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  1. There was a big thread on mine back in October asking where people could get Trump signs. I lit the match, threw out a "Try your next Klan Rally," and muted notifications.
  2. Most people starting a gofundme: "My friend has cancer and we want to help pay the bills so they can get treatment." Somebody else starting a gofundme: "I want to watch baseball and can't afford it."
  3. I heard somebody was begging for money on the twitter yesterday.
  4. I don't think a sale is imminent. The Tigers from 2011-2017 stuck out like a sore thumb in the Forbes numbers operating in the red. That was far from the norm. Just restoring things to where they should be.
  5. Will Avenanti make bail in time to run?
  6. Miggy back soon, needed to make a 40 man move anyways so why delay the inevitable and put an extra player on waivers today? Maybe they want to give Short a chance. Nunez just isn't that good.
  7. Mondale lost in 1984... Ah... VP Carry on.
  8. Carter lost in 1980, so something is factually off in that tweet.
  9. This is not meant to criticize people who were invested in the trial. They had good reason to be. I tuned it out and it helped my sanity. Gonna keep doing that going forward...
  10. Except if Michigan saw the variants first, they were able to spread before the vaccine kicked in. It is possible Florida would have taken off if the variants were down here a month ago, but the increase could be stemmed because of the timing.
  11. Went to a gym for the first time since February 27, 2020 yesterday. Not much of a workout, just wanted to see what I could do and what the protocols were. Was difficult to treadmill it with a mask on, and that is one of the main reasons I keep a gym membership down here. Staff and such weren't masked, which would have led me to scream at them and storm out pre-vaccine.
  12. My public health communication cousin (who I noticed you followed on twitter) is on board with it and liked some tweets trashing Nate Silver today... So I guess it makes sense to take the cautious and transparent approach.
  13. Giving any fuel to the antivax fire when you know the media is incapable of detailing nuance is a giant mistake. Gonna have to be very vigilant of media trying to extend the clock here and keep their clicks up.
  14. Do a study if you get the time on international outlays versus eventual big league value. I'm not sure it is as strongly correlated as you and many others think.
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