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  1. I gotta admit, I used to have serious reservations about Gibby's ability to coach. But I believe he's mellowed. I don't think he will fly off the handle for no apparent reason. Let's look @ the pros & cons. pro: learned under Sparky Anderson - passion for the Tigers - knows the fundamentals - not afraid to speak his mind con: not afraid to speak his mind I think it's worth the risk
  2. I've been keeping an eye out for RBs in college this year. Maybe they could make a trade for 1 of Denver's backs. That probably won't happen in season, but maybe before the draft. Although, if you're going to wait that long, you may as well just draft one. I was impressed with the protection that the OL gave Harrington. Maybe we can stop having to worry about drafting up front & can now concentrate on the D.
  3. I thought the secondary held their own. Didn't give up a lot of long passes. Granted, they did get killed on the underneath stuff. I think the biggest problem was we were facing Daunte Culpepper. He repeatedly got out of trouble running the football.
  4. I think Carlisle likes having Corliss come off the bench too much to start him. I'd guess Robinson will start, either @ the 3 or the 5.
  5. I think Navarre turned a corner today. BTW, leave it to a Buckeyes fan to get fired up about winning 1 game against Michigan. It happens so infrequently, I guess I'd get excited too!
  6. Bob Cluck is a roving minor-league pitching coach for the Rangers organization, but also started a baseball school in San Diego. I believe that is where Tram got to know him. I didn't know he had that much ML experience, so I think it might be a good hire. I think he would be a much better hire than Jack Morris, as some have suggested on another message board.
  7. & I hope he can teach them to take a walk now & then!!
  8. I would've liked to have seen Rob Parker commend the Tigers for interviewing 2 minorities for the job (Randolph & Fields) instead of harping on about Tram. When Randy Smith hired Phil Garner, the Tigers had to pay a fine for not interviewing anyone else! Isn't it getting better, Rob!?!?!
  9. djhutch


    I had reservations about Tram, too, because I don't want to remember him as a crappy manager. But he will have 1 thing that Buddy Bell, Larry Parrish & Phil Garner did not have - a competent GM! I believe Dave Dombrowski will get the job done. But remember, it'll take 2-3 years to get rid of the bad contracts.
  10. Excuse me. Mr. Jackson. What would you consider a good managerial job opening? Good teams don't fire their managers.
  11. I believe that Young has 3 years left now. There's also a neat article on 1 of the Detroit newspapers web sites about how Illitch is committed to winning with the Tigers.
  12. 1) Dean Palmer reports to Spring Training & says he hasn't felt this healthy in years. 2) Brandon Inge comes back from surgery & says he hasn't felt this healthy in years. 3) Higgy says he loves the way camp feels with new manager Ken Macha. 4) Palmer bends over to tie his shoe & his hemorrhoids explode. IR list. 5) Inge reaches to hit the snooze alarm & dislocates his shoulder again. 6) Bobby Higginson tells WDFN that Macha is on crack. 7) We lose singing hot dog guy to Houston, because Randy Smith is a scout there now.
  13. I would be concerned about Preston Wilson. Defensively he could certainly handle it. Certainly he hits for power, but he's really an all or nothing guy. HR or K. I would LOVE to see Luis Castillo in the Olde English D. That guy is so fast from home to first!!! By the way. I'm new to the site. I'm still learning the forum style here. But I have to say I like the conversation much better than the Tigers Fan Forum. Not nearly as much bickering. Good intelligent thoughts. CUDOS!!!!
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