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  1. The only way I want Sheila to step in and assert her authority is if Holmes starts doing things like Matt Millen.
  2. Those balls flying through the air reminded me of Clark kicking the ball in Superman the movie LOL.
  3. If we wanted to have mediocre we could have kept Caldwell. Yes I know he had a winning record but I don't think he would have ever won a playoff game with us. At least with Saleh we have a unknown commodity as a head coach and we can hope he can take us to the promised land. With Marvin Lewis we know what he does in the playoffs yuck!
  4. Just seems very counterproductive unless they name Saleh the GM as well. Which would be a very bad idea.
  5. Would be about right for the Lions to hire a head coach with no input from their nonexistent GM. 😁
  6. Rick Smith looks like a worthy possibility. He was never fired and stepped down to take care of his sick wife (sadly she has since passed).
  7. Harbaugh doing sleepovers set off major creeper vibes.
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