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  1. I have some contacts within LL I reached out to regarding this story… If what they told me is true, this is even more absurd… They told me the coach continued to coach for eleven more games that season, without complaint of injury! Not to mention, if we're being technical, what was the coach doing outside his coaching box before the game was over??
  2. Sorry, my records are showing that the Tigers did not participate in the 2003 season...
  3. Looking at the 2014 schedule, it is very easy outside the three rivals. I will be very annoyed if we repeat this years' performance. v. Appalachian State @ Notre Dame v. Miami (OH) v. Utah v. Minny @ Rutgers v. Penn State @ MSU (Bullcrap that this is in EL 2x in a row) v. Indiana @ Northwestern v. Maryland @ Ohio State Less than 8 wins is unacceptable IMO, regardless of who is under center.
  4. I don't get the Jim Schwartz hate. He did what he was hired to do. The Lions were a pathetic laughable joke of a team when he came in in 2009. He toughened them up, perhaps too much, and gave them some semblance of credibility in the NFL, something that previous regimes have failed to even try. He brought us national recognition, Monday Night Football games, and even a playoff game. His fatal flaw was in taking us to the next step. He got us primed and ready to take the next step. Now we need to find someone who can EXECUTE the last step. Schwartz took an 0-16 team and turned them into contenders with national recognition. Just because he failed to take us to a Super Bowl within five years of the worst record in NFL history doesn't make him the wicked witch of the west. I hope he does well wherever he goes (unless it hurts the Lions of course). The next person needs to be able to take us to the next level. Winning the division, contending in playoff games, and playing in championships. My wish list: 1) Ken Whisenhunt 2) Mike Shanahan 3) Anyone but Brian Kelly
  5. I disagree. I think that Brandon learned his lesson with Rich Rod that constant personnel changes are not a good recipe for success… I think he even wanted to keep RR before his public relations meltdown and the overwhelming pressure to fire him coming from the UM fan base. It would take a disaster both on the field and off to have Hoke be fired after next season. Especially since the vast majority of the fan base still believes in him.
  6. A SHOOTOUT WIN??? Alert the press!! Start the parade committee! Drinks are on lordstanley!!
  7. "Robinson Cano is living up to his namesake - Jackie Robinson." should be mentioned at least 2x the number of times we play Seattle, plus a few times we play New York.
  8. Refs have let them play for the most part...Only the delay of game and two line of scrimmage penalties so far.
  9. Another Michigan fan here to congratulate Sparty. HOWEVER, I only congratulate those who were also Sparty fans in the John L. Smith era. Fair-weather fans get nothing from me. Anyone think after this season's performance there is any possibility that Dantonio is offered the Texas job?
  10. This team could be SO GOOD if they stopped making stupid mistakes. They've cut out the penalties (legitimate ones at least)... If Bush would hold on to the ball, and Stafford would make smarter decision, this could EASILY be a SuperBowl team.
  11. That flag infuriates me. It was a very clean helmet to shoulder pads hit... We saw Matthews hit Bell with a speared helmet earlier, but Bell hopped right up so it was ignored. Just because he was slow to get up, doesn't make it dirty.
  12. The more I think about this, the more I think that the DD's choice will come down to Brookens, McClenden, or Lamont... I don't think they would keep Leyland in another capacity but dump his entire staff. I think it will upset a lot of fans, including me, but if Dombrowski told Leyland on September 7th that he was the Tigers manager in 2014 if he wanted the job, before any playoffs were even set, I think it sends a strong message of faith in our current coaching staff. If it did, I think I would choose Brookens.
  13. Of course I don't see a manager as the centerpiece of any deal, but just like in March, we still have six good to great starting pitchers with Smyly... It'd probably be smart to unload Scherzer now. We'd be selling at the highest possible point, and we probably can't afford to pay him and Cabby. It's not totally out of the realm of possibility to trade him to Baltimore for Showalter, Tommy Hunter, maybe Darren O'Day, and a couple top tier pitching prospects (the O's have lots).
  14. Mattingly has said that just because his option vested doesn't necessarily mean he wants to return. He's pretty p***ed at the Dodgers right now for not extending him during the season. And if he wants out, it's definitely in the best interest of the Dodgers to release him if he wants to go elsewhere. And it's worth mentioning that he made this announcement today at a press conference, sitting right next to the Dodgers GM Ned Colletti (creating an awkward atmosphere), about an hour and a half after Leyland announced his retirement. I could be reading too much into this, but I think he's someone to look at.
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