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  1. Or he could have swung away and ground in to a double play and the walk puts one guy on.
  2. Can I just say that that at-bat by Miguel was one of the worst at-bats I've seen since Brandon Inge.
  3. The same things have been said about the Lions DL since 2011.
  4. Reports on 4/1 of the Lions visiting with Taylor Lewan. Ugh. Just what the Lions need - more personal foul penalties.
  5. My thoughts, and I actually think this is a decent idea for a one-year stop-gap. Sign Kendrys Morales. Play him at first. Put Miguel back at third, play Castellanos in LF. For this year only. When Dirks/whoever is ready to play in LF again, rotate Castellanos/Dirks/Davis if Castellanos is struggling at the plate. If he's not struggling, trade one of Dirks/Davis at the deadline for a bullpen piece.
  6. Tigers Sign J.D. Martinez: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.com I'm actually a big fan of this move. Guy raked in the minors prior to being called up in 2011, where I think he may have been thrown in to the fire a little early. He's a very intriguing guy to me. If he were a lefty, I would anticipate him getting a lot of run in LF but he's not, so I'm not sure what to expect. I feel like he's a low-risk, high-reward guy and has a lot of breakout potential. [/optimism]
  7. Called it. Tried to tell everyone at the end of last year that I'd be shocked if Rondon pitched at all this season. The whole time it just felt like there was something bad wrong with him. Hate to see that I was right about something for once in my life.
  8. All I could think of as that ball landed on the rim was "I hope this makes up for the loss to Indiana last year" where Morgan's lay-up seemed to sit on the rim forever before falling off.
  9. After reading this: Peshek: CB Metrics 1.0 - Out Of The Box - Rotoworld.com I want nothing to do with Gilbert. At all. In college, he played like every other CB the Lions have - off the ball, allowing easy completions that would probably carry over to the NFL on those 3rd and 4's where he is 7 yards off the ball. Also worth it to note that Darius Slay and Justin Gilbert had nearly the exact same combine numbers across the board, with Slay possibly having the better day and coming from a better conference. I'll pass on that. Out of the guys listed on that report, I'd rather have Mitchell over any of them...He has the most experience and best percentages across all the different aspects of CB play.
  10. My opinion (because everyone wants it) is that you have to have the ball in your possession while touching the bag. Same thing as every other base. Plain and simple. The first baseman can't come off the bag early when there's a guy coming at him at full speed. The catcher can't come off the plate early when there's a guy sliding at his leg.
  11. Or you could have an actual halfway decent reliever who is still a better option than Phil Coke. There are plenty of "garbage time" relievers who are still better than Phil Coke. Phil Coke is not the worst reliever on a World Series-contending team. He's the worst reliever on the Triple-A team of the World Series-contending organization. The Cardinals' "garbage time" reliever last season was 37-year old Randy Choate, who threw up a 2.29 ERA, 1.04 WHIP and 160 ERA+ last season. Their other "garbage time" reliever was Seth Maness, who put up a 2.32 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 157 ERA+ last season. The Boston Red Sox, who were known for their "bad" bullpen last year, had their "garbage time" relievers as Junichi Tazawa (3.16 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 130 ERA+) and Andrew Miller (2.64 ERA, 1.37 WHIP, 156 ERA+) last season.
  12. You couldn't do much worse. He's a LEFTY SPECIALIST who has a career ERA over 4.20 and career WHIP over 1.40. That's embarrassing and he has no business being on an MLB roster in his current role. His numbers might be okay if he were a #5/spot starter, but he's not. And the issue is that he ISN'T the fifth or lower option out of the pen. Every time he has been on the roster, and I'm assuming this year, he will be a #2/#3 option.
  13. That's the worst part. Neither of these sad sacks of crap have to even hit the field this year yet for me to know they are atrocious.
  14. If Phil ****ing Coke makes this roster I'm going to be ****ing livid. I'm so sick of that pile of crap. Same goes with Don Kelly. I don't understand why either of them are probable roster spots on a World Series-contending team. That's embarrassing. It's not like they are young players who "might turn it around" or "show us something" or are "still progressing"...they are both dumpster fires that contribute nothing. We know who they are. They are not talents to have on a perennial ALCS team in any way, shape or form.
  15. What reasoning do you have behind this?
  16. I'm waiting for the day where a highly-touted recruit signs with a school nobody is expecting and that he never mentions in the recruiting process. On a related note, I'm also still waiting for the day where a 4/5-star guy signs with an FCS/D2 school by his own accord just because he wants to go dominate and break records. The first guy who does that will generate more than enough buzz to make up for the lost draft stock. Even FCS/D2 guys who have shown themselves to be dominant still get drafted high. It'll happen someday.
  17. Well that settles it! Miggy at 3B, Morales at 1B, Castellanos in LF!
  18. Twitter rumors abound that the Red Wings are in the trade market for a goalie. A little surprising to me...the trio of Howard/Gustavsson/Mrazek is a formidable one, IMO. If anything, I would think "trade market for a goalie" would be the Wings giving up a goalie for a top-4 d-man before taking on a goalie. Edit: Or maybe my Mrazek for Moulson idea is coming to fruition!
  19. Used a 4th round pick on him, picked him back up for a 1st round pick AND a player...He's not even worth a last-round pick.
  20. Brendan Smith has been benched for Lashoff tonight. I don't know about that. Smith has played light years better than Kyle Quincey all season. But I guess when you give up a billion first round picks for a guy, you have to play him. [/derp]
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