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  1. I still don't understand how Kyle Quincey is an NHL player, let alone a top-four D on a playoff team. That's unreal.
  2. Wings might as well just start gooning it up. Start hitting late, hitting high, spearing, etc. and get in Boston's head. Not gonna be any repercussions for it. Wings are getting dominated physically.
  3. I like that there's more replay in MLB, but the whole "I'm gonna come out and vaguely argue my point while someone else views video in the clubhouse" part is ridiculous. Either you should have to call for the challenge immediately, or you can't call for it. The part of waiting to see whether to review it first takes longer than the actual review. You're basically going through two review processes.
  4. You're right. Totally idiotic move to assume something that has happened to countless other high-profile athletes after a huge contract before. Thanks for your contribution.
  5. Rod and Mario actually made a decent point earlier when they mentioned that Miguel has one hit to right field this year so far, when he's usually much more balanced. I don't know if he's trying to pull everything or what, but his success usually comes when he is going the other way and then teams try and adjust by coming inside, where Miguel puts them in the LF seats.
  6. Hope Miguel isn't getting complacent now that he's getting all the money in the world.
  7. That was a pretty embarrassing first period. Same problem as the last five years - Boston is bigger, stronger, faster, more physical, more crisp in their play execution. "Fundamentals" is only going to get you so far. Bruins are taking the puck away when they want and are actually able to hold their ground on scrums and when setting up in the offensive zone. Wings get in to the Boston zone and they are immediately knocked off the puck/throwing it in to nowhere in particular and laying on the ice.
  8. Unfortunately the voters are probably also going to keep in mind Cabrera's .235 average if he doesn't start hitting.
  9. The only reason Porcello's win percentage is better is because his offense is light years ahead of what Bonderman had to play with. The fact of the matter is that those numbers are way too similar for Porcello to be relied upon as a starting pitcher for a World Series-contending team. He's a Triple-A mid-rotation guy and that's where he belongs most nights. Yes, he does have the occasional good start at the MLB level, but so did Jose Alvarez last year. I'm just salty that he has improved extremely slowly and at a nearly unnoticeable pace for his career but the Tigers still seem to think he's a bona-fide starter who has a permanent rotation spot as long as he's with the team.
  10. Rick Porcello has more "leash" than anyone in major league baseball. He's surpassed Bonderman for the longest-tenured bad player in Tigers recent history. At least Bonderman had one "decent" year. Porcello hasn't even done that yet. Yes, I realize this is his second start of the year, but it's the same crap every year and nothing ever looks like it changes.
  11. Why does it always look like there is nobody at the Lakeland games?
  12. Hey yea there we go! Haha. It's convincing information. At least it's not opinion-based.
  13. I wouldn't trust Justin Gilbert at all. No thanks. There was a page (which I can't find now, despite my best efforts) I read a couple weeks ago that compared Gilbert/Dennard/Verrett/Joyner/someone else with different metrics such as completion percentage allowed on passes to them in each zone (short/medium/deep), burn rate, pass deflection percentage, where they lined up most often (press, bump and run, 3-5 yards off, 5-7 yards off, 7+ yards off) and all the numbers pointed to Gilbert being basically what the Lions already have - a guy who is conservative and lets every receiver get his catches and relies on his tackling ability to get them down after a 5-7 yard gain. No thanks. I'd like a guy who is going to prevent the receiver from catching the ball, and Verrett was the most well-rounded corner they ran the numbers on.
  14. Here's my only contribution for now that I took on Tuesday. The first pitch of the home schedule for the 2014 West Michigan Whitecaps, with the third-base stands/concourse/suites nearly ready to go. It was an 86 mph strike from Jake Thompson.
  15. Really? So Ausmus feels that his best defensive infield is VMart at 1st, Miggy at 3rd and Avila at C over Miggy at 1st, Casty at 3rd and Avila at C? Got it.
  16. If the Tigers win in 10, I sure hope the official scorer does the correct thing and gives the win the Smyly.
  17. At this point, I'm ready to bring up Corey Knebel from Double-A tomorrow. And Melvin Mercedes from Triple-A. And Calvin Drummond from High-A. And possibly Montreal Robertson from Low-A. In that order. Without hesitation on the first two.
  18. That situation will forever amaze me. I just don't understand how the only person in the stadium who is paid to understand his team and know when they aren't performing well is also the only person in the stadium who can't tell when his relief pitcher has absolutely nothing to contribute that day. Managers all across the league do it on a daily basis. Leyland did it REGULARLY. Ausmus appears to do it regularly now. It was clear to EVERYONE watching this game after the first two batters of the inning that he had absolutely nothing on the mound tonight, but alas, there he was left out there to give up the lead. I just don't get it.
  19. Even sports reporters in 1935 asked dumb questions. "You won the World Series, how did you feel about it?" "Well it was nice, Bob."
  20. At least on the radar it looks like the rain should be out of Detroit around 2 p.m. Should get the game in, I would think. That is assuming the "future" map is somewhat accurate.
  21. While I'm hoping the Tigers knock him around, obviously, I'm excited to see what all the hype is about with Yordano Ventura. I didn't pay any attention to him last year, but all the talk this year has me intrigued.
  22. What an awesome game. The Wings looked entirely outmatched in every facet of the game in the first period. Looked like the Bruins were on the powerplay for 17 of the 20 minutes and somehow the Wings managed to hold on and break through. Opportunistic offense made the most of their few chances.
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