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  1. 6-0 and then loss. Feels like the roadie to Minnesota before the ASB.
  2. Now we have two men on with Jeimer up. Reyes running for Miggy.
  3. Perez, pulling that ball in...so much the wizard back there.
  4. Tying runner at 1st and Miggy is go ahead at plate. Hard to imagine Miggy has it in him to be the hero.
  5. three balls all hit on the same exact trajectory. Is this artillery?
  6. Bender to the outside about 3 ball widths and Perez is pulling that crap in...man, the wisdom of age.
  7. Haase to PH to eliminate the automatic K for Greiner
  8. Erie game: Tork up with bases loaded and 2 outs and could win game with a hit....
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