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  1. Big guys hit FTs in practice because they are not gassed, there is no adrenaline lapse that bigs get during FT practice. They get up energy wise in games, then it leaves and will come back at different intervals. Andre is extra susceptible to energy lapses, both because of his size and, um, how should I say, less than elite conditioning. But mental fatigue makes concentration activities like FT shooting or playing tennis (try not hitting it into the net or 10 feet behind the baseline when you are exhausted) much more difficult. Andre will never hit his FTs, he is too big and gets mental fatigue more often than most.
  2. LOLHAWKS. It's like people forgot that Atlanta were an overachieving group of asshats last year. Bringing back asshat into the vernacular you ask? You know it.
  3. Phoenix is all "this is how you dump salary Sacramento, it's not that hard".
  5. People comparing Stanley to Artest and Draymond are just looking at his listed weight. He is not stocky like those two, he is actually lean for someone who weighs that much, which is incredible. His body is more like Lebron in his early years than the stocky guys. He looks and plays more like Ariza and Jimmy Butler. He doesn't have the big booty that Draymond and Ron have so he won't play like a guy who will try to uproot the opposition. Stephen Jackson is another guy that I would compare him too stylistically. It's too bad he isn't more explosive at the tin or else I would be more excited about him.
  6. Stanley Johnson will be a frustratingly effective player. He won't be Josh Smith frustrating but he won't be Jimmy Butler effective either. He is the type of player where you will cringe multiple times every game but ultimately will appreciate when you consider all the things he does on the court. He is Trevor Ariza, I think SVG sees Jimmy Butler, and that is not a terrible comp, but Stanley isn't as athletic. He seems like he should be a freak athlete when you look at him, but his vids say otherwise. We drafted Trevor Ariza. That's good because Ariza is a winner, right? It's good right?
  7. Drexler was as close to a championship player without a championship (not counting his 'ship as a support player) as you can get. Passing on Jordan is something 95% of all people who have ever existed, including NBA masterminds, would have done. You have an All-Star in the true sense at one position heading into his prime, you don't draft his position, you should find supporting players. That's a pretty sound rule. Portland never found a top 50 player to support Clyde and Clyde dragged Terry Porter, Jerome Kersey (RIP) Buck Williams and a Nephilim into B2B Finals. Clyde could have beaten Jordan with the roles reversed, Clyde in Chicago w/ Phil and Pippen and with Jordan on Portland with Kevin "Duckey" Duckworth and perpetual bridesmaid Rick Adleman. No one is ever going to put a ring on Adleman's finger.
  8. Thibs and Mark Jackson are showing everyone that regardless of the job you do, you still can't treat your bosses poorly and be a guy no one wants to be around. That is a universal rule. A lot of head scratching decisions that people can't figure out are because of this. We all probably would have fired Thibs and Mark Jackson if were their boss. I doubt the brass for the Warriors are upset looking at the radiant glow coming from Steve Kerr's aura everyday compared to the surly chubby face monster that walked through the doors the previous years
  9. As far as Casey, sometimes the hard nosed motivator does better than the guy who does all the cliché next gen smart stuff that is all the rage. Casey has his issues, I thought he did a poor job picking through the riff raff on his bench and often played the slightly more deficient riff raff over the slightly less deficient riff raff.At the end of the day, is Toronto a great team talent wise? No way. I thought Toronto overachieved the last 3 years. Derozan is not s star, Lowery isn't either. As much as I want to blame him for not playing Jonas V more, most coaches are opting for smaller lineups in the clutch. They are good players but all good teams have good players. Results wise, Casey did the job, but they have peaked, they need changes to the HC and the roster.
  10. Techically Sheridan just said nobody sees it coming, that doesn't mean the person who thinks "nobody sees it coming" is aware that some people see a McHale firing in the works. I bet on McHale actually because who else would need "a couple days" to be fired if the decision was already made? Someone on the brink of elimination probably.
