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  1. With a 7 game lead, the division pretty much IS buried by now.
  2. Leyland isn't my favorite, but games like last night aren't his fault.
  3. I suspect that Wilkin was intended to be a one-game callup all along. I think they just wanted to spell Granderson and sit him against a lefty. It didn't work so it made it easy to send him down. As far as Avila, he hits right handers very well, so he's valuable from that standpoint. Lambert could be the new long guy. I don't think this smacks of desperation necessarily.
  4. I think the waiver period favors the Tigers as we are prepared to eat contracts that other teams may be seeking to dump. What looked reasonable in July may now be too onerous in August. I would assume that more players will clear than usual due to the economy, and I think that is to our benefit.
  5. Well, only Thames is a pure DH type, and even then, he's really more of a platoon/fill-in player. Magglio did not project as a DH type going into the season and Guillen maybe partially.
  6. Yeah, people really exaggerate that point, especially considering that one of those guys (Ordonez) is really just a very limited platoon player at this point.
  7. So, how deep into the season does Rodney need to be an effective closer before you jump on his bandwagon?
  8. Who should be the 9th inning guy besides the dude that has only blown one save all season?
  9. The Tigers are in first place due to pitching and defense. I wouldn't say it's because of Jim Leyland.
  10. I certainly think Guillen should be the #3 hitter as much as possible given teh current lineup. My feelings may change depending on if we make a deadline acquisition but as it stands now this team needs an experienced bat in the #3 hole.
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