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  1. "Giving up a HR is better than a walk"- Jack Morris
  2. Rogers is much better defensively than Greiner and it's not like Greiner can hit. He has a career OPS+ of 54. I don't see how Rogers isn't the backup catcher even when Greiner is healthy.
  3. Yeah, Cisnero as a throw-in. I could be wrong on Grossman, but my hunch from the beginning of his signing was that was the Tigers plan. He would start for several contending teams and those teams would get him next year too and he's on a cheap deal. There are several teams that will definitely inquire about his availability.
  4. I don't trust Avila to make good trades, so I'd agree. But, that is what I'd expect them to do, although I doubt all 5 are actually traded. That would be a lot.
  5. Henning brought up the Tigers trading Turnbull, but I think we might hang on to him because he's under control though 2024. I think the most likely to be traded at the deadline are Boyd, Candelario, Grossman, Fulmer and Cisnero.
  6. I'd like to see Greene elevate the ball a lot more. He has a 64.5% GB% so far and hit a lot of ground balls in his 1st season in the minors, as well.
  7. Turnbull seems underrated, even by the Tigers own fanbase. He's been a league average starter for 246 innings now and never brought up in pieces like that.
  8. Oakland might move to Vegas. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31427293/oakland-athletics-start-looking-relocating-elsewhere-sources-say
  9. With the exception of McCann, all those players were traded and spun off into players the Tigers got contributions out of in MLB. McCann didn't perform well in Detroit, but had great success with the White Sox. He has gone back to being bad again this year after leaving the Sox, although it is still early. I was dubious about that size of a contract for him. But, that would be an example of a player having good WAR totals for a second round pick, but the majority of his value came with the White Sox.
  10. I think the 6 game MiLB series is going to be permanent even post pandemic. MiLB teams prefer it because it reduces expenses a lot and it makes it easier for scouts of MLB clubs because they are guaranteed to see every player in a series now whereas before they might miss seeing a few pitchers in the old 3 game series.
  11. I'm pretty sure he's retired and selling real estate now. Although, his retirement was never announced so who knows?
  12. Robson is probably stuck in Erie until there is another permanent roster move made. Rodriguez is a top tier AAA hitter, so Prince is going to play him at either 1B or DH. You have Nunez at 1B/DH, and then Hill, Stewart and now Reyes all play every day in the OF for Toledo. Erie is probably going to be a good AA team because they are so old, although they are short on actual prospects for the time being. I suspect Dingler, Tork and Packard will all be called up at some point this season to Erie.
  13. I forget if the analysis was in Crain's or somewhere else, but the Tigers are profitable at their current payroll even if most of their money is from TV contracts. The fans at the park is just an added bonus. I think the Tigers get $114 million from TV contracts and that should increase soon as their current local TV deal is expiring and will be re-negotiated. The Tigers total revenue in 2017 was $277 million. Illitch should be able to comfortably afford a $150 to $160 million payroll if he really wants too (post pandemic). That is around what player expenses were in 2018 and the Tigers had a $19 million profit. The Illitch's also own lots of the downtown area. So, a good team brings fans out to the park and feeds into their other businesses.
  14. Tork's approach has been getting better each game. He rarely chases pitches and has a great swing. That double was smoked. It should just be a matter of time, but we'll see. There's really no one in front of Dingler. If he keeps this up for a few more weeks, I wonder if they might bump him up to Erie. He was old for his grade so he's actually a year older than Tork and already 22 (turns 23 in September).
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