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  1. Ok cool..be ok with a guy not having the guts to shutdown a full on cheat because now he coaches your team.
  2. A team should base their success how well they perform on the road against bad teams.
  3. Hinch is still a Pete Rose and 1919 Black Sox type. Hard to cheer for that. As for Boyd, has he ever been anything but 4th or 5th starter? After may he is worse than that.
  4. Only 2 games I’ve seen this season have been yesterday and today (still don’t like we hired hinch). Tuned in after they got on a heater and were only 4 games below .500. Oof. I’ll try again next year. These pitchers are god awful. How did they win 7 in a row? The royals are garbage and they give up 7 runs in a row? Guess Hinch isn’t using enough tape.
  5. How come I can’t delete posts anymore? Don’t mind my double post.
  6. Yeah, I’m completely over CJ. He can be butt hurt all he wants. He left and owed the team money. That’s the contract he signed. If he caught the ball against the ravens on MNF, among other huge drops, we wouldnt be having a different conversation. I cheer for organizations. Players come and go. He’s done nothing but talk junk about the organization for collecting what they were owed.
  7. Quit reading PFF everyday. Swift and T.J. will have monster years. Goff will be adequate. The defense will likely be top 20. 7-9 win team. All day.
  8. It’s the NFL, the schedule is hard every year. Look at week 1. That will be a win. Jimmy G blows.
  9. A guy with zero playoff wins replaced with a guy who’s been to the Super Bowl. Look, I loved stafford. Here is an awesome competitor, but he didn’t win enough. Not even close to all on him, but he doesn’t escape all blame either. Lions will be markedly improved on defense. Deeper at running back. People are evaluating talent solely based on how they played under Patrica. There was no game plan. Coaches sabotaged the players. A competent coaching staff improves the talent, look at the tigers.
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