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  1. don't know about the rest of the season but feel safe saying 0-1 to start.
  2. HHey can we start this thread up again and just change it to Darnold vs Stafford? I mean, they have the same number of playoff wins so I think it's a fair argument.
  3. You say that like we don't win all of our remaining games and the Bucks and/or Miami won't lose all the rest of their games. You are just so negative Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. If they don't make it, it should be the end of the world for SVG....won't though. On a side note, this Kawhi Leonard stuff is nuts. I mean, if you're not happy playing for an organization like the Spurs where are you gonna be happy?
  5. Just randomly thought about him today...he just disappeared in 2016. I believe he's the sports editor at Tri County Times. He was a nice guy. Glad he just left and my google search didn't come up with something not so pleasant https://www.tctimes.com/living/our_town/meet-david-troppens/article_683ffc64-8902-11e7-8626-4f9508be3b9f.html
  6. very cool....can you combine our MLE and the exception? If so, I figure we should just sign lebron James to a $12M deal and call it a day
  7. 4 games out of the 3rd seed. Your Detroit Pistons.
  8. I'm pretty blown away by the good press Cleveland is getting on these moves. The general consensus seems to be they lost all the trades but improved their team. They basically have the 2008 Cavs now...lebron surrounded by a bunch of pieces. I think Clevelands big mistake was the same one Detroit made last year. IT should have been getting 10-15 mpg until he started to show some progress but instead right into the starting line-up he went and he was set up to fail. So rather than wait for a guy who potentially is one of the great scorers in the league to heal up and get into playing shape they cut bait. Granted, he talked himself out of town, but still...seems like a mistake if they want to win a championship.
  9. Pistons send Willie Reed to Chicago for Jameer Nelson.
  10. You guys can think I'm an a******, but this is the best game thread I've read in a very long time. thanks guys Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. pre injury, signing him to a max deal was most likely their plan. AFter the injury it changed but by then the trade window had closed. Monroe, no doubt they should have traded him, Josh Smith...definitely should have traded him for whatever we were offered. Trading KCP was never a real possibility.
  12. If his game isn't ruined by the ankle injury, the time off should have only helped his knee just in time for the post season push
  13. When would you have expected them to trade KCP? No one was obviously going to ask us to do a sign and trade and prior to the All-Star break everyone was talking about how KCP was going to be the new face of the franchise and we should be running our offense through him and all kinds of nonsensical things. he was shooting 40% from 3 prior to his injury and his nickname was Max. They weren't trading him at that point, they were signing him to a max deal. Post injury, he quickly became the worst player on the team practically making signing him to a big long term deal a non-starter. As it is they offered him a lowball contract and got lucky he declined it. As for the below, I'm probably just thinking this too far, but I get the feeling that the Pistons hardcappping themselves was SVG's way of making it look like they would love to sign KCP to a max deal but we just can't do it...darn salary cap. Over pay Galloway 3 mil a year so you don't have to overpay KCP 8 million a year and not get killed in a public relations massacre. Just my opinion.
  14. let's not break our arms patting ourselves on the back. Both Miami and Portland were schedule wins, and we barely beat a Memphis team missing half their starting line-up. We have a long long way to go. I was working most of the game so couldn't watch all of it, but that move by Blake at the end of the first half was ridiculous.
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