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  1. I'm hoping for Parsons, but that 40-time may convince someone to grab him before 7. I'd take Sewell as a consolation prize, & if they go 5-6, take a WR.
  2. He can be a little too smart for the room. He gives super clinical answers, which can be tough to sit thru.
  3. Could agree more. Maybe this belongs in the Pet Peeve thread, but it bugs me when the first thing we hear from a parent who's child just got their driver's license is "Look out world. Stay off the sidewalks." We only have so much time with these kids at home, & maybe this is a minor thing, but I'd rather take the opportunity to praise them for their achievement publicly. Joke with them in private.
  4. I admittedly tend to like a lot of what Peterson says, & I think he nails it when he talks about our emotions. In order to allow ourselves to endure the kinds of criticism that gets thrown around on social media these days, and NOT have it impact us negatively, we have to have a high EQ. There have to be several areas of our life where we feel secure in order to open ourselves up to criticism in another area. I had not considered the difference in online communication resulting from it being a group of people we picked. That was interesting. I will say this. I have been part of this community for a long time. After moving in 2018, a new job, new house, new schedule, I had gotten out of the habit of making MTS a part of my day. This dawned on me just recently & I've been dipping my toes back in again. This is NOT a community where I have any say over the people, but I have generally had meaningful conversations here. Maybe that's evidence of what Peterson was talking about - or maybe I just need to get better friends!
  5. Anybody hopeful that the turnover on the coaching staff will help?
  6. The loss of Patricia alone has to be worth a win or two.
  7. Given that we believe Denver is in the market for a QB, I could easily see another team willing to give up a little more to leapfrog them, IF the QB they want is there.
  8. I'm usually not on the bandwagon to bring in former players who had some measure of success - but I think Campbell having been here & understanding the culture will help. Also, when mom was calling the shots - she let the NFL kinda head up the search & did what they said. Sheila seems to have a battle plan, looking for leaders at every level. Time will tell, but I haven't been this excited since the last rebuild.
  9. If I got to pick where they sent him, it would probably be Denver because they have the highest 1st Round pick in this draft (of the teams I've heard to have potential interest) The question for me is "Does Stafford have veto power?" Does he get to say "No..not there", `cuz I can foresee him not wanting to follow Patricia back to N-E. Of the other teams, I think perhaps we could get the most from the Colts, 9ers, or maybe Saints. Getting picks AND Garappolo to hold the fort for a year while you're draft pick sits .. or letting Dan Campbell pick thru the Saints roster with people he knows might not be bad.
  10. I saw this last year & it worried me.
  11. He had respect when he walked in the building with Super Bowl rings - he quickly lost it when he began cutting down the people who were here before & then treated people like they were stupid. That's what lost him respect.
  12. They may say that's why, but the real reason is he's an @$$ & treats them like crap. If he were out of shape & treated them with respect, it would be fine.
  13. That was pretty cool. Get after him .. encourage him .. praise him.
  14. If Holmes can bring the Rams drafting success here, it's a good hire. I'm not as down on Lewis as some - I personally would prefer someone who has been a head coach.
  15. I get that. I married up, my wife is 10 years older than I, so I was 25 with a 13 yr old daughter & 9 yr old son. I wouldn't trade that for the world, but it meant becoming a grampa at 35. Again - wouldn't trade that for anything & I've never worried about feeling old. This year though - dang. In September I was hit with the worst pain I've ever known in my life - a herniated disc that pinched the sciatic nerve in my back. & when the pain was tolerable, my leg was so weakened & numb I could barely stand. It has taken me 2.5 months to heal, & I'm not even 100% yet.
  16. 22 this year. Hoping to maybe make 25 with a few days off for Christmas. Working afternoons has really cut into my free time. When I was on mornings, I was home by 12-1 & had 7 hours to rest, walk, & read. Now it's hard to find the energy, except on weekends.
  17. I can't even with the football team right now, so I'm excited about the recruiting class Howard has signed. Anything you're looking forward to ... IF the season is played? Michigan Soars to No 1 Recruiting Class
  18. I drank all the Harbaugh Kool-Aid - Even bought the book "Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind" After the MSU loss, I'm done. At this point I don't care what they do with him. I cannot give my energy to a team that refuses to show up, & whose coaching staff does nothing but pat each other on the back.
  19. I think you're right. I don't buy any of the "Harbaugh to the NFL" rumors that sprout up every year. That speaks more to lazy journalism than inside information .. I am just done with losing to them.
  20. On a weak line. I'm not saying I'd cut him, but I thought coming out he'd be one of those guys who made everybody around him better - IMO, he hasn't done that.
  21. That's the only one I saw .. I have no earthly idea whether it can be trusted .. Honestly, the writing was sophomoric & drew conclusions as to MLB's motivation I thought were weak, at best .. I do think it's being discussed though, & having worked for a minor league team for a while I thought I'd post it simply because of the impact it could have in these smaller towns. I do wonder though, if MiLB does contract, if that will help some of the independent league teams.
  22. MLB to Cut 42 Minor League Franchises Connecticut & Erie going bye-bye
  23. I was all in on Harbaugh when they hired him. I completely believe in his ability to coach, to make these young men better players & better people. I love the enthusiasm with which he embraces life & this program - but if he can't beat OSU pretty soon they need to get someone in here who can. I am so sick of Buckeye fans spouting off. I don't think I can take much more .. I don't think I was EVER that obnoxious when UM was winning ..
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