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  1. This post makes me happy and sad. I'll start with the happy news. I have been given an excellent opportunity in the recent weeks, to write for Baseball Prospectus. It has been a dream of mine for quite some time now, and I look very much forward it. With that, I wanted to come back and officially say goodbye to MTS. I'm retiring here. I know that I haven't been active in some time now, but I had the urge to show gratitude to the fine posters of this site that I have interacted with over the years. This is the place where I was able to share my love for the Tigers in a public medium, and talk to some of the smartest Tiger fans I know. Thank you all for being so gracious over the years. If any of you are interested in maintaining contact, please shoot me a PM, or feel free to follow me on twitter @jgoro8. Again, thank you all for everything, and have a happy new year. Jordan
  2. No, he doesn't. I called him out on both his incorrect evaluation of Scherzer when he was a prospect, and his statement that Garcia was an average runner. I don't really care for Keith's point of view, so I stopped reading him. But when I did, he had many opportunities to admit where he'd faulted, yet never did. Just saw him flip the argument on the accuser and whine about it. Did the same thing to me, personally. To the other point, I wouldn't say that Law dislikes the Tigers. I miss Goldstein.
  3. He's hitting .289/.364/.474 in his last 10 games.
  4. Ah, yes. Miss some of you as well.
  5. Great. Two important categories, right?
  6. Thought it was less. Seriously. People DARED him to shoot it anywhere outside of 12 feet.
  7. Think he could have used another year at school to work on his jump shot and get stronger. Of course, I'm biased, but he's really, really weak, short armed, and can't shoot a lick yet.
  8. Pretty difficult to find two way catchers these days. He'll figure it out at the plate.
  9. Shouldn't you know? You know everything.
  10. Yeah, you just find aces in the MLB draft on demand...
  11. I see Gary Harris as a poor man's Eric Gordon.
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