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  1. LOL using a super bowl apperance. Might as well go sign Trent Dilfer he's been to one too. I'm basing talent on talent. If you think Patricia was so bad that he made Tavai miss every tackle, I'll have what you're smoking. They lost Stafford the entire WR room and more and didn't do anything to repace it. Patricia was god awful. The talent was bad. It didn't get better.
  2. Here's the thing about the flirt with .500 crowd or they'll be better crowd that they always miss. The lions have a crazy hard schedule. Just look at it. How many games do you go sure they could win that? Six? Bengals Broncos Falcons Maybe Cardinals Bears/Vikings (two there maybe. They ain't going 4-0 against those two teams) The rest are all loses. And remember the ones we listed are "sure they *could* win." So they ain't gonig 6-0 in those games. Then you factor in the defense is bad. The offense doesn't have one player worth scheming for. Seriously D coordinators are just gonna line up base and say go. Who would you have to scheme for. Maybe? TJ. Then you add in the fact it is a new coaching staff and that is gonna lead to bump and difficulties while everyone figures it out. Remember the Tigers in April. Took a bit for them to mesh with AJ. THis has the makings of a 3 win season and that's OK
  3. you're not being anywhere close to being fair or objective or realistic if you think that. **** they lot a top 5 player in franchise history at the most important position. It got worse
  4. LIke no chance of that happening. Talent got worse. Their schedule is god awful to start the year. Season ended before it even started.
  5. I'm just gonna use some quick example of recent years in top 10. 2018 Mize-pretty good and Weathers- was doing pretty good to a broken ankle, Stewart went to Japan Madigral-pretty good, but hurt. Indian Bohm haven't lived up. Kelenic highly regarded. Murray out 2017 LIke nobody here has done anything at all. 2016 Anderson pretty good, Pint bust, Puk hurt. Manning just starting. Miniak and Ray busts. Everything ese a whole bunch of nothing. Maybe Senzel THe bust or injury rate for high drafted pitchers doesn't any worse than high drafted hitters. I don't get why so many thing taking a high rated hitter is some type of safer play. Sure, the cubs did it a few years ago. But they re busting up their team just as fast after their world series as the Mets lost thier world series team built around pitching.
  6. Not any more than position players at the top of the draft. Its some type of Mandela effect that has people believing all or most pitchers get hurt or flame out. For every Verlander there is a Hutzel for every Bryant there is a Alex Jackson for every Josh Hamilton there is a Mark Appel.
  7. a new league records Also a new legue record
  8. Not that we have anyone else, but I ready to be done with Short
  9. I'd kill for that rate. --Buck Farmer
  10. I was counting him. Yu, Snell, levinger, Lament, Paddack Then you have Gore nad Petejohn. Let alone anyone else they have in their system. That why the first time the Manning for Adams was proposed in the other thread I jokingly said why not trade for Trout. It makes no sense on the padres end.
  11. While I agree you can never have too much pitching, again why would they give a valuable piece in abrahams for a guy who would be what 7th on their depth chart and then would be out of options when he was ready to come up at 25. I like when fans here like to create problems in trades. We have three pitchers and no shortstops so let's trade one pitcher for a short stop. Now, we'll just ignore there are 9 starting Shortstop avaialble in two months and we can jsut sign one and still have 3 pitchers!
  12. Why the **** would the padres? They have 5 major league pitchers under contract and then add it Mackenzie GOre the best pitching prospect in the game.
  13. the problem is the long term. A long term deal in baseball, now, is 400 million. In football its 180
  14. Al said the other day we don't have a shortstop, we need a shortstop. Then he passes on all the shortstops.
  15. You've throw out that number a couple of times. I doubt a 29 year old short stop with no QO is gonna take that short/low of a deal. He makes $18.5 million this year and at 29 wouldn't be set up to get paid again. So he'd potentially cost himself $50-70 with that deal.
  16. Given AJ, I doubt it as Javy is still having effort problems. I say Correra then Story. Correra jsut seems to make a lot of sense for a lot of reasons.
  17. @here we're up again! Does @here not notify everyone? Is this not Slack?
  18. Put in on Myspace...you gonna have them build a geocities page on the Netscape browser while they're at it?
  19. PIck 19 at 9...poor Cas is pulling an all-nighter
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