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  1. Isn't it great when companies stand behind their stuff & don't treat you like an insolent punk?
  2. I would not be surprised if Bowman weren't the starter by the time the Big 10 season starts.
  3. Still finishing up Poldark right now. Not sure what we'll go to next. We usually do 4-5 episodes a week, & follow it up with something more light-hearted, like Psych or Coach.
  4. I was equally horrified @ the MSU loss last year, but I think it's a little early to say Harbaugh "can't beat Mel Tucker"
  5. I remember finding the original Tigers forum about `99 or 2000. I kept trying it for a couple of years & then gave up. Started here in 2002.
  6. I'm paying about 1/4 of what I was with Spectrum. Kept their internet & just use Prime, Hulu & Pluto TV. The one thing I will say about Spectrum is they've been good to return to. I have to drive like 30 minutes, but I've never gotten any crap from them.
  7. Matt Patricia alienated a pro-bowl cb like Slay, who ended up getting out. I can't imagine how a rookie like Okudah could be expected to thrive in that kind of environment. I think we're going to see a much better defense, just based solely on the leadership & direction of the coaching staff.
  8. I could foresee him not even making it to the Ohio State game if they throw up another turkey against MSU again this year.
  9. LOVE The Young Ones! Haven't seen them in ages but every once in a while I'll throw out a "poo-faced git" reference just for me.
  10. Yes, but this is 2021. We left nuance in the DeLorean with Marty McFly.
  11. I'll add insurance companies to that. 2 years ago I checked on insurance rates & my phone/email went nuts. I finally settled one & it took about 4-6 months to get them to leave me alone. About a month ago I get a text, using my name, & he says "Hey - I've got that quote you were asking for" When i told him I didn't ask for a quote & I don't need him texting me, he says "Wow. You don't wanna save money. That's a first."
  12. The Tavai pick was when I lost all hope/respect for Quinn/Patricia. An obvious miss at a position of lesser importance in the 2nd round. I remember at the time the consensus was Patricia wanted player who could do multiple things. That's fine - but spending a 2nd round pick on a guy that doesn't do anything really well is a recipe for disaster. I really thought Holmes/Campbell would try to correct that with JOK in the 2nd, because of his physicality, yet when I see the grades & the tape on Levi (& McNeil for that matter), I see what they're doing. They are not versatile, but what they do, they do very well. Building the DL & disrupting the QB will make the current LB crop & DBs better. This is just year one. I'm not gonna be too upset that they're not making year 2 or 3 moves yet.
  13. By that logic they also passed on Fields for a reason. Sewell is the same at his position.
  14. Think: I'm with you on Sewell. I think he's on top of their board, given the moves that have already been made. Want: Trade down - Draft Micah Parsons. There will be too much other talent there at 7 to take Parsons there. However, I think he fits exactly the mentality Campbell wants - & given that we are just at the beginning of a rebuild, I would prioritize culture fit more than addressing a need.
  15. I can't speak for downstate, & I don't have any evidence at all to back this up, but I attribute the rise in the numbers to a vast group of people giving a collective middle finger to the governor. I cannot even begin to express how many quite vocal opponents she has up north.
  16. I think Ken has done the best as well. All have loosened up a bit in their 2nd week. On a non-Jeopardy note, my wife & I have been streaming Poldark on Prime. It's the first show I've seen in a while that has a villain as a regular cast member - & I want to punch his smarmy little mouth.
  17. So I'm guessing by the tone of what I've read so far, nobody thinks the changes in the coaching staff & recruiting dept. will make any measurable difference?
  18. I'm really hoping 1 of the QBs falls & either Washington or N-E decide to come get him. I'd just as soon have extra picks, & I think this staff is custom made for a guy like Micah Parsons to come in & thrive. I think the mentalities line up perfectly, & he would make more sense in the teens than at 7.
  19. I'm really beginning to understand better why people have said for years that the book is better than the movie. It started when I read Frankenstein & it was almost like a completely different story line. My wife & I have enjoyed some of the Michael Connelly books with Harry Bosch. Tried streaming that show on Prime & it was unwatchable.
  20. If I hear that annoying bimbo on the Draft Kings spots say "Make It Rain" 1 more time, I'm taking a hostage.
  21. I thought maybe we should start a thread on this season instead of just continuing on with the debacle of last season. Information is beginning to trickle out from the spring practices/game. Anybody think Bowman has a shot to actually start this fall over McNamara/McCarthy? https://www.mlive.com/wolverines/2021/04/what-we-learned-about-michigan-football-this-spring.html
  22. Yeah I don't think they need to move the mound back. They could just heighten it a bit again .. maybe split the difference between 1968 & now. Agree completely with the pitch clock.
  23. My laptop had been running so incredibly slow, especially loading web pages. I switched from Chrome to Edge as my default browser & it's 100% better than it was. It takes some getting used to, but the vertical tabs in Edge is nice.
  24. I don't remember where I saw/heard this, but I seem to remember reading shortly after Holmes was named GM that he is of the idea that you put pieces in place first - you build the team - THEN if you need a QB you go out & get him. The Lions are not a year away. Probably not 2 years away from contending. I'd much rather build with the best players on your board - If that's a TE, fine. If it's an OT, fine. If it's a QB, fine but at least in this draft I would not value position over talent.
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