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  1. Jim, I was able to get Iglesias (2016 Topps) at TigerFest on Saturday & since I have a RC signed by him already, this one can be had if the right scenario came along.
  2. I'd like to say I'm finally getting this down to a science, but I'm BS'ing it as much as anyone else is!
  3. I have a report typed up, but every time I try to post it I get an error. I'm going to try editing it in next. TigerFest 2017.docx
  4. Note: I would expect these to be the folks at TigerFest tomorrow unless noted as they have not released any list/schedule this year besides the layout map. Participants (caravan stops only) Brad Ausmus Al Avila (GM) - will be at TigerFest but leaving event early for NYC Mick Billmeyer David Chadd Dave Clark Rich Dubee Leon Durham Gene Lamont Dave Littlefield Matt Martin Lloyd McClendon Alan Trammell (the only front office guy we really care about ) Omar Vizquel (the only coach we really care about ) Alex Avila (C) Chad Bell Matt Boyd Miguel Cabrera Nick Castellanos Tyler Collins Buck Farmer Michael Fulmer - will be in NYC to accept ROY award at BBWAA dinner Fulmer story from Freep Shane Greene Blaine Hardy John Hicks Jose Iglesias Myles Jaye JaCoby Jones Ian Kinsler - has not yet been to TigerFest, so not counting on it Mark Lowe Dixon Machado Mikie Mahtook - not on caravan/will be there per Anthony Fenech J.D. Martinez James McCann Daniel Norris Mike Pelfrey Andrew Romine Kyle Ryan Daniel Stumpf Justin Upton Drew VerHagen Justin Verlander Alex Wilson Justin Wilson Jordan Zimmermann the broadcast team... Rod Allen Dan Dickerson Mario Impemba John Keating Craig Monroe Mickey York "Excused" from festivities per Anthony Fenech: Victor Martinez, Francisco Rodriguez Missing from my records: Victor Alcantara (from Maybin trade), Sandy Baez, Jairo Labourt, Steve Moya, Anibal Sanchez, Warwick Saupold, Bruce Rondon
  5. Adding a few more here... Angels - 1B/3B/OF Jefry Marte Marlins - Matt Treanor (C) Mets - Dan Warthen (C)
  6. Not much to go on, but we do have the Winter Caravan stops (no autographs I'm sure, and not much open to the public like usual). No players to go with these stops right now. http://m.tigers.mlb.com/news/article/213476092/2017-tigers-winter-caravan-ready-to-roll/
  7. Here's the info, just like I posted last year. Prices are the same, and sounds like the stuff going on is unchanged. Tigerfest 2017 That being said, tickets are still for sale online (unheard of based on the last 10 years) as people may have finally got fed up after the chaos last year. I'm also banking on a certain top of the lineup infielder keeping his streak alive of not showing up to this thing... EDIT: tickets are now sold out, but lasted at least 12 hours from my checking...
  8. I rounded out the rest for you, and here's the clip to the LF ranksMLB Network ranks top left fielders right now | MLB.com
  9. Zumaya, Coleman, and Moseby are not ones to sign their mail and could be worth sticking it out for. Lolich does tend to be a popular guy among fans, even though he has been around the block at least a few times now...
  10. IF... we are allowed to choose homegrown talent that became a bullpen star elsewhere, I feel as if the answer is obvious. CHARLIE "CHUCK" FURBUSH!!! This guy is one of the best LOOGYs out there right, and if you have no idea what he's been doing in Seattle I suggest looking up the stats from the past few years...
  11. Its worth noting here that the Atlanta Braves hired Mike Maroth as their minor league rehabilitation pitching coordinator after being removed as the pitching coach in Toledo. The role, based at the team’s spring complex, oversees the organization’s pitching rehab program so requests can be sent their throughout the season.
  12. I thought that pull-happy guy ended up going to Chicago in some miraculous move of the offseason? Oh, you are talking about the other Avila...
