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  1. Not downplaying that game, but the phantom first down game against OSU killed us.
  2. I quit paying attention to pre-season games after the 0-16 season. We were 4-0 that pre-season. These games, at least the final scores of these games, mean less than nothing.
  3. I saw an early mock that the Texans picking at 1 & taking Rattler. Lions were #2 & took a DL out of Oregon.
  4. At least it's not the same thing every single snap. Here's to hoping. Michigan Defense in Fall Camp
  5. After cutting the cord on my cable, I haven't been able to watch as many games .. How is Schoop defensively at 2B, when compared with the hodgepodge of others who've played there?
  6. I agree on Campbell. I think we'll start hearing the media say things like "Who could have seen this coming?" when the Lions surprise people. We should direct them here. They still need a lot of pieces, but I can easily see them flirt with .500 this season, due solely to the fact Patricia is gone.
  7. I've lost a bag with Delta, but it was on the trip home after 11 days away. I just had to drive out to the airport & pick it up the next morning, which for me wasn't a big deal. I will never fly Spirit again. It's just not worth the hassle - & their customer service is awful.
  8. We would fight you on it, but first .. munchies!!!
  9. I know we'll miss Stafford & Golladay, but losing Patricia is worth 3 wins.
  10. Realtors up here are going all in to try to capture the business of pot dispensaries. To see their billboards is hilarious. "#1 realtors for marijuana businesses" with a cheesy looking couple standing back to back.
  11. You're probably right, but given his history with the city I could see the Tigers offering more than other teams.
  12. My wife has a friend who struggles with a gambling addiction. She said it's **** right now.
  13. I'd do that deal in a heartbeat.
  14. I think they'll surprise some people, but my big concern is WR. Losing Stafford & Golladay will hurt .. & I don't know that we'll really be able to stretch the field with what we have. I expect the defense to be markedly better - but still bottom third of the league. I'm not worried at all about Campbell. Toe lint would be better than Patricia.
  15. I haven't had the issue on my SurfacePro at work, but several updates I've done on my personal laptop have caused all of my file names to go away. Then I have to blindly navigate thru the start menu you find settings & uninstall the update.
  16. It's Windows 10. It's garbage. We have had to jimmy-rig 3-4 machines at our station to run "like" Windows 7, just to get the programs we use, like Audition, to run. & every time there's an update, Audition forgets all of the presets.
  17. Can you imagine if last night would have happened in 2003? With the team already assembled - & to add Lebron?
  18. "Nice catch Hayes. Don't ever &(*)^(* do it again"
  19. I was beginning to think everybody was just hiding `cuz they didn't wanna talk to me anymore.
  20. That's a good point made by you.
  21. Atlantic Crossing sounds fascinating. A friend has suggested Downton Abbey. I had avoided that like the plague `cuz I thought it was too "chick flicky" - but a co-worker says he thought the same thing & has been pleasantly surprised.
  22. I get that - I realize it doesn't look good from a recruiting standpoint, but why can't Harbaugh be given credit for bringing in the right guy even if it is a transfer? I realize he hasn't earned the right to be given credit for much of anything - but I think it speaks worse of him if there is another QB who ends up being clearly better & yet he can't see the field `cuz he's not coach's guy. At this point I want the best player out there. If that's Bowman, fine.
  23. I was gonna go Okudah as well, but I figured a lot of eyes will be on him so I didn't think of him as under the radar. For that, I'll go with Amani Oruwariye. With a simpler defensive scheme, the fact that we don't have Patricia calling defensive plays, a stouter DL that should be able to put pressure on QBs, and (I agree with you) an improved Okudah, I think Oruwariye may end up seeing quite a few balls thrown his way. I like his chances of improving.
  24. I heard Cowherd the other day say, when talking about the racing helmet thing, "Ya know who likes that? Dumb people." I usually like what he has to say but I think he's completely missing the point on Campbell. If no one is following, you are not a leader. So far, this team is following Campbell in a big way.
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