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  1. I had to change my password today...............I am so sorry everyone..............
  2. The Fugue State defense. That's who I want as a Senator. But he's pre-famous and America is all about Celebrity, so he'll probably win anyway.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/23/us/missouri-covid-vaccine-nursing-instructor/index.html She's a G-dda-ned Nurse Instructor. She should never be allowed to work in the field again. She didn't get the vax she says because she lives a rural lifestyle I am calling total b.s. on you, moron. You didn't get it out of your twisted loyalty to your Dear Leader.................who got the vax himself. You reap what you sow.
  4. I've been using this in my OOTP baseball since I changed them to Guardians awhile back. I like this better, but someone else made it, so they probably didnt want to pay for it
  5. Because people have been asking to change the Redskins name for a very long time and in that time several people have copyrighted alternative names that were likely the most popular choices - and then using them in creative legitimate ways, There is some legal wrangling going on and the NFL isn't helping as much as they could because of the front office harassment issues with that team. The NFL could crush someone for placeholding a name (like that poor guy who copyrighted "HarBowl" a few years ago). My bet is The Washington RedTails, as a bit of a nod to the Tuskeegee Airmen, but I am sure someone will find a way to be offended by that. Those January 6'ers (aka The Republican Party) will ***** about it. They may just go with Washington Football Club. The Black Hawks have that logo, but they've never used it in a cartoonish fashion, so it didn't offend many. As far as Seminoles and Chippewas go, those tribes have asked those schools to keep those names and in return they have started scholarships for native American kids and adults and the tribes have a say so in how the logos, symbolism and promotions are used. Central Michigan almost changed their name just after Eastern Michigan did and the Chippewa tribe stopped it. They almost became the Warriors. The Wyandotte (Huron) tribe were not the ones who pressured EMU. I had a strong feeling on Guardians because of those icons at the bridges around town. Its a strong name and Guardian sounds very close to Indian so it has that same cadence to it. I thought Spiders was too cartoonish and Rockers was used by the WNBA and Naps has no modern reference to anyone now and sounds sleepy. The logo with the ball is very cut and paste, like anyone with a home computer could do, but unfortunately with so many people speculation and so many people coming up with concept logos that are nicer, the team was probably forced to do this. I am betting someone had something similar out there and will try to sue them. I should have bet money on this. My friend was convinced a long time ago, even before they said they'd change it and he'd heard a lot of reliable buzz. Could you bet on this? Well, too late now.
  6. Has to be a money issue or a "I'm never playing for you again" issue, but I can hardly see that coming from a rookie.
  7. Wow, brilliant move. What's the catch? You pair this guy with Greiss (look at his 2nd half numbers last year - incredible) and they are set for that position. Hey, the current 2-time Stanley Cup champs were basically built by Yzerman. Just have some patience here. Things might be exciting by 2022-23.
  8. He ain't joking. Only other Royal I heard of was Royal Tenenbaum
  9. Rangers claim someone is making bird noises to tip pitches. Seagull is Fastball, Crow is ball, Duck is......well, DUCK !
  10. I don\t wanna hear about level of competition. They've beaten good teams since May 11th too. You can only play the teams on your schedule. Go get 'em. Keep this interesting for a change.
  11. I've got some very bad news for you guys. On May 10th I changed my work password to something Tiger-centric. Since that date this team is 38-27 (.584), but my password expires tomorrow. What'll I do? I'm soooo sorry.
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