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  1. Hi everyone. A friend of mine received a message on her tiger site stating that there was garage sale scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week. I can't find it. Does anyone know about this etc? I know they had one in 2014
  2. This Thursday and Friday there is a garage sale at the stadium. Any good items? What are some prices on things? I can't get off of work in time, but I might try and make it there late. Any thoughts
  3. I was leaving the game yesterday ( Saturday) with my girlfriend and all of sudden this big white truck comes driving down the sidewalk. The driver almost hit us and then turned and hit a young boy walking in the middle of the street. The driver continued to drive and then tried turning right, but crashed into a pole in front of the stadium. A number of people took action. Did anyone else see this? Unreal
  4. Check out my games on goalline. I'm Detroittigersfan. I have a huge collection on vhs and dvd from over the years
  5. I like the Hunter move, but are the Tigers done? I think that they will make a few more moves. What are you thoughts? What have you heard?
  6. In 2006, Meijer put out a neat dvd featuring the Detroit Tigers season. I'd love to see another one for this year. Even though we didn't win the World Series, I was happy to them get far. Any thoughts? Will they put something out?
  7. I have a bad feeling that we will get beat tonight against C.C and have problems on Thursday as well. Heading back to NY would not be a good feeling. Any thoughts
  8. Jays at Tigers and it's Prince Fielder Bobblehead Night. 10,000 given away. When is a good time to get to the game? I'm hoping to get my hands on one. Do they go fast?
  9. Mine is like 4-5 years old, but I've always taped them onto vhs and then converted onto dvd. I was able to tape them for years from Fox Detroit, but for some reason it won't allow me to do it now. Any other station is fine
  10. I've taped games and collected them for a number of years, but for some reason the last two years I'm unable to put them onto DVD after taping from VHS. It's not my machine because any other station allows me to convert, but I'm not sure why I can't do this after taping them onto vhs. Any thoughts? Is it Fox Sports Detroit? Go Tigers
  11. I don't have the MLB network anymore, but I'm willing to bet that they will have their 30 in 30 previews again. Any idea when the Tigers will be shown?
  12. Ok. We're all sick to our stomachs with the news of Martinez, but it's time to move on for 2012. Here is what I'd do. What are your thoughts? (1) Sign Guerrero for one year (2) I'd even bring Damon back for a year.
  13. They can have him. He hasn't done anything since 2006 and never will again.
  14. No way on COLON. The guy is done! He might have won a few games last year, but he's always hurt etc. They need a left handed pitcher for the #5 spot.
  15. Again, I have over 400 Tiger games from the 80's to present day along with the World Series games from 1968. Check out my games on Goallinesports. I'm DetroitTigersfan. Let me know if I can help
  16. Oswalt is getting up there in age. Yes, we won with 5 right handed starters last year, but a # five left handed starter would be a lot better and gives other teams a different look
  17. I have the biggest collection of Tiger games from the 80's and today on VHS and DVD. Let me know if I can help
  18. Pass on Oswalt. The Tigers need a left handed starter. I know they are hard to find, but that's what they need.
  19. I just read on MLB TRADE RUMORS that the Tigers have given Ramon a 2 year offer (contract). I like the move and i'm glad he's coming back. What are your thoughts?
  20. I'll take it. His days might be done, but 30-40 games will help Alex out a lot. Good pick up and good to see him back in Detroit
  21. I just read on MLB that the Tigers are shopping Delmon Young for Martin Prado of the Braves. What are you thoughts on this?
  22. I would consider it. Yes,I Know he's maybe got a year left in him if that, but he could be a good backup and perhaps catch 30-40 games.
  23. I think Pudge might have another year left in him. Why not bring him back to Detroit to be backup catcher. I would consider it. What about you? Any thoughts?
  24. Yoda! Why you ask? I'll tell you why.. Because we shouldn't have sent him off in the first place. Yes, he's getting up in there age, but he can still hit and play the field and he's the perfect #2 place hitter for a team that needs someone to get on base before the big guns come up
  25. I'd love to see Polanco back with the Tigers for a year or two, but who's to say. I know we need a 2B and some speed along with a lead-off hitter, but it might solve the 2b answer. Any thoughts
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