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  1. Time to start giving recruits “loans”. Only way to compete with this program
  2. The wildcat is just horrific play calling. Way to take Patterson out of the game and let the defense know exactly what you’re going to do.
  3. This was his redemption game. Time for Don Brown to take a hike
  4. Have towels become the new toilet paper toss after a TD?
  5. I think Peoples-Jones will give me a heart attack on his punt returns. I have no clue what he’s thinking on each and every return
  6. It’s time for Harbaugh to absolutely unleash on refs in his presser. That call is fireable offense
  7. Love to see things clicking on both sides. It seems like it’s been way too long since seeing a confident Michigan team, with a little swagger and edge. Keep it going
  8. I HATE losing to that clown Franklin and that embarrassment of a school.
  9. Worst dropped Michigan pass I can think of. Bell is athletic but his hands suck. What a joke
  10. Did something click in Gattis’s brain that utilizing his WR’s is a good idea?
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