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  1. Yeah, McCosky also posted the dire DP conversion rates of WCastro.
  2. He usually has a beat reporter (typically McCosky) with him in the 4th-6th. The only time he didn't this season was the back half of the rain-delayed doubleheader in Chicago.
  3. Ye olde starting lineup. No Castros to be found whatsoever.
  4. Oh, nice. Dan is actually in Seattle for this series. I 100% was not expecting that. I'd imagine that Jim did not travel with him, but I guess we'll find out tonight.
  5. Short just went on the Toledo DL today per CanTig. I haven't been following the Hens closely, so I'm not sure what happened to him.
  6. The plan in spring was definitely Willi Castro, no? But then his arm got a serious case of the yips and his bat soon followed.
  7. Not true. Dan & Jim have pointed out his every other pattern of results this year. He's like the Star Trek movies, where only the even ones are good. This is start #8.
  8. Dan's the same way. They're all thinking of Niko from last year who only made 1 error in 264 innings. But that was the outlier compared to the rest of his career.
  9. I don't think Jim mispronounced a single name in the starting lineups today. That's gotta be a record. He's even started getting Schoop's name right after the "nice scoop by Schoop" bit by Dan last week.
  10. Do you like Baseball Reference's affiliate view? https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/affiliate.cgi?id=DET&year=2021
  11. Yeah, that's the part that seems odd to me. Where on Earth do you imagine the other 5 innings are going to come from? I guess Alexander could go 2 here, but still.
  12. Ureña has allowed 12 of his 18 runs in the first 2 innings. Settling into games has been a problem all season long for him. Edit: I say as he gets into real trouble in the 3rd... Edit x2: And then taken out... Oof.
  13. This was always going to be the toughest game in this series, so a 4-2 loss seems pretty respectable. The pitching matchups actually look fairly favorable in the games over the weekend, although the BABIP of Williams & Hendricks is due to come down for both of them at some point.
  14. Everyone joining the hit parade today. Dan & Jim aren't really talking about Lynch's pitches, but I assume he's just putting stuff over the fat part of the plate after getting squeezed in that Cabrera at bat.
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