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  1. I can see Clemens getting the call. Gonna be a heart warming story when they show the anonymous parents.
  2. Have an extra pitcher now, may only be one pitcher tomorrow.
  3. Maybe if donors would have spent money on supporting local races in Texas instead of dumping all their money in the Kentucky and South Carolina senate races...?
  4. How much time do you have? They were way behind on things that other organizations were doing, using data, etc. It wasn't until people like Graham and Hubbs were brought in 2019-20 offseason that things started to turn around.
  5. Chadd too? Not sure that is confirmed
  6. Hearing from a lot of friends with breakthrough cases here...
  7. I maintain my rule. I will donate the cost of my vaccine.
  8. No. This makes zero sense. Why do that? There's so much downside to that beyond roster crunch, you start using options unnecessarily.
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