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  1. djhutch
    Went to the playground with my grandboys last evening. They talked me into sliding down the slide, then proceeded to slide into me. Then it was game on. Before they go to slide down, I had to be sitting on the bottom so they could slide into me.
    When I stood up, Jackson - the 4 yr old who apparently has been watching a bit too much TV - says "Sit BooBoo Sit."
    What wisdom has your kid/grandkid spoken recently?
  2. djhutch
    A couple of weeks ago I took my 4 yr old grandson Jackson to the school playground right by our house. It was recess at the school, & the girls were skipping rope. The boys were tossing a ball back & forth. Well, not all the boys. There was one boy sitting all by himself on the swing, holding a big pylon on his right hand, just kinda sitting there. Kinda frumpy looking, big thick glasses & a red polo shirt. I put Jackson on the swing & started to push him, & within a couple of seconds the other little guy says to me "I'm gonna digitize this whole place." Over the course of the next 10 minutes or so, he spins an elaborate yarn about building a new digitizer, putting the whole school in it & taking it home, doing all the repairs on his computer, then bringing it back & re-digitizing it. I'm telling you he had it all figured out. It cracked me up, & I saw his teacher sitting nearby. I said to her "He's got quite the imagination, doesn't he?" She says "You have no idea."
    Anyway it warmed my heart because we hear so many stories about how kids are too dependent on TV & computers, & this renewed my faith in a child's imagination. The joke will be on me when I ask him for a job someday.
  3. djhutch
    It's that time of the year again. Started our softball season Tuesday night. Bullpen blew my shutout, but we won. Game 2 tonight. Thankfully I was able to stand erect yesterday, so hopefully I'll be okay for tonight. Do you play?
  4. djhutch
    Thanks again to all who have served/are serving. We've got issues, but this is still the greatest country in the world.

    I got to go golfing with my son today, & saw my grandkids for the 1st time in 2 weeks. Man I missed those guys.
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