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  1. Just saw on twitter than Alfredsson wants to return for another season. I would be totally alright with him on another 1 year deal
  2. Probably only Suh and Calvin left on the list.
  3. I think at this point, the only player I want to trade up for is Mack. Would make an immediate impact on this team and give them a pass rushing LB they haven't had in a long time. Trading up for a WR scares me a little more after reading a lot more into the trade ups and how they don't pan out well. It's Mack for me or trade down and get more picks.
  4. Just not enough to beat a team like Boston. Howard not on top of his game or in the game pretty much signaled the end. For all the injuries this year, it was great to still get in even if it was a short trip. No one really expected them to win it all but the playoffs still give you that hope that anything could happen. That said, time to change things up going forward. Dump all of the dead weight and build up the D in front of Howard. The dropoff since Lidstrom retired has been dreadful. Let the kids continue to play and sign some guys who can contribute and not be traffic cones out there.
  5. Of course Franzen would be the one to turn it over before that goal. Probably can't overcome a 2 goal deficit at this point
  6. Glad the refs decided to get involved in this game for the last 5 minutes. Terrible calls both ways
  7. Brief sign of life but just no way for the Wings to sustain any pressure whatsoever.
  8. That was an abysmal period of hockey. No fight or energy from the Wings at all. Need a spark for anything to happen because Boston is dominating them.
  9. Just no pressure from WIngs at all. Bruins just skate down the ice at will and the Wings can barely get a shot on goal.
  10. Was reading on another board people who think Jimmy has a concussion after being fallen on during game 3. So in that case I would understand him not playing in these 2 games. They were down to the Sharks and fought back so why not again. Still have hope for a game 6 Monday.
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