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  1. Technically, proper protocol is to give the benefit of the doubt to the pitcher, so it is safe to assume as the official scorer that the player would have made the catch without the fall. For example, had Raburn fell and then not gotten back to the ball at all, you could have given him an error on an assumption that without the fall, he would have been in proper position to make the catch. This is assuming of course that he still comes close to the ball. You obviously wouldn't give an error to a fielder who fell in the outfield on a gapper that he had no chance at getting in the first place. In that case, even if it results in what should be an extra base, you can't assume that the baserunner would have made it to that extra base because of the fall.
  2. Question, does anyone have any pictures of the "Future" jersey that the Tigers wore back in the 90's? Every team wore them for like a week or something, didn't they? The only one I distinctly remember is the Mariners because there was a top play that gets replayed by FSN on the Best Damn Plays segment from a Mariner player while they were wearing them. I can't for the life of me remember what the Tigers jersey for that looked like though.
  3. As someone who is a statistician for nearly every NCAA sport at my school, the fact that that wasn't called an error was laughable. Actually, had I been statting the game, he would have ended up with two errors, an E7F for falling down, resulting in a fielding error, and then an E7D resulting in the drop, because had he not fallen down, he would have been under the ball and moving forward. However, he did recover, and made an "ordinary effort" to catch the ball and dropped it. It still wasn't nearly as bad as his two drops against Anaheim being called hits. Had I been working in that press box, that statistician would have been fired on the spot.
  4. I need to make an appearance at some 'Caps games this year since I'll be at GVSU all summer.
  5. The rumor I heard is that in the weeks leading up to the draft, the NFL teams watched more and more film and talked with USC coaches, who said that they really never "coached" Rey because he couldn't understand the playbook. What I heard was that they just told him to go out there and hit people because he just didn't have the capacity to memorize a playbook. Take it FWIW.
  6. Lions get Glenn Dorsey for a 4th and a 2nd? Not gonna happen I don't think...especially when Dorsey will only have two years in the league at that point. Even if he does absolutely nothing this next season, the Chiefs won't give him up for anything less than a 1st round pick, IMO. Not enough time to label him as a "bust" to give him up for anything less than what they got him for.
  7. I hate how we seem to go into lulls where we allow the opposing team to just dominate the puck in our zone for about 4 or 5 straight minutes. Then again, it seems that when we do that to the other team, is when the opposing team scores in their couple seconds of attack time.
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