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  1. WEDNESDAY: Though there’s lots of interest in Stanton, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports hears from sources who all but rule out a trade (Twitter link). One person told Rosenthal chances of a deal are “as close to zero as they can be.” Read more at MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com
  2. Got to imagine Prince stil hits fourth. Keeps a right-left-right middle.
  3. Now I'm far from a football expert but I believe that's not good
  4. probably not WCF, but ti could easily be bill Jr or Mayhew.
  5. Adam Schefter says Lions coach Jim Schwartz is safe. Chris Mortensen reported this morning that Schwartz could be out. So why not break the tie? Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Schwartz will be back in 2013. The source also said that there’s “no merit” to the notion that firing Schwartz with three years left on his contract has been considered seriously. Source: Schwartz is safe | ProFootballTalk
  6. Yes because they are probably the only opening --other than SD-- with a decent QB (theoretically) in place. Arizona, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Jets, Chiefs, Philly, Buffalo have nobody. Not to mention we have a pretty good guy for the QB to throw too. That being said remember coaches are egomaniacs. The first one to get the lions 2 playoffs wins gets a ticket to Canton. It would not shock me if we made a serious run at Gruden or Cowher.
  7. Me too, but that also means they stay ahead of us in draft order
  8. The league adjusts. Just look at Cam newton. Don't put too much into what rookies QBs are doing this year. Hell in Year 1 Mark Sanchez looked halfway competent
  9. The problem isn't the later rounds. The problem is rounds 2-4. We have gotten very little talent there and its there good teams are build with good starters at low prices.
  10. well their going to get a bit more money with Williams, VandenBoesch, Burlson and Hanson gone.
  11. I see Mike Thomas has been going to the Roy Williams school of celebrating
  12. Logan is useless (oh wait that wasn't logan fumble? no matter point remains)
  13. Let us turn to Jim Caple: From 1991 through 2005, the Atlanta Braves won 14 consecutive division titles (not including the strike year of 1994). They accomplished this despite using 10 different relievers as the team's primary closer, including a 26-year-old rookie who had once been waived (Greg McMichael), another rookie who had been released and played independent ball (Kerry Lightenberg), an 18th-round draft pick (John Rocker) and a broken-down starter (John Smoltz). 1991: Juan Berenguer (17 saves, 2.24 ERA) 1992: Alejandro Pena (15 saves, 4.07 ERA) 1993: Mike Stanton (27 saves, 4.67 ERA) and Greg McMichael (19 saves, 2.06 ERA) 1994: Greg McMichael (19 saves, 3.84 ERA) 1995: Mark Wohlers (25 saves, 2.09 ERA 1996: Mark Wohlers (39 saves, 3.03 ERA) 1997: Mark Wohlers (33 saves, 3.50 ERA) 1998: Kerry Lightenberg (30 saves, 2.71 ERA) 1999: John Rocker (38 saves, 2.49 ERA) 2000: John Rocker (24 saves, 2.89 ERA) 2001: John Rocker (19 saves, 3.09 ERA) and John Smoltz (10 saves, 3.36 ERA) 2002: John Smoltz (55 saves, 3.25 ERA) 2003: John Smoltz (45 saves, 1.12 ERA) 2004: John Smoltz (44 saves, 2.76 ERA) 2005: Chris Reitsma (15 saves, 3.93 ERA) and Kyle Farnsworth (10 saves, 1.98 ERA)
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