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  1. Cardinals and Giants fans are about have a rough few decades
  2. "He has not carried his offensive struggles into the outfield"
  3. Anyone else wanting Jim Johnson and Joel Hanrahan back on minor league deals (assuming they can't get ML deals somewhere else) in case they bounce back?
  4. Instead of spending a bunch of money on bullpen arms (assuming Soria is kept that's $17 million between him and Nathan) I'd rather just go cheap on reliable options and tell Ausmus to not be so strict with roles.
  5. It's true, technically he didn't hurt the team but yes, for other players they could have had (I dunno, Benoit) he was much worse. My point was that he didn't cost the Tigers wins by being here (he also didn't bring any). I think he'll be able to post an ERA under 4 next season. I also don't think he should close.
  6. Nathan is coming back. He had a 0.2 WAR this season so while he wasn't very good, he still didn't hurt the team. He'll most likely bounce back next season, not to 2013 levels but not quite as bad as 2014. I'm all for getting Span but I think the Nats pick up his option. He was pretty good and it's only 9 million. Here's mine 1B Miggy 2B Kinsler SS Iglesias 3B Castellanos (he's not moving) C Avila RF Tomas CF Rajai (if they can't get Span) LF JD DH V Mart McCann Suarez Moya Trumbo (I'd love to have his power on the bench) Verlander Price Porcello Sanchez McCarthy or one of the young guys Nathan Soria Hardy Joba (no longer a set up man, use him less) Al Al Gregerson Then another lefty I'd also sign Jim Johnson and Joel Hanrahan to minor league deals. Low risk, high reward. They were both once very good and could bounce back.
  7. If people really would rather see the Giants win their third in five years (after never dominating in the regular season) because they're salty about the Royals winning in their first good year, I just don't know what to say. Royals winning is better for baseball.
  8. Haven't we learned that you don't need to go out and sign the best relievers to build a good bullpen? Just sign a bunch of $2 million guys and hold on to some pieces you already have. If it doesn't work out at least you didn't throw away a bunch of money on it. Not like an expensive bullpen has ever worked out for Detroit anyway.
  9. I doubt the Tigers would sign Headley, they seem pretty committed so Nick at third now that Miggy is back at first.
  10. And I have no idea why some people here are ok with this
  11. I honestly think the Tigers are going to throw a huge contract at him and keep him. I hope they don't though.
  12. Go AL. I don't care if two teams that haven't won in a while win it in their first (or second) recent try, I'm not that jealous. However, I don't want to see STL or SF celebrate again for a long time.
  13. Yankees fired Kevin Long. I remember a few years back people were talking about how much they'd love to have him as hitting coach.
  14. Oh please. The people you see there are season ticket holders. Most of the people here don't give a flying **** about them until October rolls around. I hope SF destroys them and then KC or BAL wins it.
  15. We could trade a top 25 MLB pitcher. Wait...
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