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  1. Agreed, video showed Lamont on the phone several times with the BP several times. JV's pitch count was still fairly low and the long relief was pretty taxed. They ended up having to bring in Rondon.
  2. I'll take Drew Smith 3rd round pick from 2015 draft
  3. This would be a normal thought for any other team. Not many pitchers become valuable in Colorado.
  4. Morosi is saying Dec 2019 here: Alan Trammell is proof that the Hall of Fame should revise its election rules | FOX Sports
  5. Agreed, here is a good article from a few seasons back on this topic: Accepting Dead Money in Free Agent Contracts | FanGraphs Baseball
  6. No longer prospects... You should read the chat linked above, some good information.
  7. Hopefully he doesn't drop a steamer defensively.
  8. Yes, to get Miguel Cabrera. Flaws or not, Dave was making that trade.
  9. another showcase of Fielders athleticism https://vine.co/v/e0reb01udie
  10. IF DD doesn't return in '16 he should join the WS of Poker... Buster Olney ‏ @ Buster_ESPN If the Tigers keep David Price, they'll look to add before July 31 -- and they are in the market now checking on upgrades.
  11. Nice summary from the TigsTown staff: Farm Weekly Recap:
  12. Hector Martinez is the cousin of Vladimir Guerrero... Detroit Tigers sign cousin of Vladimir Guerrero, ink four international free agents to deals | MLive.com
  13. Tigers PR ‏@DetroitTigersPR Verlander was given the clearance to resume a throwing progression designed to return him to full competition. #tigers
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