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  1. Its a murky draft. There's like 8 players that can go in the 1-6 range. THere is no clear cut 1 guy and no even clear cut 1-4. That's gonna make things fun because nobody knows who is being drafted where. The lack of college bats is really impacting things.
  2. As I said I'm fine with any of em. I like em al for different reasons. I just don't get the argument that we can ignore pitching, or get it later, or that the SS are somehow light years ahead of somene like Leiter. **** FG doesn't even have House or Lawlar as the second best shortstop.
  3. He is safer and just as good. You're making it seem like Lawler is teh second coming of Arod and Leiter is maybe Nate Conejo. They are both what 55 overall type players? Neither is perfect, neither is terrible. So it comes down to nitpicking. In this case, I like the similar rated player with the higher floor.
  4. I never said it was. **** I admitted it several times that it is possible to find an outlier. But, your so confident your drafting the one guy out of 40 to 80 other guys that aren't that good. It's about being realistic here. A draft of House who becomes Normar and then Snydergarrd and Procello in round 2 would be the greatest draft of all time. WHat are the odds of that happening? Or is it better to go in with a realistic expectation of what to expect and not dismiss an entire position group in teh first round?
  5. Leiter isn't a high school hitter and has a much higher floor and better fits the timeline. Not to mention he's got what four good pitches and bloodlines. There's a big risk with taking a HS hitter and letting them develop. Sure they tend to have higher ceilings but some end up as Alex Jackson. I'd rather take Leiter let him become a rick procello type, slide him behind Mize and keep that wheel growing instead of taking a similar overall player and waiting five years to hope to have him hit behind Tork.
  6. See my post above. We is the royal we as in baseball fans, or the detroit tigers, or the people that post here. I've stated it cause its based on fact. Tyler alexander is the highest WAR player in the second round of his draft. Gives you an idea what to expect from that round. If you look at many 2-5 rounds in teh last decade, sure you find the occasional outlier, but most times the highest war player is about 7. If you think your going to find Noah Syndergaard, who is basically a flash in the pan at this point with all his injuries, your kidding yourself. Just thinking your going to find good big league players in round 2 so you can ignroe a position in round 1 is a silly drafting strategy. I agree take the best player, if thats a shortstop so be it. But, don't sit there and be like we can get pitching later becuse that's pretty hard to do. Basically after round 2 its all just luck.
  7. I hate when people do this. Yeah you want to go ahead and list all the other pitchers who never made it past double A from those same drafts? Cause its a lot more. As I noted in another thread Spencer Turnbull and Tyler Alexander were taken in the second round of back to back drafts and both are the highest war players from those rounds. Thinking your going to find a good player, or one of the ones listed above, is just luck. Most picks 32 and later never make AAA let alone the majors so to just say, oh i can grab a good pitcher later, is just as a bad strategy as drafting for need at pick #3.
  8. Be a bit early for Mooney. He's more a third round pick.
  9. he certaintly could be. But, the lack of velo and the third pitch are issues. More than likley it wil be some pitcher in the teens that everyone will go, that's who we should have drafted.
  10. I don't think Lawlar-House are better than Leiter. At least not in my world. Maybe in yours. But don't say Im not trying to draft BPA or drafting for need. To me the No. 2 player is a pitcher and we need that too. DOne and done.
  11. Problem is, which we've staed, is that pick 32 and 39 your hoping to get Tyler Alexander...if your lucky. So putting your eggs in the pitching basket there usually doesn't work out. I don't really care who they pick at 3 because they should be a good player. But, to just discount pitching is silly, we need that too.
  12. both had arm surgery and now are in their mid-20s I ain't counting on them for much. Its MLB there really isn't BPA and this year there certaintly isn't. Not in a situation where there is a top guy or even like a top 3 or 4 like in the NBA. Its murky in picks 1-8
  13. we actually have no pitchers in the system now that everonye has graduated. need to address that
  14. House is more likely now, for some reason, than a couple weeks ago When I said little chance. For some reason we apparently love him. Jobe is a upside pick, and probably saves some bucks would could matter when you consider we have pick 32 and 39. He needs innings and work like an HS pitcher. But I like to think of him as Bonderman...with a change up.