  11. What about McHale? He's been OK, but he didn't manage the Clipper series right and Morey sometimes likes to shake things up because he is hyper and prolly has OCD. Imagine someone obsessing over one topic or thing over and over and over.. ......Hawks suck. Or Terry Stotts: Why? I don't know, seems to be doing good with an average Western Conference roster. He fits the I didn't see it coming part Jason Kidd: Why? He's obviously a dick but he did a damn good job. He makes no secret he wants all the power in Milwaukee eventually. Maybe Milwaukee has seen something in the dick or power hungry category from him they deem overly dickish or power hungry Quin Snyder: Why? He hasn't taken Missouri basketball where it wants to go and their recruiting is taking a hit it is obviously time to move on. Actually, someone once told me he was an NBA HC but I don't believe it. He makes Doug Collins son look like he is 60 and totally qualified to be a HC somewhere other than the Jordanian League where the honorable Maz Trakh once found glory. There is no way Quin Snyder is currently an NBA coach so I am not sure why he is on the list. I just wanted to bring back a Maz Trakh reference to remind us all that once he and Mo Cheeks once coached a Josh Smith led Piston team for 50 games. Never forget the past. Dave Joerger: Why? Hollinger, that's why. He doesn't really fit the surprise part of Sheridan's tweet as he was allowed to interview in Minnesota last year. He probably doesn't like PER so he is totally replaceable. Knowing Sheridan he was probably talking about the Thibs "scoop" because he is awful. Byron Scott: Why? His name is Byron which is the black "Brian" and that is off the charts on the white lame to black lame conversion chart. For real maybe some big name FA won't sign or accept a trade there until they get a new guy in. Who knows? Coach Bud: Why? There is no reason whatsoever to do it so it would be totally shocking. I mean he looks like he COULD be a pedo in the Mark Tressell 'looks so much like one but obviously isn't' mold. That is literally the only reason I can think of to fire him, if something totally unforeseen is brewing. Lionel Hollins: Why? Why not? Frank Vogel: Why? Other than Bud no one has gotten more from less over the last 3 years than Vogel, and he is a personal fave of mine so it would be shocking to me if a guy I like got fired. Dwayne Casey: Why? He's actually gotten results from a flawed roster, pretty good results actually all things considered, but they appear to have peaked and his rotations are tough to watch. Plus he is black and according to the arcane but still enforced NBA rules from the 60's, a black coach must be fired regardless of the job he did within 4 years time and never hired again except for a 50 game exception. (see Mo Cheeks exception p. 62 Ch. III in the updated NBA rulebook 2014 edition)
  12. At 1:16 in the AM after 2 whole beers, that is not an option.
  13. RJ Hunter strikes me as someone who will get eaten alive in the NBA, Dekker is a pro, could be a glue guy starter or a good rotation player.
  14. Yes, The Warriors are all great human beings as well as top 5 basketball players in the NBA. David Lee is such a good teammate, and how about Shaun Livingston? Can you say feel good story? Festus Ezeli brings a smile to my face the way he battled through injuries, he could start for most other teams and be an All-star, he has sacrificed so much to not demand a trade and instead be Bogut's understudy, all in the pursuit of a NBA championship. Riley Curry is god's gift to the human race (that one is not actually sarcastic, she's a doll) and Klay Thompson's goatee gives him just enough of an edge to intimidate would be shot blockers. It's a great goatee and he is a great human being. Steve Kerr.
  15. And give it up to other 28 NBA teams who also had fantastic seasons, you guys are all winners in your own way and are all special. God bless you NBA! (Nastra starts sobbing tears of joy for the winners and sadness that all 30 teams couldn't reach their potential and win NBA titles, also, Ginobli is top 50 all time, and Kevin Love is Michael Jordan just waiting for the calvary to give him some support in his quest to be the greatest of all time, just like MJ)
  16. Well I think so too, but Josh Smith doesn't come to Detroit unless we gave him 4/56 which was apparently much higher than other teams like Houston were willing to go. Carroll might not consider Detroit unless we back up the brinx
  17. Actually, did Ferry get fired for his Deng comments?
  18. Atlanta has interest in Monroe from previous years scuttle, maybe Del can clarify the S&T rules for URFA, but if we could I wonder if Atlanta would bite, Millsap pooped out at the worst possible time, though it could have been him not fully getting his wind back from the flu he got while playing Washington. Ferry seems like the kind of guy who will let a guy walk a year too early rather than a year too late, so I think Millsap is gone, which could either perk their interest in Monroe or close the door on them not pony-ing up for Carroll.
  19. Yeah, Carroll looks to be a great fit, even if he demands what he is not worth, SVG and crew need to ask themselves what are they going to do with an extra 4 million s year anyway, add a rotation guy, or just try to find some way to spend it? If that is the case might as well give 14 million/per to Carroll. I don't see Carroll getting that kind of offer, but if that is the only thing that would make him consider Detroit, why not?
  20. Love never looked healthy this year, he seemed to be lumbering. If he has back issues then I don't like his career trajectory. He always has some nagging or crippling injury, which is a terrible combination when you consider his defense. GS passed on him for a reason. I mean Klay Thompson is good, but if Love was really top 5 as his stats have suggested in the past, they pull that deal off.
  21. Just read an article where the Pistons are going to pursue Demarre Carrol, if so, that would be awesome. Even though he plays for the H*w*s. He is a perfect fit and upgrade at the SF. He's 28, but can shoot so he will hold value til he is 32 or 33 when his contract would run out. His value is speculated anywhere from 8-9 mil to 14-15 mil. I don't think he'll get any offers for 14-15 mil, too many speculators are over doing the new TV contract money. 28 year old SFs of his talent don't and won't get 4/60 deals. Maybe 4/40. I don't like Chandler Parsons much on Dallas and didn't like him in Houston because he wasn't needed, but he would be a good fit here if as understood by many in the media that Carlyle hates him. Well hates him more than Carlyle hates most people.
  22. Strictly for my own laughs, they are an endless supply of material.
  23. Class is for people who get things wrong, like the Hawks who shook Delly's hand afterwards because they are classy losers. Grandstanding is for winners. I'm a winner
  24. Welp, you aren't laughing at how wrong I was so I can only ascertain your laughter is that of the mentally disabled when they look off in the distance and laugh at nothing what so ever.
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