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  1. The main contributors in 2015 that are gone or will be Free Agents are: Yoenis Cespedes Rajai Davis Alex Avila David Price Alfredo Simon Joakim Soria Joba Chamberlain I wouldn't be surprised if they made a run to re-sign Rajai Davis. He is a nice complement to Gose in center. How would people think of a Martinez/Gose/Collins/Davis outfield in 2016? As much as I would like a big splash signing like Cespedes I would rather use those resources in pitching. Avila can walk. If they re-sign him then I will jump on the nepotism bandwagon. I saw John Jaso mentioned, who I think would be great. I have a feeling that a lot of teams will try and get him. How much do you want to spend on a backup catcher if you are truly committed to McCann as your starter? It is pretty much set in stone that none of the above listed pitchers will be back in Detroit next year. If Ilitch is serious about contending, they are going to need to obtain a front line starter. I don't think anyone trusts Verlander or Sanchez right now.
  2. I think the Tampa Bay Rays are the closest thing there has been to doing it the "Right Way". With their resources, payroll, fan base, stadium, and division there is no reason they should have had their success the last 8 years. Evaluating and locking up talent into team-friendly long term deals have helped them tremendously. The big clubs draft for trade chips and use the owner's checkbook to keep talent.
  3. Don't ask me why, but I stumbled upon this video of Alex Avila's debut. The names on the Tigers... Recap: BAL 3, DET 7 | tigers.com
  4. It might have been the most necessary bad contract in team history. I think everyone knew they needed to bring Vmart back and that it would be terrible a couple years down the line.
  5. I think Ilitch had intentions of buying and making a run. Dombrowski laid it out for him and convinced him that it would be in the team's best long term health to sell. Sealed his own fate.
  6. I agree with Ilitch not being at the press conference as odd. This was a huge event for the organization. The timeline doesn't seem that odd. Thursday July 30: Tigers decide to sell. Move David Price & Joakim Soria Friday July 31: Move Yoenis Cespedes. Ilitch makes decision to release Dombrowski Saturday August 1: Ilitch informs Al Avila of promotion Monday August 3: Off Day for the team. Perhaps DD (and players) not at ballpark?? 5-year contract for Avila negotiated Tuesday August 4: Announcement is made prior to game with players and staff in ballpark.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. I wouldn't doubt if Mike Ilitch feels like Dombrowski "failed" him in that he didn't deliver a World Series. It probably wasn't an easy decision to make, but Ilitch is a business man and he needs to do what is best for 2016 and beyond. That includes the decision to sell and the decision to let DD walk before the end of the year. I wouldn't be surprised of Dombrowski didn't take the news well considering he doesn't get to leave on his own terms after 14 years of service. Business is business and the men involved are among the best in their respective fields.
  8. I think we all may just be overthinking the situation. I honestly believe that the organization was on the fence about buying or selling leading into the final days before the deadline. I do think that Mike Ilitch agreed with Dave Dombrowski on the decision to sell, but he also thought that meant the end of the Dave Dombrowski era in Detroit. The rumors have been out there about DD leaving at the end of the season. I wouldn't doubt that Dombrowski already approached Mike Ilitch about leaving after his contract. Why would Ilitch keep Dombrowski until the end of the season? If he knew Avila was going to take over, then make the switch. It allows him two extra months to prepare for the postseason as president/GM and gives the professional courtest to Dombrowski to reach out to other clubs. This scenario would explain a lot of reports: - The organization was surprised by the announcement: They were expecting it at the end of the year - It was a mutual decision: Both parties probably knew Dombrowski would not be back in 2016 - Ilitch agreed with all of DD's deadline decisions: He did, but knew what it meant for DD - Avila found out on Saturday: The day after the deadline and Ilitch had made his decision the day or two prior.
  9. I am sure if Manny Machado would have led off the inning Valdez would have started the inning. But David Lough (LH) led off and they brought in Krol to face him.
  10. IIRC, people used to criticize Leyland for this all the time. But it really makes sense in a way. If you are bringing up someone for their debut it is probably because the current bullpen is not performing well or they have all have had a lot of innings in recent games. Wouldn't you want the guy who is fresh going in?
  11. 1:25 in the video in this link David Price 'outstanding' as Deadline looms | MLB.com
  12. Also add to the fact that the perception from the fan-base is that the front office is 50/50 on the decision to sell players at the deadline. They basically have a week to save the season and come out with these kind of games. Indefensible.
  13. Translation: Dave Dombrowski is about to trade for three new starting pitchers.
  14. It would take a couple seasons of losing before you would see an attendance drop. I have to imagine that most of this season's tickets are already sold.
  15. The Detroit/Michigan sports market is actually very interesting. There was an infographic on reddit about the percentages of a state's population that was born there. The state with the highest? Michigan at (I believe) 73%. So you have a state where there is a huge number of home grown citizens and you have one team in the four big leagues. Outside of the western half of the UP and the southeast corner of the LP, everyone pretty much roots for the Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and Lions. Michigangers are fiercely territorial about their state and their sports teams. It is great for fan support, but not so great when it comes to having level-headed viewpoints about things. I had a buddy come down to visit from Detroit and we went out to World of Beer and he would only order Michigan based beers. It didn't matter that there were better choices or a chance to try new things. He wanted his Michigan beer and that was the end of it. I think that mindset kind of relates to the sports side as well.
  16. Did you know that the Cincinnati Reds have played 592 regular season games since the last time they played on artificial turf? You probably didn't. Now you do.
  17. Re: Game Photo I never realized how similar US Cellular Field and Tropicana Field are. It would make sense. Both were built around the same time and designed by HOK. Also interesting that the White Sox were rumored to be moving to St. Pete if they didn't get a new stadium.
  18. When they have "Kids Run Around The Bases Night" they don't have them circle home and stop at 1st. #TeamNine
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