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  1. Brendan Smith has been benched for Lashoff tonight. I don't know about that. Smith has played light years better than Kyle Quincey all season. But I guess when you give up a billion first round picks for a guy, you have to play him. [/derp] Edit: Oops, wrong thread. Kind of. Still relevant.
  2. Fun fact I learned over the weekend - Paris Lenon, who is playing for the Broncos, is the only NFL guy left who played in the XFL.
  3. Anthony Mantha in 14-15! Make it happen, Wings! He should be playing on the top line with Datsyuk and Zetterberg as soon as he puts the sweater on. Perfect compliment. The sniping scorer with the two guys who are pass-first.
  4. Team still proves to be abysmal in shootouts, even with the "goal scorers" out there taking turns. Still driving the Anthony Mantha bandwagon for 2014-15.
  5. Thanks! I'm just a developer of talent over here. Call me the AAL-guru.
  6. I like to think that my taking him as my 2012 AAL is what catapulted his career.
  7. Free agent DE Brett Keisel would love to play for Detroit Lions | MLive.com Interesting. Would be a decent fit if he could be had cheaply and if indeed we do lose Willie Young and Idonije. I feel like Young will be kept, though.
  8. I'm actually a big proponent of DraftTek, because I like the formula they use for picks. They seem a little weird at first, but I feel like their overall ranking numbers are pretty accurate. With that said, here is the draft they have for the Lions: 1-10: Darqueze Dennard - CB - Michigan State 2-13: Jarvis Landry - WR - LSU (this is one I disagree with since they have Jordan Matthews going two picks LATER) 3-12: Demarcus Lawrence - OLB - Boise State 4-12: Tyler Larsen - OC - Utah State 6-13: Marqueston Huff - FS - Wyoming 7-13: Anthony Fera - PK - Texas Not a sexy draft, no huge gamebreakers...just "solid" I guess I would say. I hate the Fera pick. I watched him in that skills contest on ESPN the other day and he was TERRIBLE. For what it's worth, here is their top 15: 1. Teddy Bridgewater (Houston) 2. Jake Matthews (St. Louis) 3. Johnny Manziel (Jacksonville) 4. Sammy Watkins (Cleveland) 5. Jadeveon Clowney (Oakland) 6. Anthony Barr (Atlanta) 7. Khalil Mack (Tampa Bay) 8. Blake Bortles (Minnesota) 9. C.J. Mosley (Buffalo) 10. Darqueze Dennard (Detroit) 11. Greg Robinson (Tennessee) 12. Jason Verrett (New York Giants) 13. Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix (St. Louis) 14. Ra'Shede Hageman (Chicago) 15. Marqise Lee (Pittsburgh)
  9. All of them have been playing with an anemic offense and a below average defense in front of them, but Mrazek has still put up the best numbers against a wide range of competition. Jonas just got worked by one of the worst teams in the league and over his last few outings, has come crashing back to Earth, IMO. The beginning of the season was an outlier, it seems, and he is now back to the mean for his career. He has been atrocious since mid-December. Since his 1 GA performance in overtime against Tampa Bay on Dec. 12th, he's only at an .885 save percentage and around 3.5 GAA. He's been in eight games since then and only three of them has he had a save percentage higher than .892...and two of those were .909. His only good performance since then was a 30/31 performance against Montreal. Compare that to the first 12 games of the season, where he had eight games with a save percentage over .930 and only one full game under .900.
  10. I realize it's not realistic to keep Mrazek up, but he has outplayed both Jimmy and Jonas this year. You're paying Jimmy and Jonas to be up with the NHL team, I know, and really neither of them should be in the minors.....but I honestly believe Mrazek is the best goalie in the organization at this point in time and I hate to see him wasted in the AHL. I still wouldn't be opposed to sending him to Buffalo for Matt Moulson. Get the Wings a scorer, get the Sabres their goalie of the future that they currently lack behind Ryan Miller. Enroth is alright, but he's not Mrazek.
  11. It will be interesting to see how Janis does in the NFL. His big numbers came from Division II DB's playing 10 yards off of him and respecting his speed, giving him an advantage right from the start. NFL DB's aren't going to be scared of 4.42 speed and they'll be right in his face, which is where my concern comes from. Guess we'll see! I'm rooting for him because I love seeing the GLIAC guys do well. The Lions seem to entirely ignore the GLIAC though, despite it being right in the team's backyard. A lot of high-talent guys who Detroit has never given a look to. Heck, Joique was playing right in their backyard and it took three teams to release him before they gave him a shot.
