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  1. did we catch that it was Alex Gordon night at the park and Alex threw out the 1st pitch.....from left field. That's pretty good.
  2. guys are also going to have to learn to spot their fastball in the corners better because their sliders suck without the stickum
  3. Tiger pitchers should maybe throw fewer 2 seamers. You can't want the DP too much, the hitter knows what you are doing too.
  4. does seem unlikely. The 2nd sac fly was symptomatic - that was his whole swing and it was warning track.
  5. we'll keep hearing it until he's gone. If they are going to keep playing him all we can do is keep hoping he hits.
  6. just one batter for Norris, maybe because he threw a full inning yesterday
  7. yeah - actually I do. Everybody's career ends somewhere. The money is a sunk cost - it's beside the point. Then again he may yet hit enough to make the point moot.
  8. Grayson with a little better AB going then freezes on the off-speed.
  9. maybe you should see a dermatologist about that.....
  10. Morris just put some kind of hex on Casey. "He's not going to give up 2 runs....." Slider had nothing tonight, so oddly he was having to gut it out against the RHH.
  11. Harold had more time than he thought - sloppy play.
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