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  1. We can learn a lot from Mr. Ilitich's life story. He was the son of Macedonian immigrants. As a first generation American, he was able to be educated, play professional baseball, served in the military, and started his own business. Without knowing anything else you might say that is the American Dream. But then he ends up becoming wealthy, purchasing two sports franchises, and having many years of success in both ventures, as well as other business successes along the way. There are things about him one could criticize. You might argue that he neglected his baseball franchise for many years in favor of his hockey franchise. You could also argue that he didn't do a very good job of running his baseball team, even once he received a publicly funded baseball stadium and decided to actually spend money on his baseball team. He was also known for getting a lot of tax breaks, not paying back taxes that he owed, and being able to purchase property for a fraction of its value. He probably deserved some of those criticisms. But he also deserves a lot of credit for sticking with the teams, sticking with the city, and maintaining a sense of loyalty and commitment that many businessmen do not have. As someone who grew up during the Ilitich era, it is difficult not to admire and respect him despite his flaws and complexities. We are all human. Thank you Mr. Ilitch for the years of memories.
  2. I actually think the backup catcher position should be a priority this offseason. They have other holes, but there are enough good options available at catcher to reasonably fill it without going overboard. It needs to be someone who could play regularly if Avila was hurt. I'm also concerned about him holding up over the years and wonder if a position switch will need to occur.
  3. Hey everyone, I don't come around here often anymore, but I wanted to stop in and do some shameless self (kind of) promotion. I've been working on a project the past few months that has culminated in this handy google voter information tool that enables you to view all of your election info including your ballot down to the county level. Obviously, there have been voter info tools before, but the scope of this (including ballot info for all 3000+ counties in the U.S.) hasn't been done before. My involvement aside, I wanted to share it with everyone because I think it is very helpful, especially to those who may not have had the chance to check out everyone down the ballot yet. It includes social media info such as facebook, twitter, and websites, when available. https://www.google.com/elections/ed/us/vote
  4. I thought you guys would like to see the actual ballots: http://www.mirsnews.com/images/Mccotter%20Petitions.pdf
  5. Hey guys, Some friends of mine from Saginaw, Michigan are competing in a global battle of the bands competition, with the regional competition taking place in Detroit at the Hard Rock Cafe. The band is called The Tosspints. They recently opened for the Dropkick Murphy's in Boston and came out with a new album in the past few months, which was released on vinyl. You can check them out on Spotify for free if you use it or you can go to: Cenosillicaphobia | The Tosspints Even if you don't wanna vote for them, check out the link. I may be biased, but I really enjoy listening to their music. If you do want to vote, you can do so via the competition's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafedetroit?sk=app_205164529573076&app_data=artist%3A649616 All you have to do is download a free track from their album "Cenosillcaphobia." I know some of you are really into local music so I just thought I'd share and try to help them out as well.
  6. Though I'm not sure if it would be better than the security of having the Fox contract. Just an idea.
  7. It would be cool it Ilitch could establish his own regional sports network, but I'm not sure the Detroit market can handle it at the moment.
  8. I've been here since 2000, but it would be misleading to suggest I've been active the past few years. I lurk here and there just to see if you guys have dug up some Tiger article I didn't see elsewhere. I also interact with many of the members regularly because I've been in a keeper league with them for over 5 years (Edman, Zimm, WMUDan, ltw et al) -
  9. I don't think Turner was likely to be dealt, but it probably is slightly less likely because they aren't going to potentially add any more payroll. If anything it decreases the possibility they sign someone else to be the 5th starter. As DD said, they might sign a pitcher or two to minor league contracts, just in case. Since there is no pressure to be anything more than the 5th starter this year (which is a position that typically sees a lot of turnover throughout the season anyway) he can get his taste of the big leagues without worrying about overworking him or having him fail because it won't impact the team late in the season and in the playoffs.
  10. I am excited. I'm anticipating a move to the DC area in the near future and will have an opportunity to watch Harper and Strasburg reguarly, assuming they are healthy. Unfortunately, this means I won't get to watch the Tigers, but you can bet I will be following them.
  11. If they carry a third catcher, it means they don't consider VMart a catcher at all. This would be stupid.
  12. If we're ignoring the whole lefty thing, we might be able to sign Troy Glaus some time after spring training for a minimal cost.
  13. Agreed. It's uncommon, but conceivable to be against having an abortion yourself, but think a woman should have a right to choose. I know a few people who are like this.
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