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  1. So he would tax himself to hell? Go ahead and give us back taxes for all the jobs you took overseas Donny
  2. I agree, they should make the playoffs. But IMO they are not real contenders for the ECF due to the lack of front court talent/depth. PG should do fine as a stretch 4, but we will see how his body holds up towards the end of the season/into the playoffs.
  3. Pistons have a lot of question marks. Can Jackson play a full season like he did to finish the year? Will KCP take the next step and become a good starting SG as opposed to an average/slighty above average SG? Will Marcus Morris keep his head on straight and improve his game? Will Ilaysova stay healthy enough to play significant minutes? Will Drummond take the next step and pick up the slack from Moose leaving? Will Stanley Johnson contribute right away? Will Jennings recover from his injury and be a good backup PG?
  4. I think Indiana is really thin at the 4/5. They lost West, Hibbert and Scola. Turner may have a good career, but not sure how much he will contribute as a rookie. Also, Stuckey & Monta together should be interesting.
  5. Yeah, can't see how anyone could defend him now. He needs to be locked up, but I am afraid it is too late for that.
  6. What bias do I have? I am not a Democrat, and I am not a fan of Hilary Clinton. You made a bold (and unsubstantiated claim) that Hilary is essentially hiring someone to infiltrate the GOP and hurt them. Your only evidence is that Trump donated to her, but he has also donated to multiple Republicans.
  7. Enes is even worse on D than Monroe. But OKC needs to retain him. They have a championship roster (if healthy) and need to go all in before Durant & Westbrook become free agents.
  8. I saw it become an issue on twitter. People like Bomani Jones made it an issue on ESPN as well. There was almost this attitude like him choosing to stay abstinent was somehow an affront to them. Also, regarding the part of “speaking to God”, I have found most religious people who say that don’t mean they are actually hearing voices/hallucinating. It is a feeling of connection with a higher being that is guiding their decision making.
  9. Can you provide a shred of evidence to support your claim that he is an agent for Hillary?
  10. GOP Chief Reince Priebus Calls Donald Trump to Tell Him to 'Tone It Down' - NBC News Do you think Rubio, Cruz & Bush are happy that Trump has been the most publicized candidate thus far for the GOP?
  11. Trump is the GOP's worst nightmare. He is seriously damaging the GOP's relationship with Hispanics, which is crucial for their success.
  12. It is entirely unfair how people are already calling him a creep and whatnot on social media. We don't know what is going on yet.
  13. I don't see why this is an issue. Who cares if he is waiting to sleep with his girlfriend?
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