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  1. What happens when Smyly is ready to return. Does Smyly move to the bullpen, or does he go back to the rotation, and Turner gets sent down to Toledo? I guess it all depends on his outing on Thursday
  2. He also said more of the "A" words. Apparently I can't put that in the title anymore.
  3. He said it in the pregame presser that just aired on the radio.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I think his BABIP will go down a little, but I think he can finish the year around .290-.300, with 16-18 homers. I've been very impressed with how he has transformed his swing in the off-season. I was worried that his numbers last year, would be the norm for him. Glad I was wrong.
  5. I'm mainly worried about Turner's strikeout numbers declining. That was a big concern with Porcello going through the minors, and how he didn't have the put away pitch.
  6. Last year was his first season.
  7. They're changing the rules on that. Only way you get a draft pick is if he declines a qualifying offer in the neighborhood of 12-14 million. And the Tigers would never offer him that to begin with
  8. Porcello or Scherzer will be traded at some point. I'd wait until the off-season where we'd get a better deal. This team isn't making the playoffs
  9. I'm sure Randy Smith would have done a lot better if he had the equivalent of a 130 million dollar payroll. DD essentially has an open payroll, where back when Randy Smith was GM, Illitch didn't care as much about the Tigers, and was spending all of his cash buying the Wings Stanley Cups.
  10. They were a .500 team when all those guys were healthy, they're is no way they win 90 games. Dirks/Jackson will not hit over .330 either. I had them pegged at 84 before the season started, 75-77 is a more realistic win total at this point in time.
  11. He'll be moved to OF, even Chadd didn't rule it out it the FSN interview. And do they tend to give out more errors in the minors? 13 is a ridiculous amount for the first 2 months of the season. That's like 40 in a whole season.
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