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  1. I'm willing to go with the AJax at leadoff thing for a while. If he is doing it in front of Kinsler/Cabrera/VMart, he's going to see a lot of fastballs and less breaking stuff. I feel like when AJax is hitting well, the team benefits more from that than with Rajai hitting well, so I am fine with it.

  2. Arizona has the second worst record in mlb.

    Apparently the solution to improving their team is to trade away young players with talent for 2-3 months of max scherzer.

    Makes perfect sense.

    Or you can be a douchebaggy dickhole who adds nothing to the conversation. That works too.

    Thanks for obviously not reading anything but the part you wanted to criticize of my post. I apologize for apparently not putting enough qualifiers in my post to make it pure speculation.

  3. Why would Arizona trade for Scherzer?

    They are a talented team for the most part but don't have any kind of ace to their pitching staff. Scherzer is familiar with the organization and maybe that is a team he would sign a long-term deal with and set them up for future success.

  4. Sorry for perhaps starting this a little early. It's just one of my favorite threads to check in on during the month of July.

    Here is all I have seen, courtesy of MLBTR:

    Jon Morosi of FOX Sports reports the Tigers are interested in re-acquiring Joaquin Benoit (via Twitter). Of course, Benoit is in the midst of a fantastic season with the Padres. He’s pitched to a 1.26 ERA with 10.09 K/9 and 1.77 BB/9.

    Of course, that's not shocking to anyone.

    Not sure what we could possibly expect of DD come the trade deadline. I speculated in another thread that I could see DD pulling the trigger on a Max Scherzer trade and get a decent haul. I could picture a Chris Owings/Josh Collmenter-type trade for Scherzer if the DBacks were willing to do so. It's one of those rare situations where you would have a team in the hunt for the playoffs trade away a major contributing piece, so I'm not sure how that would work in terms of suitors. Lesser teams probably aren't going to want to take him on with not much chance at re-signing him, and you're not going to get much for him from trading him to a contender, I don't think, unless it's for another major contributor who is also going to be a FA in the off-season that you might think could re-sign with the Tigers. Of course, I also think that a potential Max trade would be contingent on Verlander returning to form, because I don't think they'll trade Max if all they have after him is Anibal as a reliable starter.

  5. When I have complaints like this, I always think about the people who are less fortunate. There are many people out there who are blind or hard of seeing who "watch" the broadcasts on TV and rely on Rod/Mario for the most detail possible, and I can only imagine how annoying it would be to be one of those people and just not hear what's going on at all times.

  6. I have a favor to ask. Does anyone on this board ever attend any GCL Tigers games? As part of my job, we are hoping to do an update on all of our professional players in affiliated ball this year, but it seems like pickings are thin for action shots of any GCL teams. Would anyone who is near the area be able to stop by and take an action shot of Giancarlo Brugnoni for me? We would give credit to whoever needed it on our website at gvsulakers.com.

    Thanks if anyone could help!

  7. Next year's gold cup will be interesting.

    I think that tournament, and the copa america in 2016 will be the end of the road for Howard, jones, and Dempsey.

    We've got four years now to continue developing the next generation.

    Johansson has skills. Diskerud is coming along. Green and yedlin and brooks seem to be locks to develop into mainstays.

    Then you've for guys Fabian Johnson and Bradley who are already established and will be around for some time.

    Altidore has at least one more World Cup cycle in him, and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes the 2022 squad also.

    Lots to look forward to. This really felt like a transitional team, and it's exciting to think about what it will look like next summer and beyond b

    Ian Darke mentioned during yesterday's game that Howard was calling it quits (for USMNT play, at least) following the World Cup. Is that correct?

    From what I have been told by my more soccer-following friends, Guzan is nearly every bit as good of Howard. As one put it, "If Howard is a 10, Guzan is a 9" so it seems like goal-keeper is all Guzan's for 2018, but he's only five years younger than Howard so I'm assuming he'll only have this next cycle in him.

  8. I vehemently disagree that Kyle Quincey is better than Kindl or Lashoff. Quincey is, IMO, by far the worst d-man on the team and it's not even close. Kindl and Lashoff are bad in their own right, but they don't hold a candle to Quincey's atrocious play.

  9. Has there ever been an off-speed pitch or breaking ball that went for a hit that Rod Allen didn't believe was "hanging"? Every single time a change-up/slider/curve ball gets hit, Rod believes it was hanging, even if it's nearly in the dirt. One of my biggest pet peeves when listening to him. Even if it's Miguel Cabrera lunging over the plate hitting a slider nearly in the dirt out to right field, Rod will say it was hanging or "spinning".

  10. OF COURSE I wanted an upgrade in Ehroff or Niskanen. But having struck out on them, I don't know how you could NOT have signed Quincey.

