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  1. well, I imagine he badly wants to go 1/1, whether Det or anywhere else. As there is likely nowhere else he can go 1/1, Det no doubt looks really good to him.
  2. True, but Baddoo will end up playing more ball this season than he ever has before and most young guys get run down anyway the 1st yr they experience a full MLB season, so I don't mind keeping him a little hungry. The way Reyes tore up AAA he did legitimately force another look, as much of a long shot as it may be.
  3. Reyes with another terrible AB. It's taken him 3 games to go from 375 AAA hitter to easy MLB out.
  4. Miguel's right knee must not be right again because the fly balls he squares up recently are strictly warning track power. The drive is not there. I was hoping that with a couple hundred AB his timing might get better and we might see some nice production but it's looking like the machine may just be too run down.
  5. Erie wins the game 3-1. Greene ends up with a 2B and 3 BB. Good comeback game for him after an 0/5 the night before. Tork, Dingler, Kriedler shut out.
  6. the whole concept is dumb. Nobody says LiMu and they don't call themselves LiMu at any point in the adds so the rhyme with an EMU doesn't even parse. Meanwhile the Tigs pick up 2 runs.
  7. Griess is 35. Nothing wrong with having two goalies.
  8. Short swung at pitch that was middle-middle so you can't fault that, he just missed it.
  9. royals just faltered. Cabrera was in Santana's throwing land and Bubic didn't cover
  10. at his current performance level Cabrera can't afford to keep giving pitchers 3-0. They aren't going to walk him. (well they did, but not on the 3-0)
  11. haase pretty much had to swing at whatever came next after the ump missed such an obvious strike. Terrible umpiring that whole AB
  12. Cabrera really scuffling the last couple of weeks. He should still be eating up the soft tossers he sees but he isn't.
  13. Yzerman building from the net outward. Be nice to see a Wings team that it's hard for the others to play against.
  14. you can't delete them but you can hide the duplicates - which at least cleans up the threads.
  15. they came in with a 7 game win streak, the next longest was 4 so we can allow it - this time.
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