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  1. Campbell coached for Sean Payton. Payton's team just dominated Green Bay and made Rodgers look terrible. Think they might have a conversation this week? It would benefit Payton to have the Lions beat Green Bay. Or is our defense so bad it wouldn't matter anyway?
  2. The way Okudah has played, are they? Okudah and Will Harris were dreadful yesterday.
  3. That Automatica Gramatica commercial makes me want to hurl a brick through my TV. And the "Make It Rain" tagline. That's so out of date, why not just say "Show Me The Money".
  4. This could not really have gone much better for the Lions. Lose the game, but make it exciting. They need to lose. It's important for them to lose, but Sewell looked pretty good. I would like to have seen more of St. Brown. The defense is unbelievably bad, but fine. Lets find out if there is anything salvageable. I hope Levi can play next week.
  5. This weekend is a win for me. Nothing to do with the Lions and I don't care if Michigan or MSU won. OHIO STATE LOST AT HOME GREEN BAY GOT THEIR **** KICKED AND RODGERS GOT PULLED It's good to be alive.
  6. Well, I tell ya, **** of an effort. Lions fans will appreciate that, despite the L.
  7. Hey, and we have a coach that knows how to use timeouts ! Do you realize what a leap forward that is?
  8. Tigers just walked it off. Literally 4th time this season for Robbie Grossman.
  9. Kalif Raymond, what the **** are you doing, reaching for a bouncing ball on a punt return? Come on, man.
  10. Jamie Collins, your jock is out on Woodward, might want to go get it.
  11. Its going to be hard to get used to single-digit linebackers and dbs
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