  12. I still hate that Caris LeVert plays PG on the majority of his trips down the floor. He still has no reason to be ball-handling and running the point when Walton/Spike and Stauskas are on the floor with him. He also should never have an offensive possession run for him to get a shot. If one comes in the natural flow of the game, then sure...but why are they running set plays for him to come off a screen and shoot a contested jumper or three-pointer?
  13. Janis gives up when you press him. If you hit him once at the line, he isn't gonna recover and he plays defeated for the rest of the game. He drops easy passes that NFL receivers shouldn't drop, as well. He's got good leaping ability and speed and is tough to bring down, but the not being able to beat the press thing really hurt him. A lot of his catches and yards came on bubble screens and runs after the catch, but if you have a DB press up on him then his entire game is shot, for the most part. Both the short and long game.
  14. I went to last night's game, my first ever Wings game in person. Good lord do the seats in the Joe suck. If I were 10 pounds heavier, I wouldn't be able to fit in the seat, and I'm not that big of a person. However - props to having reasonably priced food at B-Dubs inside the Joe.
  15. Detroit Tigers brass surprised in tour of fire-damaged Fifth Third Ballpark | MLive.com Sounds like they are already making some decent progress.
  16. I sure hope Mrazek gets the bulk of the starts with Howard out. I realize this is Gustavsson's first game back, but he looks bad. I know the defense hasn't been good, but Gus looks like he has bad reactions on nearly every shot. When they fire it past the net, you see him jerk his head around like he had no idea where it was, and on passes across the ice, the puck is already on the other guy's stick before Gus even looks that way. He just looks slow with everything.
  17. What, are they going to have little trays for people to put jewelry in before going through the metal detectors? Or is jewelry not going to be allowed? I'm still salty that they took away my pocket knife just because I forgot to take it out of my pocket before walking to the stadium and then it came out with my insulin when I pulled stuff out of my pockets to show the guy tapping on me with the wooden stick.
  18. Eric O'Flaherty signed by the A's. 2 years for 7 million. He's expected to be ready to pitch in July. While I understand he's coming back from TJ surgery, that would have been a nice lefty piece to have in the bullpen so we never have to see Phil Coke again.
  19. I've come to the conclusion that the problem with FS1 is just the production quality. I don't know if that's the word for it...but when I watch, even though I know it's a legitimate network, everything just seems "cheap" to me, I guess? Like, the graphics seem "cheap" and the backgrounds seem "cheap," while with ESPN, everything seems higher quality across the board. I don't know if it's the anchors, I don't know if it's the graphics, I actually think it might be the colors that both networks use. There's just something about the light blue/blue/yellow color scheme that seems "cheap" compared to black and red. I don't know. I actually enjoy Fox Sports Live for Jay and Dan, but I find that I get bored of it. I will leave the same SportsCenter on in the background all day long and not think twice about it. However, if I have FS Live on overnight while I'm trying to fall asleep, like I use to do with SportsCenter, I will eventually just get sick of it for some reason and turn it to SportsCenter. I don't know why. Maybe it's just carryover from terrible shows like BDSSP on Fox Sports has me holding some deep-thought grudge against Fox Sports. I really can't figure it out. There's really no live coverage of anything on FS1 that draws me to it, besides the occasional college basketball and football game. I'm not a soccer fan, so I don't watch any channels for that. The biggest draw to me for any sports network is always the highlight show. SportsCenter/Fox Sports Live. I don't care for any of the crappy non-highlight productions like Boys in the Hall and junk like that. I really want FS1 to be the channel I go to when I want sports highlights, but it just doesn't happen yet. I still go right to ESPN. I only watch FSN Detroit when it's a Tigers/Wings/Pistons game. It's never on my TV besides for those. When it actually comes to non-highlight sports shows, I prefer Big Ten Network. I think their stuff is really well done. Maybe it's because I just have more of a connection to the Big Ten schools.
  20. You mean to tell me the team that has shot the puck nearly 35 times has 4 times as many goals as the team that has shot the puck about 14 times!? WHAT!?
  21. KleShreen will be taking... The 6'7" Monster... Steven "LIGHT TOWER POWER" Moya!
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