  13. I was at towards the front of the line when Kyle Ryan left... and I don't know if you would have felt better having Norris again as he signed there next. That being said, Andrew Romine was by himself on the other side during that time at C/D.
  14. So my game plan was clear early on: don’t fix what isn’t broken AKA let’s do what I did last year (as you all may recall coming at me with your pitchforks last January). That apparently, was my big mistake… The Early Entry lines, and all lines for that matter, were set up the same as last year thus you had really 3 lines to wait in – B in the D Shop, C/D in the Tigers Club, and E/F in the basement (E/F not open to the early grouping). C/D ended up being Verlander + Victor Martinez, so I just stuck with a ROMLB for each of them as I’ve gotten each of them before, last year actually. Victor Martinez ROMLB – THIS IS AVAILABLE Justin Verlander ROMLB (help) The only downfall is due to Victor’s elaborate signature, I did not make it out of line before the regular admission folks got in – which you need to do to get a good spot for the next signing group and make the EE passes into the best value possible. I hopped back in my C/D line that treated me so well last year and waited an okay amount of time (little over an hour) while my help had managed to get out well before me and headed to the basement to wait for players to show up. The group signing was Brad Ausmus on one side and Montreal Robertson on the other side (YES, both by themselves)… but I had missed that grouping by 20 or so people, so I went for the other one. 4 people come out at the same time, one side had Matt Boyd and Jeff Ferrell and I can’t say the other side was a whole lot better. The basement had Shane Greene on one side and an okay guy on the other side. Rod Allen TigerFest program Cameron Maybin 2015 Topps card Daniel Norris 2015 Topps U&H rookie card (help) Come to find out, the basement was where the party was at (apparently people like Cabrera, Trammell ended up down there mid-afternoon). By this time lines were ridiculous, like twice as long as they were my last trip through… and beyond any point they were allowed to get to last year. I took a break to warm up and listed to the front office crew talk before venturing out one last time to C/D. I had also seen Craig Monroe walking around, which was not announced even those he works for the Tigers TV station during the year so it wasn’t a total shock. Also made a small stop at the foundation fire sale and picked up nothing significant as I’m sure it was pretty picked over by then. However I was not going to buy a replica Greenberg HOF plaque or Anibal Sanchez figurine for $10 when I got the Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander figurines last year for $5 each… and there was no David Price, Yoenis Cespedes, or any of the other bobbleheads from last year. So anyways back to the last venture... I had heard that Montreal Robertson signed in that same room (at the other table) a couple hours after the grouping mentioned before and some more low level players (Alex Wilson, Dixon Machado, Andrew Romine, and a brief cameo by Jarrod Saltalamacchia if I remember people’s stories right). I was just hoping for some B level players at this point: James McCann, Nick Castellanos, or even Mike Pelfrey would’ve been fine by me. Got before the cut off of the grouping that I guess was Kyle Ryan on one side and Alex Wilson on the other… hoping for better than that, but fell short. Andrew Romine 2014 Topps U&H (help) Daniel Norris ROMLB w/ bible verse By this time we were looking at 3:30 and knew to give up as there is no way that you were getting through a line if they were not already closed off. So two guys (Romine and Robertson) signed at the two different tables within the same room today - at least one of their sessions were by themselves to boot! The fact that somebody left the line after seeing Norris come in rather than waiting another 5-10 mins is a shock to me: I can think of much worse people to get multiple times in a day. I guess I was able to upgrade my Norris Blue Jays stuff, added two guys to the collection (Maybin and Romine), and got another Verlander item (can’t have too many of those) and another Victor than maybe I can turn into something I need down the road. Last year was the moon obviously, but this is a step or two away from rock bottom.
  15. C/D for session two were Brad Ausmus © and Montreal Robertson (D) as I was towards the front of the line for session 3 today and was able to see this going on.EDIT: session two downstairs is where my "plus one" was at (11:10) and that was Daniel Norris on one side and Shane Greene on the other. Norris nd Robertson had signed later in the day too.
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