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  1. We've lost the dry comic genius of Charles Grodin today at 86. One of my favorite movies of all time is Midnight Run and it's got Robert DeNiro and a hysterically funny Dennis Farina, but Charles Grodin steals every scene without raising his voice. R.I.P. Charles R.
  2. I think for some guys it's the way the read the ball off the bat and some can do it on one side but not the other.
  3. Just watched a video on YouTube and the guy was talking about an Angels Mariners game and he kept saying Mareeeners............I mean, come on man, come on. I just want to strangle that guy. Maybe you shouldn't be doing analysis of baseball games on your channel if you don't know the name of a team that has been around since 1977.
  4. Hey, if someone comes up here and does something positive, he should stay. Make the others justify their spot on this team. I would say the only 100% safe guys are Miggy, Candy, Baddoo and maybe Schoop. Nobody else should be an automatic. I am surprised they aren't using Haase at first.......
  5. Yeah, there's something wrong with him. the worst organization at developing players in all of baseball is probably in his head having him second guess his Lemmy-given talent.
  6. Can't wait until Al trades him for some other team's 33rd rated prospect.
  7. Maybe the grumpy old manager of his team told him that every time he hits the ball in the air he owes him 20 push ups.
  8. My phone shows that I was at their location in Madison Hts for 9 minutes on April 19th, since I live in Dearborn and have no reason to go to Madison Heights that might be the only proof I have, but I am not giving them a dime.
  9. WOW Internet And Cable must be destroyed. My mom was paying outrageous bills so I had her leave the company and just sign up for internet and she could watch TV through You Tube TV. Internet + YTTV = 1/2 the bill she was paying. WOW was supposed to send boxes to her to send equipment back. Never came. Mom went to Southgate where they said drop off the equipment. The building is closed, like closed down closed. So I take the equipment out to Madison Heights and there is a drop box. There is not a soul in sight. So I put each thing in a garbage bag and slide it in the drop box with a note attached with the name and account number (again, not a soul in sight). No way to get a receipt. Now she gets a $300 bill for unused equipment. **** THEM. That company has been going downhill for a long, long time and they are just cam artists at this point.
  10. Michigan has become a third-tier program now. Can't even get to Indy. Their own arrogance did them in. They stopped being intimidating the second they lost to App State. Nobody fears Michigan at all anymore. It's just another game on the schedule and for the small schools it's a way to make some money (and possibly have a shot to win).
  11. Two seeing-eye singles a week can be the difference between a batting title and an a bench guy.
  12. I had to change a bunch of work-related passwords at both jobs.............Ever since I did this the Tigers 4-0. I don't think you all are giving me the credit I deserve.
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