  15. I mean he Angels have Pujols to a lifetime service contract once he retires and they still kicked him to the curb.
  16. I'm stiking with 2023 (hit the milestones get Pujols'ed)
  17. I thought we were talking about next year, that's why i said jettison him for Tork. So tork can play one full season at third and you see how it goes. Then in 2023 Miggy is gone. That's why i was talking Hassee at first. Cause his spot in LF is gonna be taken. Learn that in the offseason and see if the bat continutes or if it was fluke and he turns back into a pumpkin.
  18. Miggy, I think Hassee is gonna get playing them there (especially with Greene and Grossman in the corner) and its much easier to find a cheap FA to play 1st than any other position. Plus as you said, if Tork is up its to play. Not split time with another guy.
  19. I mean I agreed with those that said it was too early to give up on Candy in 2019. But, now? I really thought he turned a corner last year, now he's back to being a 107+ guy with an OPS of .735. He's 27 with nearly 2000 ABs under his AB. I'm Ok with us jettisoning him for a 25 year old erratic A ball arm to make room for Tork next year.
  20. Again it does create a potential economic issue. If you call him up now and he logs lets say 30 days. Then spends 182 days on next year's roster. You've blown past the 171 days of service time. You've lost that extra year of control, which is why most rookies aren't called up until April 30. And you've created super two status where he is gonna be paid more sooner. I'm fine with players getting paid, but let's admit all teams have a budget. If we have TOrk and Casey making 30 million though at age 28 its gonna be hard to supplement the team. If I can set it up where Casey makes 30 and Tork makes 18...well I have another 12 million to spend somewhere else. And most players struggle, and you just have to ride it out. You can say well why not do it this year. In a vaccum, I agree. But, there are real life economic considerations and long term roster resources at play. Are those ABs worth those issues. In some cases they are. To me, those ABs now for Tork are going to cost us tens of millions down the road. It would be different if we were contending then sure call him up, call up Miller let Turner get a start cause you're there, the window is now. It be different if he was Wander or Manning with several years of minors time. Where they might not have the spring or alernate site experience Tork had to learn even the bad big league players are good. I'd rather just let him take those lumps early next year in April, like he did at WM, when I can mask it with a healthier team at the start of the season. Tork is **** impressive in the minor leagues. I can't wait for him to be on the big show. But, I doubt a cup of coffee in September is going to teach him much or help him better prepare in the offseason to hit a big league slider. The fact he is gonna make the Big league roster in 2022 after being drafted in 2020 and then missing a season for a pandemic is **** impressive in its own right. That's good enough for me. To me it doesn't make sense when we have a year we are not competiting, when Tork hasn't even played 100 games in the minors to risk those economic issues just so he can come up and strikeout some. Sometimes good enough is good enough and you don't always have to push people to the next thing. Sometimes just letting people find a groove in their life and profession is good enough for a bit. Just let him get used to playing 100 games, learning the routines, learning the nutrition, learning how to play third base, learning the media, learning all of that in a much less pressured enviornment this season and risk any potential economic issues and call him up on April 29 in next year and enjoy the 15 years.
  21. So just eliminate any potential to see what you have in Hassee or trade value in Candy and stop the experiment of Tork at third and start his clocks all so he can get 200 AB, to likely struggle, for a 73 win team. Sorry I just don't see the logic in that.
  22. I mean Trout got called up in July. PLayed 40 games. Got 135 ABs. If Tork gets called up, you still have Miggy and the others guys that will have to play. They're not going to be riding the bench either. And Tork is likely to struggle so you will give him days off or tough ABs like you see with Baddooo. So I doubt he'd come close to 200 ABs.
  23. What else did I make up? That you are the smartest person ever so much so you can't understand clear hyperbole?
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