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  1. I would have to be as day drunk as i was when I watched Pink Floyd's The Wall to enjoy that in a full showing.
  2. McCarthey is compromised and doesn't want to have to testify.
  3. My take on worst outcome for a first hitter of 9th with a 3 run lead: 1. Walk - indicates pitcher losing his focus, command, creates the runner-on situation - leading to an almost immediate theft of second on defensive indifference. If its after a long battle even worse. 2. double - barreling the ball and puts traffic on the bases 3. single - similar to walk but may be a fluky flare and doesn't indicate lack of command 4. triple - may be a bit exciting and puts a runner on to cause pitcher to think about 5. HR - over and done. Indicates pitcher got burned on one pitch not 4 poorly placed. A lot of those outcomes are due to moral and physical stress they place on the pitcher.
  4. A lot of hard realities unearthed of course. I want Detroit to be the same as Boston. Well, the truth is our revenue supports about 30m less per year. Michigan is not the same as New England. Another hard reality is that a lot of the future was mortgaged for Prince who was a replacement for Victor etc and all those signings meant no draft picks. I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was a great time to be a fan. Why specifically the Tigers under Avila rankle. If KC can turn it around on a dime in that market. If the Indians can retool a couple times in that smaller market. I want the goodness of a core of players coming up together that can be "our guys" for a generation. I also don't care so much how that gets done and would take a one and done 2004 Pistons Championship out of the blue.
  5. This cat Douglas Macgregor...is actually a very influential author. He wrote the book "Breaking the Phalanx" but it appears he's a danger to himself, democracy and others
  6. Man, so earlier when i said...know your audience. This forum is going be swimming with stat heads. They are a motley bunch of well-adjusted types and others whose parents potty trained them too early or too late. Just roll with it. i've enjoyed the vitriol you've laid out on Avila thus far. Me and you are sympatico on that. The one thing about the baseball stats community. People are not doing it just because its mental masturbation. Most want to know what the numbers can tell them and what can be refined, improved, removed to make the team or the game better. I'm not able to speak the language of numbers. God, and fetal alcohol syndrome cursed me with a marginal math ability.
  7. I would welcome a narrative essay in which Al Avila's crimes against baseball were proven without a shred of useful statistical information. Hard to do.
  8. I notice now that I bought some Bob Evans online they take the opportunity to send me emails begging me to come work for them. That's the sort of customer relationship email system that seems a bit desperate.
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