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  1. Littlefield and Chadd being reassigned is a welcome sight.
  2. Both Mize and Skubal allow an unusually high amount of HR's. That's the main thing they'll have to limit going forward to take another step.
  3. The Tigers have one of the best radio crews in MLB and one of the worst TV crews. It is weird. Mario and Rod were probably more average than anything but the drop off is immense.
  4. The Tigers have always seemed high on Kreidler. This is a guess, but it makes me wonder if they have internal metrics on his defense that suggests he will be a plus defender at SS in MLB. They had Kreidler up in several spring training games with Detroit despite never even playing in low A ball prior to this season and then gave him an aggressive promotion to Erie. This promotion to Toledo is also aggressive given that he was only a league average hitter in AA (based on wRC+). He has decent power numbers for a SS and could have some projection there, but my guess is they view him as a really good defensive player.
  5. If Morris is fired, that would be amazing. He's easily one of the worst announcers in MLB and adds nothing to the broadcast.
  6. Unless something has changed, I think the original plan was for Jobe to pitch in September.
  7. With Hinch and Fetter and company, the Tigers have one of the best player development staffs at the major league level. Next year could be fun depending on what is done in FA and also if the playoffs are expanded.
  8. Just going off of Fangraphs' rankings, once Manning, Greene and Tork graduate and even if you bump up Jobe to a top 100 prospect (which I think he should be), the Tigers will dip to around a bottom 5 farm system. Our days of drafting high are also over (thankfully), so there won't be any additional easy ways to add top prospects to the system. It will mostly be player development at that point. That's pretty natural though. Hopefully, we can spend some money in FA and really go for it once Greene and Tork are up and then Jobe can join in a few years.
  9. Tork and Greene are probably both going to start at some point for the Tigers in 2022. The prospect pool will really thin out at that point. Jobe will probably be the last remaining top 100 guy and with Keith and Pacheco probably the most promising other prospects. Dingler will also probably be just outside the top 100.
  10. I'm guessing Pacheco will sign for between $2.5 million to $3 million based off similar comps who have already signed. The underslot deals in the middle rounds have already paid for Madden's above slot deal. So, maybe Jobe signs for between $500 K to $1 million under slot? Mayer signed with Boston at full slot value of $6.6 million.
  11. Only a few hundred thousand above slot value. Pacheco was probably the bigger over slot draft pick. It will be interesting to see what Mayer, Lawlar, House and Watson signs for relative to Jobe.
  12. I believe the Tigers are now 34-27 (+2 run differential) since starting 9-24 (-72 run differential). Those are two cherrypicked data points, but it is still impressive how long the Tigers have been playing better than .500 ball and with a neutral run differential.
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