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  1. Goff's best two years by far match perfectly with Gurley's All pro years. When Goff din't have an All pro running back, he was basically mark sanchez. Last I checked we don't have All pro Gurley
  2. They just wanted to give Soto/Garcia whoever the **** is closing nowadays a chance
  3. With the two days off, lots of guys probably needed a minute of work if possible. a 7-0 game is the chance to do that.
  4. If you remember that year though, Joe sucked in the second half era near 8. So they wouldn't even sold high to trade him then. Teams in the league saw he was maybe a half season fluke and weren't giving up a lot for a guy who sucked for three months.
  5. Quinn would have traded the pick to NE for a conditional 7th rounder in 2028 and some magic beans.
  6. They averaged 103 because they were god awful with 114. That was their only 100 loss year. What does it matter if they lose 99 or 93? Your statement is pretty disengenous.
  7. I don't know I see lots of fours and fives in there. And sure they weren't picking 1 in 2 out of 3 years like we have. But, I'm not sure their fans really cared all that much. In fact their attendance was somewhere between 1.3 million and 1. 8 million when they were 4 out of 5 or 5 out 5. Our attendance in 2019 BTW. 1.5 million
  8. I mean **** lets look at the free agents we could/would have signed since 2017. Let's all admit we're probably not signing machado or Harper. Would we be any more competitive this year with a lineup of? C-Granda signed 2019 (ranked 7th best free agent that year) 1B-Carlos Santana signed 2020 (Ranked 37) 2nd-Daniel Murphy signed 2018(ranked 31) SS-Zach Cosart signed 2017 (ranked 13) 3rd - Justin Tuners signed 2020 (ranked 9) Lf-Corey Dickerson signed 2019 (ranked 25) CF-Adam Jones signed 17 (ranked 14) RF-Yasil Pugi signed 19 (ranked 37) SP- Matt Harvey signed in 2018 (ranked 29) Now there is a list of guys we could have afforded and had a reasonable chance to sign. In 2020, what's that? a .500 maybe. And that's the team if we kept everyone and didn't trade them at the deadline when we bad the previous years cause we were still running out Dixon Machado's of the world till we sign more FA the next year. Even if you assume adding cosart and jones in 2017, does that make them not a 98 loss team to keep verlander and Martinez beyond that year? I know what that team does mean though. It means no mize, greene and Tork. Look, i think there is plenty to critcize Al/Ilitch about now. THere hasn't been enough progress or hits in the draft sure. Hitters don't seem to get any better when they get ot the big leagues sure (but let's also remember we are what 30 games in with a new coaching staff, its probably gonna take a minute for adjustments to have a big impact). They haven't done enough in the inernational market, sure. That the trades looking back have been at best bad, mroe like distasters, sure. But, the whole we should have signed more guys to be "compeititve" is just so dumb and not based on either sound financial decisions or decisions to get better on the field to compete for championships.
  9. That teams are bad and then they are good. I don't know why you guys think this is still 1982. When you can sign a bunch of free agents for pennies and put together a .500 and then the draft is regional based and a crapshoot. Nowadays, it doesn't make sense financially or on the field to try and be "competive" and rebuild. It really hard to do that and it doesn't work. Or maybe your OK with what the Red Wings did at the end with Holland or what the Pistons did for 15 years. You know what those franchises realized? If you're rebuilding just be bad. Even if the Tigers signed every Didi Gregorous of the world (cause we're not signing the top FA every year) what we would our record be? Maybe 82 and 82? and that's best case. So you played more "competitive" baseball for a few years and really got nowhere. You haven't drafted high enough (the WAR numbers show every 5 picks you move back in the draft your chances of finding a 50+ war player go down dramatically). An again, for the 100 millinth time, fans do not care if you win 80 or 60. They show up in your in the playoffs and don't if your not. The Tigers went 15 years of not being compeitive and the second they were in 2006 the stands were packed. There is no sense in signing a bunch of Stephen Weiss...I mean robbie grossman...just to create some illusion that you are competive. You either hurt yourself at adding premimum young, cheap talent or you get silly just trying to make the playoffs and trade Tatis Jr. for James Sheilds.
  10. It's not a lie if its worked for 100 years
  11. That's just silly and throw money away
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