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  1. Heard Dan running through the scoreboard and talking about the Giants coming back late against the Brewers, so I had to check. Friend of the board Daniel Norris started the 7th with a 4-2 lead -- a walk and a home run to start the inning made short work of that. That's two bad appearances out of 5 since the trade.
  2. In the same breath, he said that he plans to be here for many years. So not contemplating retirement, I guess. I'm sure he wants to see the next Tigers World Series win.
  3. Huh. I missed the end of the game because I was busy not watching Black Widow at the theater, but just listened to it now. Sounds like it'll be a mix of Petry (they said 4 of the remaining road trips) and Craig Monroe (for the other 2, I guess), which is odd because the conversation at the end of the series in Texas definitely made it sound like Austin Jackson would be coming back at some point in the not too distant future. I wouldn't be surprised if this were Jim's last season, but I suppose they'll let him do home games for as long as he wants. They've more or less taken all of his formal responsibilities away during the broadcasts as it is -- he only did the manager's show for the home opener, doesn't do a lot of reads anymore, and doesn't even always handle the information about new pitchers coming into the game like he used to. Sorry to hear about your wife. Best of health to you both during treatment and recovery.
  4. Probably just worn down after the long night in the booth yesterday because of the rain delay. They also said that Petry would be joining Dan for the upcoming road trip to KC & Mpls, so that's something for the folks wanting more peaches in their diet.
  5. By my reckoning, that's the first time the Tigers have had back-to-back shutouts since Aug 2016 and the first time to have 3 in 4 games since May 2009. Not sure I would've called Urena, Peralta, & Mize to be the starters to lead the way in that feat.
  6. Agree with this, and the three that I cited have all been throwing 80-100 pitches per start (with the slight exception of Leiter who is not too far removed from TJ, so he just recently hit 80 for the first time). Pitch efficiency and effectiveness are an entirely different story, but we're literally just looking for guys who can take some load off the bullpen and the youngsters. Per McClosky's article from yesterday, it sounds like they're pushing any decisions in this space to at least the last week of July, which is around when the shackles will come back off of Mize.
  7. Holland, Norris, and Alexander were all planned to be multiple-inning relievers, I think. But one of them (Holland) has sucked and been hurt, while another (Norris) has been ill-suited to the role.
  8. Is it any starter's side day, or is that schedule all messed up because of the All-Star break?
  9. Oh, but getting Kepler there is huge for this inning.
  10. If the Twins manage to only get one here, then everything will get really stupid in the 10th.
  11. Gotta mix and match Holland and H Castro in the 9th. There's literally no one else to go to. Edit: Never mind. H Castro has actually played already and been removed. He probably couldn't pitch even if anyone wanted him to.
  12. The Twins were due for one bullpen meltdown of their own in this series. They're not 14th in the AL for nothing.
  13. re: starters -- I mean... 5 of the top 10 starters (Boyd, Turnbull, Teheran, Faedo, Wentz) in the organization are either hurt or just coming back from injury, so I think anyone would look like they're missing depth under those circumstances. They could call up Hutchison, Payano, or Leiter (all of whom have MLB experience) and get needed filler innings out of them -- the trick is all of the 40-man roster manipulation doing that will require. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up losing some players on waivers at some point as we try to find innings over the rest of the year.
  14. Boy, it'd be nice if the Tigers actually did something in the late innings to win this game. The entire series has just been sitting there for the taking, and it's been nothing but eggs so far.
  15. Manning was surprisingly tolerable tonight. I was expecting to witness a pure massacre and was pleasantly surprised on that front. You could tell things might be different for him this time out when he was actually getting some swings and misses right out of the gate. The 3rd, 4th, & 5th were really nice and easy. We'll see which bullpen arm gets the boot when he's called back up after the All-Star break. Really not sure why Krol would be the choice in that situation -- I guess we don't believe in easing bullpen guys in to see what they might have. If you were going to use Alexander anyway, he would've been the better left-handed choice to me, though he doesn't often work with inherited runners. The Grossman attempt on the triple looked good to me. Pretty much identical to the laser he caught off Cruz's bat in the 2nd. I don't fault him for the attempt, and there's a good chance that two runs score on that play either way -- with two outs everyone was off to the races. Way too much flailing at the plate tonight. I thought there was some decent patience overall, but a lot of bad badness once counts got to two strikes. The Tigers got the leadoff man on in 6 of 9 innings, but did precious little else. Felt a lot like one of those April games where the offense just didn't show up at all. Also, the Caballo Blanco A/V display when Hansel Robles comes in to pitch is RIDICULOUS. I would be embarrassed every time.
  16. They're also staring at a potentially short Manning start (which I'll be at tomorrow night!) followed by a bullpen day. I can see the temptation to try to steal an extra inning from Skubal when his pitch count was still acceptable. And really, if you take the error away, they probably escape to the 8th with a tie game.
  17. I don't think that's what's happening here, though. Mize averaged 92 pitches/start prior to his July breather, and I think he's scheduled for about ~50/start through the end of the month. Presumably, he'd tick back up to normal in August. Likewise, Skubal has averaged 95/start in his last 11 games (after his late April breather). What happens after July is anyone's guess, though. I haven't heard anyone in the org say anything about that at all. Edit: Manning has been averaging 73/start so far. I think they'd let him go a little longer if he weren't getting hit all over the yard every time out.
  18. Just listened to the postgame on the radio broadcast and Dan all but said that Austin Jackson would be coming back more as the color guy at some undisclosed point in the future. Someone had referred to this as a tryout series to potentially replace Jim (next year?), so apparently the tryout has been deemed a success.
  19. It was his 3rd 2-inning appearance this year. The other two were 9th+10th inning appearances in Tigers wins. I was hoping this would be the Eraser, but that's not looking so good yet either. Alexander might be the best bet on the current roster, but they might need him to get stretched out to 3-4 innings to make spot starts or piggyback. They've got to find innings somewhere or the 2nd half of the season could get ugly fast, regardless of the schedule.
  20. The first time since his first start of the season that Gibson allowed >2 ERs.
  21. Welcome back to the Bigs, Ian Krol! It's L/R/L in the 9th for the Rangers, so a lefty of some sort would be the call. Not sure how many stressful pitches they want Soto to go.
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