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  1. I think Lions go Donald if he makes it there...if he's not there, they go Clinton-Dix.
  2. Par for the course around here. Porcello has improved in at least being a mostly-productive pitcher in the last couple years (in terms of ERA and improving strikeouts), but his lack of stamina on the mound seems to, if anything, be getting worse.
  3. Can't win on luck alone all the time. That Kronwall goal to begin this game was the first goal of this series that I would say was legitimate good execution by the Wings. Had a man in front screening, got the shot off quickly in an organized set, etc. Every other goal has been lucky bounces or weird deflections for the Wings.
  4. Poor effort in overtime. Terrible passing, terrible everything. I don't understand why the whole team tries to do these BS passes between the legs, no-look passes, etc. They just result in turnovers. And again, the game-winning goal comes as a result of not even being able to knock Jarome freaking Iginla off the puck along the boards.
  5. Wings look like they spent all their energy in that first period. Back to looking slow right now. Nobody is going after pucks anymore.
  6. Wings need the next goal. If Boston ties it up, all the Wings' energy is gonna be gone, IMO. Gotta get up two again, because Boston is going to score at least one more.
  7. My initial reaction as things stand now.
  8. I have a sneaky feeling Smyly will be in the bullpen by the beginning of June. And that the Tigers will make another Washburn-esque trade. I know it's only Smyly's second start of the year.
  9. Here is the schedule: Week 1 - vs Giants (MNF) Week 2 - @ Panthers Week 3 - vs Packers Week 4 - @ Jets Week 5 - vs Bills Week 6 - @ Vikings Week 7 - vs Saints Week 8 - vs Falcons (London) Week 9 - Bye Week 10 - vs Dolphins Week 11 - @ Cardinals Week 12 - @ Patriots Week 13 - vs Bears (Thanksgiving) Week 14 - vs Buccaneers Week 15 - vs Vikings Week 16 - @ Bears Week 17 - @ Packers Man, a couple frigid games to finish out the season.
  10. The Wings just keep looking like a pee-wee squad against the Bruins. Wings haven't won a single puck battle along the boards because they just get thrown off the play and absolutely crushed by a Bruins player. Watch a Red Wing and Bruins player skate in to the corner for a puck...every single time, the Wings player winds up on his back. When a Detroit player tries to knock a Bruins player off the puck, the Red Wing is more likely to fall than the Bruin is. It carries over to everything in open ice, too. Bruins are just skating right through the entire defense in front of the Wings net, getting perfect position in front of Howard with little to no resistance, keeping the puck in possession when the Wings try and pressure by just boxing them out from the puck. It's unreal. Wings can't even set up in the offensive zone because Boston brings pressure as soon as they cross the blue line and knock two guys down and are off on an odd-man rush the other way. On the other end, Wings defenders can't even slow down the Boston rush. Can't poke the puck away because they are getting boxed out, getting blown by, not getting sticks on passes. Looks like two entirely different leagues playing against each other.
  11. Things get even more depressing about this team when you think that the only two goals the Wings have been able to score (and really the only decent chances) have been a one-man show from center ice that will probably never happen again and a lucky bounce off a guy's glove.
  12. LOL. Howard and Quincey both looked like absolute garbage on that goal.
  13. BTW, when is Avila going to start catching crap for being horrible at the plate? I don't care how well he handles a pitching staff...dude is an absolute black hole of suck at the plate and has been for over a full year. That, to me, is a bigger issue than short stop, because the Tigers should be able to "get by" with Worth/Romine/any other crap they roll out at SS...but there is absolutely nothing at C in the organization to alleviate Avila. Holaday, who is bad, and then what? McCann?
  14. This game got out of hand quickly. Offense is anemic when Miguel isn't hitting.
  15. 1. As clark mentioned, at least in college, it would be a 3U INT for the batter in that case. Most scorers would probably give it a 23 (or 13) INT if the throw was on target, anyway, so as not to screw the pitcher/catcher out of the assist. I believe the official rules would say 3U, though. 2. Run would NOT score. On any interference call with a batter-runner, the play is immediately dead. From Rule 7.09: "PENALTY FOR INTERFERENCE: The runner is out and the ball is dead."
  16. His 162 game average at the MLB level is .251/.300/.387, 15 HR, 81 RBI. I'd be fine with that.
  17. Toledo Mud Hens twitter just posted that JD Martinez has been called up to the Tigers.
  18. Have you been watching a different number all year? Quincey is one of the worst defensemen in the entire league. Most of the teams in the playoffs have bottom pairings that are better than Quincey.
  19. Time for the Wings to go find a guy to stand in front of the net and battle, ala Holmstrom. They need someone to compete with the likes of Chara. Go get a goon to stand there and clear Chara out from in front next season.
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