup with recruiting needs as they do at Ohio State, ND, Clemson, and in the SEC.
  15. Is Clinkscale going to start developing QBs and offensive playmakers? Is he going to bring better clock management or put special teams players in the right positions on a punt? Again, hope all you want for any of these cosmetic changes to work. Until the man running the show is gone don't expect any significant changes to happen with this team. We're in Brady Hoke territory now with Harbaugh and god help us all if we end up in Rich Rod territory.
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