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  1. yeah - clearly that has been the plan and if Torkelson, Greene and Dingler make decent pros I guess you could say the plan will have successfully pivoted to better balance. Which goes back the same story with Avila - pieces of 'the plan' look OK in isolation, but they still have not added up to a good enough ballclub fast enough.
  2. Tigers have more guys they want to see than they have spots. It looks like the IF we should play is Candelario, Goodrum, Schoop (though I'm not a big of Niko either, but be that as it may), but that means you send W Castro back to Toledo. To do what? I think at this point you'd want him to learn 2b, but Clemens is there getting what is probably his last shot. At SS? Peterson and Short are both insurance policy types so they could stand to let one go, but that doesn't help Willi learn 2b. Situation with catchers and OF are just as bad.
  3. I'd be fine with this defense only *IF* you extend the logic all the way to charging Fox/Murdoch et al with solicitation of a felony.
  4. so looking at the roster today, the Tigers are definitely in a weird place. By my informal count, they have 11 players on the 25 who are 'home grown' - either our own draft or Intl signings. That's not really a bad number. The killer is that only two of them are position players and neither is a starter (Griener and H Castro) - the rest are all pitchers.
  5. LOL - I couldn't figure out who Junior was standing next to in the 1st pic you posted. It certainly wasn't any of the people listed as having worn #30 for the Mariners. Except that when I saw "Ken Griffey" in that list I just figured Junior had worn 30 at one point - forgetting completely about Sr.
  6. they wanted Nunez for the HR potential, Haase has two 25HR minor league seasons and he can take a walk. He will still have to prove he can be less than automatic out between the HRs. Cabrera is up to 2/3 time at 1b. But who knows how long that keeps up.
  7. The sinker tailed left, then the sinker tailed right, so he threw a get-me-over 92 mph FB. Which is probably exactly what Morris would have done in that situation, which comports with your post 3 up. Now if that was still meant to be 'attack mode' then he was tired. Or he was "giving in" a bit. But we're picking nits. The kid is really doing great. 5 of 7 really strong starts. He's getting guys out 'honestly' - as in not over reliant on the trick pitch. He still messes around too much at 0-2 but heck - give him the credit for getting to 0-2 so often. The monumentally bad hitting has obscured that even with what has been bad defense behind them, 4 of 5 starters have >100 ERA+ and the one that doesn't probably has the 2nd or maybe even best stuff on the staff if he just recaptures the FB spin we know he has already shown. It not enough to excuse the terrible position roster, but this starting staff is an accomplishment that deserves a little credit.
  8. I wondered a bit that they put him in left instead of right. I would have thought that being a catcher he would have a relatively strong arm - at least as strong as Grossman's, whose is nothing to write home about. But I guess IF throwing and OF throwing don't always correlate. Or maybe the theory is at COPA they won't want him in left because he doesn't have the wheels so let him get used to one side.
  9. Early on I got a vibe that the org wasn't all that sold on Willi's makeup. They always sort of soft pedalled what he was doing in the minors while they talked up everyone else and it left me thinking maybe he had an issue like not taking his work seriously enough - but who knows? Players are all different. Just as the contrast - and not to talk him up in particular but you notice W Castro's lack of 'natural' reflexes at 2b and then you think about a guy like Paredes, about whom I heard that you can put him anywhere as a fielder and he has almost a natural intuition for what to do. (note that is not the same thing as saying he is necessarily good at it)
  10. Yeah - I think that was the core of his point - that the walk is something that is 100% the pitcher's responsibility. So from the *pitcher's* view, it's important to still be attacking hitters and not being tentative because that is how you get yourself in bigger trouble. So sure that make sense. Say that from the pitcher's perspective it is the intention that is important - his commitment to still be competing. (EDIT: I see I just followed what MT just posted...) That said, that still doesn't mean that is how the people other than the pitcher - namely the manager, should view things, especially at the end of a game. From the managers perspective of course it is the result that is more important. If his pitcher gives up a HR late in a game when he had been dominant it could also mean he is tired and leaving the ball up and about get roasted if he doesn't go get him. The manager still has to consider the rest of the walk's context - how is the guy throwing, has he lost command on one of his pitches, did the ump squeeze him etc. Mizes velo had fallen off. And while someone compared his start to a Verlander game, that was one difference. Mize did not come out in the 8th with that little extra that JV always did when he knew it was his last inning . I think Hinch's idea to give him three batters whether or not it was 3 outs was a fair one.
  11. This could be the 1st Senate race where the immigration debate will include space aliens..... https://www.axios.com/rubio-ufo-concerns-60-minutes-interview-4bd18143-27ed-42ef-84da-65a4ff5f538f.html
  12. So as per Henning we are rooting for Leiter to be too to fall out of the number one spot, so after Lawler is picked 2nd we get Mayer who we like better anyway. A HS SS isn't going to do much to speed any rebuild, but OTOH I generally have a hard time getting excited about college hitters. Maybe Tork will change my mind.
  13. LOL - Well - yes and no. I would still defend the basic idea to this degree - which is that in Mize's case, he has enough repertoire that he is succeeding more now as pure power pitcher and the vaunted split-finger pitch, which was his big claim to fame in college and what all the scouts were raving about, has faded to his 4th pitch - 13 out of 95 pitches tonight behind a retooled 4 seamer, sinker, slider and even his knuckle curve (7 were balls and only one produced a whiff). The split is turning out not to be his calling card to nearly the same degree as it was at Auburn. So I'd argue that the statement that it's not the split that is getting Casey where he is still has validity. If I'm scouting Kumar - that is the same thing I want to know - given the possibility his NCAA "wipeout" level slider doesn't play nearly as well at the majors, does he have enough other pitching skills (like mainly FB quality and command) to not to have to depend on it as much.
  14. 14 games in May at 7 and 7. Not much chance of finishing the month at 500 given the schedule but even half a month at 500 has been a rare thing.
  15. and I think Soto will be better moved back to setup so maybe we get two for the price of one.
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