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  1. This team will be way more fun to watch this year. No idea what their record will be, but they will compete. Patricia tore down the compete in this team and made the players hate their job. Seems reasonable they will win more games this year than last. Their offense could be good.
  2. Cool, none of our tackles will get vaccinated.
  3. Lol yeah he couldn’t read a defense. Trying to match me in hyperbole is bold.
  4. Lions going young and versatile. I like it. Jermar should make the roster and be able to fill a nice role. Kerryon could only do one thing.
  5. Anyone In Detroit area still need to be vaccinated? My agency is doing a one day mass vaccination event at the troy community center next Wednesday. I can send the registration info to you If you know of folks looking to get their shot. This will be Johnson and Johnson. 8AM - 6PM May 12th.
  6. The number says 8 but they are tied with the ravens at 7, T7.
  7. Anyone else not able to click on twitter links once they are posted?
  8. FWIW, Rene Bugner complied a list based on draft grades by 18 experts. Bears had the top class in the draft. Lions ranked T7.
  9. Really good day 3. Starting slot receiver, physical LB and Jefferson. The one thing I love about the pac-12 is that they have games on late on Saturday nights. Jefferson was a problem for people. Having a strong OL will help too
  10. Even this article you posted points out the low grades across the national spectrum. Sure, some liked it, but a lot of people feel the lions are being too narrow in their evaluation.
  11. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2021/insider/story/_/id/31345095/nfl-draft-2021-winners-head-scratching-picks-reaches-rounds-2-3-mel-kiper-day-2-recap
  12. Lions getting panned for their day two picks. Most feel the lions reached on both DT selections.
  13. Call em like I see him! I find myself drawn to Syracuse games because I like their jerseys. That guy stuck out.
  14. There’s a good pick.
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