    Easily - You could get better production out of Sproul, Ouellet or Marchenko and let Quincey go get over-paid by someone else and pick up an extra two wins when you face whatever team he is on.

    On the bright side - if the Wings keep striking out on FA's, maybe they'll give Mantha a shot.

  11. You lost me when you said you'd "much rather have" and "Brandon Jennings" together. I've mentioned this before in depth, but Jennings would be my #1 priority for removal this offseason. He's the first point of failure on every defensive position causing the rest of the team to have to rotate to make up for his mistakes from the get go. You're starting behind the 8-ball on every play that he's on the court. On offense he's a terrible decision maker, especially in the clutch, and he has the ball in his hands more than any other member of your team. Replacing him with a good PG would make a world of difference if we did nothing else to change this team.

    Unless the Pistons pick up a bona-fide scorer, Jennings is also the only player on the team who can carry the team on his back when needed. There's nobody else on the team that is going to score almost when he wants.

  12. Yeah, you're right. The Wings have always been a terrible team because the city sucks.

    Really has nothing to do with it, imo. The Wings are pretty much loaded, and are looking for players to take less to make their cap look pretty in the future. I think players like Niskanen are going to go where they are more familiar with. The Wings don't really have any FA with really strong ties to them, imo.

    This whole post is sarcasm, right? Not just the first two sentences?

  13. My boy Giancarlo Brugnoni had a MONSTER game for the GCL Tigers today. He finished 3-for-5 with three runs, a double, and a pair of solo home runs. Now leading the team in average (.412), OBP (.524), slugging (.824) and OPS (1.347).

  14. So I have a couple questions/comments that hopefully the more soccer-enlightened people can shed some light on for me.

    I'm relatively new to being a "fan" and have a buddy that I usually bounce all my comments/questions off of, but he literally told me "can you ask me tomorrow? I spent $30 to see the team against Guatemala in an away qualifier during the cycle. I have a lot in to this." so...here I am.

    Again, I don't know anything about the strategy of soccer yet, know who some of the better players are, but by no means can I evaluate talent.

    With that said...Am I wrong in saying that it seemed to me DeAndre Yedlin was the team's best player, by far, throughout the length of the tournament? I realize he didn't start, so he always had fresh legs, but he seemed to be in the middle of nearly every piece of action for the US throughout the tournament. With that, why is he labeled as a defender? I realize his speed plays well there, but it seems to me like he would be better served as a midfielder, and I would honestly rather have him as an attacker than at defense. Am I that far off by thinking he is the most "world class" player the US had in this World Cup?

    Pertaining to this particular game...I realize Yedlin was playing up when he came in, but what was with seemingly nobody on the US being even vaguely interested in stopping rushes? I know you don't wanna attempt a tackle and miss, give up a lane, draw a card, etc., but in watching the game, it seemed like the US was doing the equivalent of a football team playing prevent defense or a basketball team having all five defenders in the paint at all times. It seemed like they were just letting Belgium walk up to nearly the distance of the PK spot before they actually made an attempt to stop them. Maybe that's a strategy thing I don't get, I don't know.

    As a statement, it seems like the US lacks in a couple areas that I see from some of the "powers" of soccer, including no pure goal scorer or striker, and a lack of anyone who can actually keep possession of the ball in to the offensive zone. If the US can actually develop some players who can deliver a decent pass, dribble the ball well, and has a good shot from outside the box, it seems like they would be right there. Those are the biggest differences I could realize. Nearly every team the US played was better in delivering balls to the outside over defenders, better at crosses, and better at keeping possession. I mean, that pass from Ronaldo at the end of the US/Portugal game...there's not a single person on the US team who could do that in 100 tries, I feel. I realize Ronaldo is a little lofty to compare US players to, but meh.

    Lastly, again, by no means am I a judge of soccer talent, but that opportunity for Wondolowski seemed like an AWFUL miss. As in, I feel like that's a ball 99% of the guys playing in the World Cup should be able to at least get on net, if not rifle it. Is that being too harsh?

    Anyway, that's all. Would love to hear comments.

    Oh, and with all that said, I do feel like the US is on the right track to improvement, the future is bright, and I feel confident that the US will win a World Cup in my lifetime.

  15. I don't understand why everyone is so ready to let Greg Monroe go. The guy nearly averages a double-double and is still improving. I realize he isn't a great defender, but when paired with Drummond, he is the perfect complement. It just seems most Pistons fans/analysts talk about the guy like he contributes nothing and is easily replaceable. I guess I don't get it. I would much rather have Greg Monroe and Brandon Jennings than Isaiah Thomas and whatever other crap the Pistons get. Hell, I could (not that I would) even make the argument that I'd rather have Monroe over Drummond. There's probably not 10 PF/C's I would trade Monroe straight up for.

    I don't know, just seems like he is very under-appreciated and underrated.

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