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  1. Its fun to see those. I'm hoping for 75
  2. I get that. The 1977-1988 teams were a vital part of my childhood. It encoded a lot of co-dependancy with me. They gave me something to focus on besides a turbulent home life and in turn I gave them my devotion. Sparky paid that off with a World Series win. The 2006-2016 era was the time of Detroit was back on the map in baseball in a big way. They were not just something I watched to torture myself because of the previous co-dependency. They provided triple crowns, cy-youngs, MVPs and two grim World Series appearances which made the entire thing more bittersweet and reflective of life. I'll always think that the 2012 World Series where San Fran with its proximity to the big data companies might have reflected the zenith of what Dave Dombrowski and Mr. I could accomplish against better organized/better analytics. The result was a quick ending for a very good team. 2013: that was just us being in the wrong narrative and failing to use the right reliever at the key moment in that playoff series.
  3. best era of Tiger baseball in my lifetime from 2006-2016. 1978-1988 was also very good. 1989-2005 sucked on ice.
  4. Run on that message against all members of the sedition caucus.
  5. In my morning news feed is some Washington Examiner (very right wing) editorial about how Bush's 9/11 speech was "despicable" Christ. It was great.
  6. This is going to be a fun off-season. I'm firming up on the idea that we need to move on from Boyd like we moved on from Daniel Norris and Jacoby Jones.
  7. For sure. The soldiers who survived Soviet captivity had to find their way to the British army to actually fight via Iran as I recall.
  8. The Polish squadrons in the Battle of Britain, the Home Army in Warsaw August 44'...that story just burns anyone who reads it. The Polish Airborne Bde at Arnhem. The Poles in the Allied armies in Italy wanted to fight through Italy via Trieste to help liberate Poland from the South but could not because of Cold War exigencies. Poland got the rawest deal in WWII. So, we all agree that its dumb that a foul ball over the backstop being called a Polish home run is insulting to such a glittering culture without which there would be no civilization. Its like my admin being upset when I call her sexy. Can't win. :--)
  9. I then spent 30 minutes explaining the glittering Polish culture and how World War II wouldn't have been won without the code breakers who figured out the German Enigma machine under Polish mathematician Marian Rejewski.
  10. Daughter's softball team at practice the other day...girl hits a foul ball over the backstop. I told her...that's a Polish home run. Nobody, but nobody got that. I guess Polish jokes are: 1. not a thing and 2. people are really averse to ethnic humor.
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