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  1. All of its risky. THe cubs build around those high pick hitters. Won it all, got bounced a couple times early. Now, 5 years later is all completely dismantled and their heading for a 3 to 5 year rebuild.
  2. I forgot about Tork who should be up by May 1. Yeah now it makes even less sense to sign a 2nd baseman.
  3. It makes zero sense to spend on a 2nd baseman at the cost of a shortstop. The top 2nd baseman is like Joe Panik. (plus you have schoop you can play there) OUtfield doesn't make much sense either. You have grossman and then Greene is coming up. No reason to block greene at the expense, again, of a better shortstop. Plus the FA class after this one is full of outfielders, which is good cause grossman is off the books
  4. A couple things to note. As you mentioned above scouting is better. So if you are taking a guy who might play zero snaps, is it worth it to take the 6th round QB from Virginia over the UDFA from Michigan state? Where that pick can be used on a guy who might play snaps. Also money. The backup group this year (when you look at all 2nd and 3rd strings is bad). The cap went down for like the first time ever in 2021. So where are you gonna save some money? Right there. Josh McCowin at 8 million or an UFDA at 500K?
  5. He's 18 and 3rd base is kinda blocked at every other level (tork, Workman, a couple of 19 high picks)
  6. Not gonna lie, I'm a little suprised someone from Cleveland didn't groove Miggy one in sunday's drubbing just to help him out.
  7. I don't think its so much can't afford em. But, its pretty rare to see a team do that much with high-profile names.
  8. so going up is "promoted" and going down in "transfered." Don't use PR speak emily. You're not their PR arm
  9. Re Kriedler. Sometimes I think we get spoiled/skewed with Tork and Green. Krider has a .750 OPS in a pitching league. To compare, that OPS in 2019 would have put him in the top 10 of all the eastern league. Top 20 in 2018
  10. The Lions were gonna retire it, but Jason refuses to participate in the ceremony because the Lions once charged him a nickle for a gumball
  11. it look like Hill took the ole noggin to the ribs and got the wind knocked out. It looked like Badoo got the old hard ribs to the noggin and was seeing the cartoon birdies.
  12. I don't know how warm it is in Balt. But it wasn't bad today an hour north in NYC
  13. I'm actually OK with a bad start. He hasn't had one since April (when he gave up 5 and 6 in back to back). I think it will be good to help him learn how to bounce back and not be so jacked to bounce back that you overthrow and compound the issue.
  14. LET THE PEACOCK FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Here comes the Rookie of the Year in Garza!
  16. I just stopped in to say the Sideline reporter is struggling bad.
  17. Miggy, Schoop, Bench guy can handle it for 4 weeks.
  18. What? There is nothing he did in his retirement that made him a class act.
  19. LOL everything go right and they win 9?! Sure I guess if a bunch of other teams planes crash. Everything goes right and its a 6 win team.
  20. https://www.mlive.com/tigers/2021/05/keeping-close-tabs-on-tigers-minor-leaguers-so-is-aj-hinch.html https://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/08/17/detroit-tigers-ron-gardenhire-casey-mize-tarik-skubal-isaac-paredes/3386067001/
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